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  1. Cattle decapitation! first tour to australia and they kicked ass! Big fan of the intense energy and violence behind the lyrics!, the singer is a big animal liberation supporter and the lyrics really sink in. Mastodon, The contortionist,Meshuggah, Thy Art Is Murder, Every time i die, Psyopus, Dillinger escape plan, Gojira
  2. So a fortnight after joining the gym and I am pleased so far, can feel my muscles are much firmer and growing. But as used to be bigger I have some excess skin and fat, and i also have a large scar across my abdomen, so i think my core and stomach will be the real challenge to make look decent. I have quit drinking alcohol but now have weened onto soda which is certainly not very good either lol Will post progress soon. thanks
  3. Really inspirational man! you are a real vegan warrior! with that body id be into BJJ or wrestling or something. keep it up man
  4. nice progress man you have a solid frame! do you take anything after a work out, like tofu or hemp or soy protein?
  5. Thanks guys, yeah ill try my plan and your plan and follow the best for a few months then change it up. Im not sure, i guess fit and healthy and strong, so somewhere between aesthetics and power lol. thanks stcalico its from a bright eyes song.
  6. Thanks for the help. I have not really started a training program, i joined the gym last week and have been only 4 times so far. I used various machines and exercises that targeted similar muscle groups and then the next time changed muscle groups. Like monday arms and chest, wednesday core and legs, Friday back and chest. But starting soon i am going to set out a plan to follow. How often (if ever) do you have an 'off day' where you go to the gym but cant get motivated or the exercises just don't feel right? Also i will post next progress pics in a month or two. Cheeeeers
  7. Hey all, My name is cam and I have been vegan for 9 months now and am starting to get into strength and building exercises. I was really unhealthy and overweight up until I was about 16 years old, stopped eating so much and dropped a lot of weight but was still unhealthy. I became vegan because of ethical reasons and now have realized the full health benefits i can gain.I Feel better than ever right now and ready to kick it! lol So some advice and criticism would help a lot! Thanks everyone ! Keep up the good fight! Taken on 10/08/12. Taken 10/08/12
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