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  1. tried this today with 2 tbsp of cocoa with unsweetened coconut milk and a hint of vanilla. the taste was great, the texture... not so much. quite lumpy and stringy, but still very satisfying. I'm going to try vanilla tomorrow.
  2. haha, honestly louisville is nothing like the rest of kentucky for the most part. i'm gonna start checking out some more recipes, i completely forgot pudding existed i think. Sounds delicious though, i'll pick up the ingredients next time i'm at trader joe's.
  3. 156 now. i'm even starting to feel a chest forming, haha. really loving this lifestyle change. getting overly stoked about little things, like yesterday when i found out i could add 2 tbsp of finely ground flax seed to my oatmeal and it tastes just as good if not better. much better than the flax seed oil i was putting in my shakes. i'll start up a journal soon. gonna be hella busy the next 2 days.
  4. Never read an entire book pertaining to veganism, but articles/excerpts/speeches by gary l. francione made me realize i'm vegan. Non-vegan related, the most inspirational book for me and my favorite is The Alchemist.
  5. AFAIK there's not really such a thing as too much protein. Too much at once can sometimes make people feel tired/loss of energy from what I've heard.
  6. Already feeling 500% better about my diet. Cooked pasta today that had 1 serving of vegetables, then the pasta sauce had 2 servings, was amazing. Been snacking on 1/2 cup of mixed fruits 2-3 times a day, banana pre-workout still, and made myself a nice big smoothie when I woke up (I think I'm going to make that a routine). Turned out I thoroughly enjoyed a bowl of spring mix salad with a small amount of balsamic vinaigrette, I think I'm going to give kale another try next time I go shopping, but regardless I'm going to make myself a big effin bowl of leafy greens every day I think. Furthermore I signed up at myfitnesspal simply to track my calories/macro-nutrients... my dear god is it useful. I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoying all this. Thanks to you guys
  7. silk chocolate almond milk is glorious. i use almond milk predominately, briefly switched to soy milk for the added calories/protein when i first started working out, but i find it's negligible in comparison to how much better tasting almond milk it to me. I don't think you can go wrong as long as you pick the one you like best.
  8. none of the above on those veggies, but i did buy a mixed baby salad that I'll force myself to eat, corn, peas, and asparagus. bought frozen mixed veggies and vegetable juice for a shake. about a metric ton of fruit: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, bananas. Gonna mix up the fruit every time I go to the grocery store since i love essentially every fruit. seeds sound like a good addition, already added mixed nuts to my diet. got some quinoa, teriyaki vegetable stir fry i will be attempting tomorrow.
  9. i don't know how in the world i didn't think of a veggie smoothie! that sounds great, thanks for the tip.
  10. Thanks for the input. Fruits will be easy for me. Oddly enough, I just don't like that many vegetables. Broccoli, carrots, peas, corn, and asparagus, are the only vegetables I like. I'll be sure to buy more of those, as well as more fruit varieties. The more I think about it, the more I think I have to get over myself when it comes to cooking. Stir-frys are my favorite things in the world to eat. I'm going to focus on one recipe at a time, and I'll start with a delicious/healthy brown rice stir fry with broccoli and carrots and a general tso type sauce. I can tolerate red onions in a stir fry as well. I'll start with that, and if I enjoy it, I'll learn some more recipes. baby steps Tortilla chips and salsa, hmm... The only question is whether I'll be able to avoid eating the entire bag in one sitting Added to the grocery list for tomorrow nonetheless. Peanut butter crackers are gone. When it comes to protein, I am completely confused. It's suggested I take anywhere from 1g/kg body weight (69g) to 3g/lbs body weight (like 450+). I'm sticking to what my brother has success with (also vegan, quite "gladiator-like" as he would like to say). 1-1.5g per pound body weight. The protein bar is more because I can't really eat at work, from 4PM to anywhere between 10PM-12AM. I bring a banana, protein bar, and meal replacement shake, every day I work. Since it's a highly active job, it's nice since I can have bite/drink whenever I have a second throughout the shift. And yeah, the processed foods gotta go. Hopefully I'll start cooking stuff that actually tastes good and start replacing the frozen microwave meals with much healthier home-cooked meals. Thanks so much for the help stcalico, I really appreciate it
  11. Thanks both of you. @stcalico, yeah i've always been really skinny, even back when i was nonvegan and ate fastfood and even more junk every day. thinking I might need some serious calories to make gains. I agree, I should do some measurements. I did figure out my max reps for the 7 exercises I will be doing 3 times a week: (1 rep max) Squats 120lbs, Bench 90, Military Press 70, Barbell Curls 70, Bent Rows 105, Stiff-Legged Deadlift 115, and Calf Raises 185 I could probably squeeze out more, but I rounded down a bit since I'm really wanting to focus more on proper form since I'm just starting out. Numbers are so low compared to what I see other people doing. I feel like that just means I'll be progressing super-fast at the beginning Stoked to begin my the first day of my first cycle tomorrow.
  12. First of all, here's my introduction post : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28816 Basically i'm 6'3" 153lbs and want to gain muscle. I'm trying to start simple, and add foods as I go. One thing though, I don't cook. I just... don't. I can microwave and use a toaster like a pro, and will use the stove occasionally. That is about the extent of it So these are the foods that my diet currently consists of: 100% Whole Wheat Bread Quaker Oatmeal Shredded Wheat cereal Almond milk Orange Juice Cranberry Juice Hashbrowns Chocolate Soy Milk CLIFF Builder Protein Bar Peanut Butter RITZ Crackers Earth Balance Boca Chik'n Nuggets Amy's DF Mac n Cheeze Morningstar Riblets Boca Burger Vega Performance Protein Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer Flax Oil Banana Apple Frozen Broccoli Carrots Hummus Things I am going to add are brown rice, quinoa, berries, and almonds. The more the merrier, so if you have more foods that fit my profile, by all means I'd love to hear. And now, here is one sample day. Is there anything missing? Is there too much of something? I have a different meal plan depending on if I work, workout, etc., and below is my eating when I have both with calories and macro-nutrients calculated: Workout + Work Day Serving Size/Name/Calories/Fat/Protein/Carbs 2 slices Toast 400 25 8 36 1 bowl Shredded Wheat w/ Almond Milk 260 3.5 7 56 1 patty Hashbrown 140 8 2 15 1 cup Orange Juice 110 0 2 27 1 shake Protein Shake w/ Water 120 0.6 25 6 BREAKFAST TOTAL: 1030 calories 37.1 fat 44 protein 140 carbs 1 slice Peanut Butter Bread 290 17.5 12 25 1 banana BaNaNa 110 0 1 30 1 cup Cranberry Juice 140 0 0 34 SNACK/PREWORKOUT TOTAL: 540 calories 17.5 fat 13 protein 89 carbs 1 shake Protein Shake w/ Milk & Flax Seed Oil 225 8.1 26 14 1 entrée amy's df mac n cheeze 520 22 8 72 1 slice Peanut Butter Bread 290 17.5 12 25 LUNCH/POSTWORKOUT TOTAL: 1035 calories 47.6 fat 46 protein 111 carbs 1 banana BaNaNa 110 0 1 30 1 bar Cliff Builders 270 8 20 30 2 scoops Vega CWFHO(meal replacement) 260 7 26 23 AT WORK TOTAL: 640 calories 15 fat 47 protein 83 carbs 5 crackers Crackers w/ Peanut Butter 270 20 9 17 1 shake Protein Shake w/ Water 120 0.6 25 6 NIGHT TOTAL: 390 20.6 34 23 DAY TOTAL: 3635 calories 137.8 fat 184 protein 446 carbs Thanks for any help. It's just my diet is where i'm least comfortable at this point. My main concerns are my once-daily intake of processed foods, my fats (though my metabolism is crazy good and i have a highly active job and i'm trying to make gains, so maybe they are good), and this lingering hunch that something is missing.
  13. Hi guys, Stephen here. Been vegan a bit over 2 years now, I'm 20 years old, and just want to be stronger, healthier, and all around better. I just recently decided to start exercising. I lifted weights for the first time in my life just a week ago... instantly addicted. I am following a beginning strength program and I'm really excited to track my progress and see myself visually and statistically get stronger. Really pumped. So my goal is to gain muscle. I'm 6'3" and just last week weighed a measly 148lbs (gained 4-5 lbs so far). I'm pretty much set in terms of my workout program, but my diet is a whole different story. Before the last 2 weeks, I was the unhealthiest chip-chomping soda-guzzling vegan in the world. I cut down completely on caffeine, chips, even quit smoking. I have since completely changed my diet, and was hoping for some of you who have been doing this for a while to critique my current diet. So I'll be posting in the Nutrition forum shortly after this. Anyways, things about me: I live in Louisville, from St. Louis. Love disc golf, movies, plan to major in computer science, i like to make music on the computer (I'm not very good but here's a sample --> ). So anyways, glad I found this site, looking forward to being on here regularly. Here's what I'm working with: http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m515/krim058/M1340017.jpg http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m515/krim058/M1340018.jpg http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m515/krim058/M1340019.jpg Yeah, I got some work to do.
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