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  1. Wow, what a most excellent documentary (minus the real disgusting scenes, but which I think some guys do need to see). I need to find the full length version of this. Funny, when I do too much weight lifting, I have a natural "gees, that looks too big" reaction, which is usually when I switch to more cardio. Sorry, but too much muscle just doesn't look good.
  2. Baby Herc, thanks for the welcome. I live in the Monterey Bay area, just south of the Bay area. It's really Central California, but anything north of Monterey seems to get lumped into Northern California. I hear what you are saying about age as an excuse, I've been making excuses before, but this past year I've been on a rampage in the gym mostly because I want to be fit for my son so I can play with him. I had an older dad and he was pretty much useless when it came to play. Needless to say, thanks to a combination of yoga, good cardio, good protein supplementation and some most excellent acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I am delighted with my progress - 6'1", 205-210 pounds and ripped. It definitely takes more work at this age but it's worth it.
  3. I am surprised no one here mentions anything about the reps you do during a workout. It makes a massive difference, no pun intended! Bulking: Low reps high weight (5-8, max of 10) with plenty of rest in between sets will lead to massive bulking, especially if you hit back and legs. That comes at the cost of being cut. The low reps increase testosterone release. Good to do cardio at the same time because it's easy to gain too much weight in this phase. The body will insist on putting on more fat weight, and if you starve yourself, it won't put on muscle. To cut, you lower the amount of weights, and you bump reps from 5-10 to 15-20, and as little rest as possible in between sets, keeping your heart rate up. The failure here feels totally different - it's a complete burn feeling, whereas failure in bulking doesn't burn, the muscle just stops working. And don't do cardio the same day because it's a recipe for over-training. This type of workout kicks HGH into high gear, i.e. human growth hormone, and this is the ticket to get ripped. Your metabolism goes way up, and with it, you may also have reduced appetite - not eating enough will also put you on the edge of over-training. You really need to monitor the resting lying down/standing pulse ratio, because over-training means an overload of cortisol, which means fat retention. If you alternate between these two modes in small intervals, you'll actually gain better and leaner overall. So 2-3 weeks bulking, 1-2 weeks cutting.
  4. Hi from Northern California. I stumbled upon this website when someone suggested various vegan/vegetarian resources for bodybuilding. I am interested in this community as it seems to attract more conscious weight lifters. Seems bodybuilding.com is full of insensitive meat heads, I've seen some pretty mean posts towards well meaning folks there when they spoke from their hearts. I am a new dad, now in my mid 40's but I've been weight lifting since high school and I am lucky to be an easy muscle gainer. My body fat is low enough to still show off my 6-pack, but at my age the 6-pack disappears pretty quickly if I eat sugary stuff, especially chocolate, which sucks big time. The days I used to be able to eat just about anything and burn it off no problems are long gone. I am interested in information about diet, herbs and protein supplementation. I hope I won't get judged for not being vegan, but I am a conscious eater, both from a health and spiritual perspective, and I am interested in learning more. I've been experimenting with replacing milk whey protein with soy protein isolate, as new research shows that it will in fact increase testosterone levels in men. So far it seems to work. I am also playing around with rice protein and some other vegan proteins to see what sorts of effects they have. I am interested in what others are using for vegan protein supplementation and also if there is a healthier substitute for creatine. Unfortunately, with my mostly meatless diet, the creatine supplement really has a significant effect on both muscle size and power, but I'd like to dump it if I can.
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