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  1. oh! thanks for the the recommendation! I'll take a look! I have visited your blog too (was curious ) and you seem to know quite a bit about health.... can I ask how much you train? in case it is on the blog, sorry, I have overseen it...haven't read it complete....
  2. 1 h. bodypump (last time BP 82 :_( ...and with a special dedication <3) 1 h. Bodycombat 25 min CX works 1400 calories 120 carbs 122 protein 45 fat thursdays I allow myself a bit more
  3. Welcome jaguar! I have seen your pictures and you seem not to have much weight to lose...that's when it gets tough! I'm trying to lose a bit too but since I actually "don't need to" ( but want to!) it's difficult ...but possible Happy you're here! Reading your postings reminds me of myself I'm quite new too and eager to learn and share!
  4. 103.4 whatever I'm doing it's working, haha...maybe I can be permissive enough as to have (like yesterday) a bit of chocolate always taking into account that the macros don't go to crazy! What I'm ding is working but still I was thinking about carb cycling for better results ... It would be high carb thursdays and mondays ( the most exhausting workouts of the week) and low carb the rest....as for no carb, I think I'll say "no, thanks" I'm having a lot of anergy and wirking out hard and good. Yesterday my trainer told me for the second time this week that's he's proud of me <3 <3 <3
  5. Nutrition: calories about 1200 carbs about 125 protein about 118 fat about 29 Training: 1 h. bodyattack ( cardio) 1 h. bodypump (lifting) 20 min abs training CRAVINGS! I'm trying to "eat clean" but I have the worst chocolate cravings ever!!! ...and I gave in... I had 12 grams of dark chocolate included in my pre-workout meal and some chocolate soy snack... At least macros are still Ok-ish... but I can't get shredded eating chocolate I guess... Everywhere I get information about losing fat they insist that you "eat clean"... Now, for dinner I was really tempted to eat a banana...but that's a bad idea at night so.... I'll have to be strong and not give in!... I had a half and 5 strawberries
  6. I always forget to count! (since I make my push-ups in the classes). Let's see if posting here today works as a reminder this evening
  7. That was a one time thing normally it's 2 hours and 5 times a week... but there are people who train much more (trainers, athletes...) and have no problem... I really wanted to stay for all the classes and same goes for monday to thursday the 2x 1h. class + 20 minutes... then again I don't want to get burnt out or something.... so...maybe some days I should do one hour instead of two... well, sometimes I have to anyway because I finish work later... I think what I'm doing is not too much, unless for last monday....
  8. Well, it seems this week I'm really fit again not tired at all...Maybe I was lacking sleep, but as for now, I think what I'm doing is fine ...yesterday I did more than usual, 1h h bodycombat (cardio) 1h bodypump (lifting), 40 mins abs training and 20 mins cross fit (son of a bitch strenous training , consisting on a series of lunges, burpees, squats, running and push-ups, as many rounds as you can finish in the 20 minutes) and today I felt I could do it again
  9. Yesterday I attended 5 classes: 1h. bodycombat 20 min abs training 1 h bodypump 20 min cross training 20 min abs training (2nd session) I did the cross training for the first time, it was really exhausting! before starting I asked my trainer, (since he knew U had attended the other classes before) if it would be too much and he told me that it wouldn't...so even though at some point I thought i couldn't... I just sucked it up and kept doing The result was not great (didn't get to complete the fifth round) but I'm proud I did what I did and I will get better! my trainer also said he was proud of me <3 <3 <3... so all i9n all a great Monday! I'm sooo happy i'm having vacation now... Nutritionwise it was a bit much, almost 1500 calories, 120 carbs// 128 protein// and WAY too much fat.... :// (I'll have to ban the PB!!! and ...normally I don't have chocolate at hand...but yesterday I did...) As for today: 1h. bodycombat 1 h. bodypump 20 min abs training about 1300 calories 111 carbs, 122 protein, 39 fat After such an exhausting day yesterday I was really fit today, not exhausted in the least and at the top of my game the whole time! so different from last week!!! maybe the calorie increase, maybe the motivation (my favorite trainer is back from vacation), maybe being off of work... I guess a bit of everything... oh! and maybe the vega recovery accelerator is helping too! The worse thing last week and this week are the cravings...chocolate! and bananas.... If I don't have chocolate i want bananas, but so many carbs at night is really not a good idea.... I took my "before" pic in a few weeks I'll take a new one and...maybe post it....I'm a bit self-counscious....but if I see any progress I will...maybe in 4 weeks...or 6
  10. Actually, based on the last days, what you guys say is much more realistic than what I intended....The thing is that last week I got quite good results and I think it is because of reducing fat (among other things)... anyway, this week my plan has a bit more fat and a bit less protein, let's see waht happens... If it doesn't work I would have to go back to last week's plan... tho it's really expensive!... About the calories... with 1500 I don't lose any weight or fat for what I have observed :/ I wish I would....
  11. I know this thread is old but I was considering the carb cycling and have found a link that can be interesting, it is much more permissive than the one suggested here, cos 26 grams of carbs and 858 calories seems a bit too little to me... so here's the plan I found: http://scoobysworkshop.com/advanced-fat-loss-carb-cycling/ The suggested meals are really not vegan-friendly and not appealing at all...but knowing the numbers can allow you to make your own plan and that's what I'm trying to do
  12. I passed on the raw vegan workshop so I could go to the gym: 1h. bodypump 1 h. bodycombat calories 1500 carbs 120 protein 115 fat 59 :/ too much....
  13. I've been kinda lazy during the week: sunday: bodycombat, bodypump, cx works minday: bodycombat , bodypump tuesday: OFF wednesday: bodycombat, bodypump thursday: OFF friday: bodycombat, bodypump today.... I have a workshop that has nothing to do with this, a raw vegan dessert workshop and I'm freaking out because for sure I will eat and I won't be able to go to the gym... so I'm thinking about not going... tho I have paid it :S Stupi9d, I know... As far as dieting goes, the summary of last week: - I was quite disciplined - calories kept below 1200 (except yesterday, 1300) -macros more or less ok (except yesterday: too much fat!... I was craving and had some PB, which was not in the plan, wich made at the end of the day about 40 gr. of fat instead of the 12 I wanted) I had less energy to work out, I had vravings, I didn't enjoy my breakfast that much, I was (and still am) really bloated BUT... I lost weigt (47.6 today =104.9 lbs)... so I'm happy!
  14. cool! thanks so much! I can use it as a inspiration and see if it works for me
  15. THx for the info... I meant rather what your diet looked like when you cut back on the protein powder if you don't mid to share ...
  16. As for me, I try to go to the gym 5 days a week, each time for about two hours: one hour cardio, one hour light lifting (one hour bodycombat , one hour bodypump usually)....and I don't know if that's too little, too much or just right, LOL, yes, I'm a total newbie in this field... I'm not trying to be a bodybuilder, just losing some fat and building some muscle ... So... what do you people think? with the 5 days I've been doing quite ok in terms of not feeling too tired...til last week that I was feeling more tired than normally (maybe cos I reduced my calorie intake...?)
  17. can I ask what were you having then? and good luck for either 10/20 or 11/3
  18. Hi Kathy! Many people post in their blogs what they eat viewforum.php?f=24 you can find a lot of information there and see what works best for you... as for a meal plan, I guess the best one would be getting ideas here and there and making it yourself according to your taste and to what has worked for you before.
  19. I'm one of them (not of the ones you train, though ...)and now I'm really afraid of going higher on calories... I have about 1100 /day, being 5"2 weight: 107 lbs. I go to the gym about 5 days a week and do 1 hour cardio and 1 hour light lifting... should I increase my calories...? I want to lose fat and if possible a bit of weight too...am I doing it wrong? I'm having about 45% C. 35% P. and 20% F...
  20. 1 h. bodycombat 1 h. bodypump 1102 calories 141 carbs 112 protein 13 fat
  21. I didn't lose any weight when I turned vegan, just stayed the same.
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