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  1. VE actually eats suprisingly little for his size. I was about 40lbs heavier than he is but I ate 3-4 times as much food. He actually eat less than the small guys on here. I was quite surprised when I learned of his diet. However I'm pretty sure I took in that much with ease...I just think you waste more the more you eat but you still gain from it. My theory is(and this isn't accurate from person to person) is that if you eat 2000 calories you probably absorb 85-90% of it but if you eat 4000 calories you absorb maybe 70-75% and so forth). I kinda agree if your eating 4000 instead of 2000 calories over say 6 meal/snacks a day you would be increasing your metabolism so you would burn more calories. This wont be enough to counter the extra calories but would explain perhaps the percentages you quoted. Though technically you are absorbing these extra calories so if there nutrition packed then there will be benefits for a body builder. Remember metabolic base rate increases with lean muscle mass. 50 calories per day per lb of muscle if i remember correctly. so put on 5lbs of muscle and you will be burning 250 calories more every day!
  2. I am curious about this protein debate. 1gram per lb of body weight is the recommended guide for body building. Ive read this in so many books, mags and on so many websites. Of course all these sources weren't promoting a vegan diet. Many top body builders (non-vegan and non-natural) claim to take up to 350grams a day. Where did you learn that we can't digest this much? I would love to see some hard evidence of this. i want to make the change to all vegan but have not found any reliable evidence to support your claim. Of course 180 grams would be possible on a vegan diet but one would have to cut back heavily on the fruit to get the calories down. Protein supplements would be required. A lot of whey. personally i don't like the idea of consuming vast quantities of one food. Just don't seem right. I used to live with a body builder who because of his tight budget would eat up to 8 cans of tuna a day!!! He had a degree in sports science and was much bigger and stronger than me. My instincts tell me that this is just crazy but so many serious non-veg body builders aim this high for protein intake. As body building only started to become big since Pumping Iron (1977) it is maybe still to early to see what the long term side effects are for this kind of diet for active body builders.
  3. I've ordered the China Study from amazon. When i read it i will be as critical of the author as i would Atkins. What I mean is i won't take it for gospel. When i have finished Ill let you know what i think. Many nuts and grains can create an acidic enviroment for the body to contend with. It is possible for a vegan diet to be as acidic as a meat eaters. I suspect that generally this is not the case but i have no evidence to confirm this. My aim is to explore the many options available for diet and nutrition. I wish to experiment on myself a diet that will focus on PH Levels and raw food. However it wont be 100% raw or 100% alkaline forming or 100% vegan for that matter. I will be looking to build up a repertoire of recipes and then follow the diet properly for a period of 3 months documenting various parameters of health and mood. This won't be that scientific, im not a scientist. but i will post my finding on the forum. As far as science goes. I always ask myself this question. Can a study be truly objective? Does it take in to consideration all factors? Can we even be sure we are aware of all the factors? Anyways thanks for the feedback guys. ill read the book as soon as I can. I still could do with some help on the food PH list problem though.
  4. yeah use sprouted sesames instead. or try it with out either and let is know how you get along
  5. Interesting thread this one. I am curious though how many of you noticed changes when you started taking supplements? Nails, skin, hair? more energy, quicker recovery from training. able to train harder? And if you did notice an improvement, was the supplement the only variable in your diet/lifestyle. If supplements really do work then does this mean our diets are inadequate? Its big business the supplement market. where can i find hard evidence that can convince me to cough up the dough?
  6. After months of experimenting this is what I came up with 1 cup sprouted chick peas (sprouts not much longer than pea) 2 table spoons of tahini or 1/4 cup of sprouted sesame seeds 2 table spoons of flax oil juice of half a lemon 1 glove of garlic 1/2 tea spoon of ground cumin season to taste blend adding warm water to get the right consistency. This makes a good base to work with. Options: table spoon of milled flax seeds. 1 tee spoon of lemon zest and 2 table spoons of fresh corriander. 1 tee spoon of pine nuts, 2 table spoons of fresh basil and one roasted red pepper enjoy
  7. I have read a little on the Hay diet and PH balance of food. There seems to be some research to suggest that health does relate to our PH balance. I want to start creating recipes utilizing the Hay's philosophy but need more information on food PH levels i.e. Acidic or alkaline. Google has only churned up contradicting lists. Who can be trusted to provide accurate information? I am new to the forum and have to be honest i am not a true vegan at this stage. I am willing to explore all possibilities and like to think i can keep an open mind. If anyone can help with this query or have any other information that you think i might want to check out then let me know.
  8. Creatine certainly worked for me. 6 weeks on 6 weeks off. Loading for 5 days with 4x5 grams mixed with 2 desert spoons of dextose per day then 2x5 for the maintenance phrase. Drink more water and eat more. I would put on about 5lbs in this loading phase. I would be able to increase the load or volume or frequency by about 15%. This extra weight i understand is not muscle or fat gain as such but the muscles becoming loaded with water and are able to regenerate more ATP which is their prefered energy source. As far as bodybuilding goes its natural in the sense that its not a drug or steroid and is not tested for. However it is synthetic, a processed replica of a naturally occuring substance. You would have to eat obscene amounts of raw red meat to get any where close to the dose supplied by the powder. I have read a few tests and studies but haven't found any side effects. Drinking plenty of water is important. some people i have spoken to have mentioned cramps. I never suffered this. A vegan diet with plenty of water i believe would give no cause for concern here. Its worth noting the dose is weight dependent so if your already big then you may need a little more than myself. I was around 190 lbs at the time of using it. As for losing weight when you come off, you will. After loading and maintenance i would gain 6lbs. then drop 4-5 lbs very quickly after coming off. Thats a gain my book. Exercise progression would have slowed back down but my training clearly showed a faster progression while on it. Ive just got back into the weights after 3 years out. Mature student, Job and girlfriend. Something had to give. I missed it bad. Glad to be back. Ive lost over a stone in muscle and gained more in fat during that time. i won't start back on the creatine yet. I'll gain quickly and make fast progression for a while before i plateau off and even then ill change training programs first. Im not sure what its PH level is but you take it with Dextrose so its likely to be Acid forming. This is my first post as i just joined. not a true vegan but want to bring more raw alkaline foods into my diet. Looking forward to checking out the recipes. Wayne
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