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  1. Fuck! Throat's aching.... I think I'll have to skip training today. I just hope tomorrow I'm perfectly fine again.
  2. As for me the only way to get rid of bloating is avoiding the foods that produce bloating or having them in very small quantities....
  3. OT: 63 kilos? that's really low weight....can I ask how tall are you?
  4. Cool! I live in Germany but I'm from Spain, so I go visiting my family from time to time. I'll make sure I visit your restaurant when I'm in Madrid!
  5. http://instagram.com/p/QuFw57ngYn/ I made that this morning: it has peanut butter, protein powder (It's a vegan blend with hemp, pea and soy protein), oats and water. (Nutrition facts for each bar are on the picture;)) 160 g. PB 50 gr. protein powder 30 g. oats water up to reach the desired consistency. It makes 10 to 11 bars...depends how much you nosh while making them, LOL
  6. Thursday was really good! : BODYPUMP; BODYCOMBAT + CX WORX... eating more or less like usual.... Got kinda good news or what it seemed good news...but now it has kinda stopped...well, I won't be impatient... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday I took a break from the gym and tried to do it low-carb, like in REALLY low...and had 57,9 , that I do consider low... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today I wanted to do either bodycombat or attack and bodypump, planning on resting tomorrow but turns out a friend of mine will be conducting bodycombat tomorrow and I want to support her by being there so...I just did BODYATTACK today... Actually I was told by my (probably soon to be) PT that 5 days a week cardio is a bit much...and this week I'll be doing cardio 6 days a week.... but , well it's an exception as for nutrition today: calories about 1400 carbs: 83,5 protein 120,4 fat 59,9 I guess that's too much fat..... As for my weight: 47,8 kilos (105.4 lbs) this morning...so pretty much as usual tho it makes me happy seeing a 7 on the scale instead of an 8....
  7. attack, abs, pump about 1300 cals . Cardio (attack) makes me so hungry!!!! 66,8 carbs 169.3 protein 32 fat still sad. melancholic. while training ok, then alone :_(
  8. I'm thinking of adding more endurance training, I want more muscles... a bit direction bodybuilding but not all the way...I'm not going to be a bodybuilder... at least it's not my purpose right now....
  9. I contacted a nutritionist , who is a PT too... maybe he can give me some advice cos I'm confused about what programm to follow.... ----------------------- training and meals more or less as always and weight too ----------------------------------
  10. I can't keep my carbs low . :\... carbs 79 protein 170 fat 35 calories around 1300 1h bodypump 1h bodycombat 25 min cxworx I'm trying to have 50 g. carbs a day.... it's not working even if I pay a lot of attention I'm kinda down...maybe just tired... dunno...
  11. 1 h. bodycombat (cardio mainly) 1 h. bodyattack (cardio) 20 mins abs training 1 h bodypump High-Carb day (intended!!!) because of the training)
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