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  1. Hey everyone, I've long been interested in getting some powders shipped in bulk to my place in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, sites like True Nutrition charge shipping that almost doubles the price. Any Canadians out there that can help out with suggestions? MANY THANKS!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm a mid-to-late 20s former fat kid who went vegan when I was a young preteen (without parental support, ha!). Lost my weight over the next few years but never became fit. I've gone through various ups and downs with weight since then. My family is a bunch of chubby fellas and while I don't believe in the genetics issue so much, I do think poor nutritional practice and teaching as a kid mixed in with a zero focus on exercise probably hurt. Anyways, after having an insane job for a while, I gained a bunch of weight (220lbs on a 6'1 frame) with no muscle. While juggling the job, I was able to drop 50lbs over about 6-7 months, but only through moderate weight resistance and a ton of cardio. Now that i'm 'thinnish' - i'm looking to tighten up and to gain muscle. I've been observing these boards for a while - figured time to sign up. Y'all have been an inspiration!
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