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  1. Well, I never heard that before - aroma could be a put off. You will get sick only if you eat too much Durian, so it's better to drink more water, this is just my advice. Sad to heard that, Durian is really a nutritional fruit, maybe you should try another fruits then.
  2. Yes, We just eat it fresh and raw. There are nothing to worry about basically, except that you have to drink more water after you eat Durian, just in case you get sick.
  3. Welcome if you really do. Well, the fruit I love the most is Durian, I love the unusual flavor and odor of Durian very well. But I know most Americans hate that smell, have you tried before? http://i50.tinypic.com/fmjo6c.jpg Another favorite fruit that probably can't get in US would be Mangosteen. It really taste good and special, you should really try the Mangosteen here, I love it too! http://i48.tinypic.com/2cesmt2.jpg That's our King (Durian) and Queen (Mangosteen) fruit here.
  4. C.O. : I used that model picture just for the sake of inspiration and motivation for me. It urged me to workout harder. Baby Hercules : Haha, I love all the tropical fruits and foods here, remember to try all of it when you have the chance to visit Malaysia.
  5. Hi Stephen, I'm also new to bodybuilding and really excited to make some vegan friends with the same interest in this forum. Good luck to you.
  6. Don't despair if you have an ectomorphic body. One of the things that many people find so difficult is reducing body fat in order to let their muscles show. This is not something that you will generally have to worry about. That's the hardest part in bodybuilding! So, my advice to you is - Diet is very important when it comes to developing your physique. This is very true for an ectomorph, and people with this body type must adjust their diet in order to experience weight gain. Try to eating the Right Mix of Foods to Gain Muscle.
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Jase and I'm from Malaysia - a lovely multiracial country in Asia. I've been a vegetarian since childhood because I born in a vege family. I'm proud of being a vegetarian!! I just started workouts at gym with my friends last two month and I've tried hard to workout at least three times a week. My goal now is to lose more fat to shape my body and hope to get some advice from here. l'm looking forward meet other vegans who have same interest with me in this forum. Really excited to chat with and learn from you all! This model is my fitness goal, I wish to have this kind of body soon. http://i46.tinypic.com/2powoxw.jpg
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