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  1. I'm trying to keep the protein rather high (130 grams) and the fat low (12 grams)... It IS possible but I'm relying on protein powder all the time.... tofu and tempeh are too high in fat! same goes , of course for nuts! If I also want to keep my carbs moderate (lower that the protein), then it gets difficult... I want to lose fat but no muscle and with these ratios my calories are about 1100...wich I guess it's ok for me since I'm just 5"2 and about 107 lbs.... I tryed soy protein isolate cos it has more protein and less carbs than pea protein but I got so bloated I looked pregnant! ... and couldn't almost sleep... I don't want my wokouts to suffer and feel a bit tired...but maybe because of not sleeping enough... Any ideas for high protein / low fat? as for working out I try to workout 5 times a week, 1 hour cardio, and 1 hour (light) lifting... sometimes also 25 minutes core training... I would appreciate your commentaries!
  2. I really was not on top of my game today... After yesterday's training and about 5 hours of really bad quality sleep I was a mess in the gym today... I was lacking energy and even concentration.... Anyway I did it : 1 hour BODYCOMBAT 1 hour BODYPUMP ( with a bit less weight than other times) as for eating: calories 1070 carbs 148 protein 103 fat 14 and all pretty much from pea protein, bananas, berries and soy milk...+ some greens could be better! ...still a bit bloated, I think it was the soy isolate protein yesterday... :/
  3. Workout: 1 hour BODYCOMBAT: BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors, you strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness. Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new BODYCOMBAT™ class is produced every three months with new music and choreography. http://w3.lesmills.com/global/en/classes/bodycombat/about-bodycombat/ 1 hour BODYPUMP BODYPUMP™ is one of the world's fastest ways to get in shape as it challenges all of your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl. http://w3.lesmills.com/global/en/classes/bodypump/about-bodypump/ 25 min CX WORKS Core training Strength training Functional fitness Educated and experienced fitness professionals Group personal training http://www.lesmills.com/cx30/about-cxworx.aspx Nutrition: Breakfast: sun warrior+ blueberries+ banana Snack: soy milk light (with coffee) Lunch: banana+ sun warrior+ soy milk light Dinner: salad greens + carrots +banana + strawberries + soy protein powder + soy milk light Post-dinner: sun warrior (2 scoops) + soy milk light TOTAL: Calories 1042 Carbs 130 Protein 143 Fat 12 I did good!
  4. Looking forward to going back to the gym.... I hope I'm healthy again tomorrow...As for today... no need to log.... :/
  5. Fuck! I think I have an infection in my ear.... so I can't work out. I'm taking some homeopathic stuff I got in the pharmacy...I hope it works ! ***** Made a plan ...according to some calculator I found in bodybuilding.com, for me to lose fat I have to stick to about: Cal : 1032 carbs 103 protein: 130 fat: 12 I managed to create a plan for that, difficult as it was but...I think I'll be hungry all the time! :/ *******************
  6. Starting all over again. Yesterday I fucked up my diet big time I'm confused about what "diet" to follow but if one thing is true that is that the best diet is the one you can follow...so now...taking into account that I have to follow it, wait...that I WANT to follow it!!!, that I don't have time to cook (neitehr I'm good at it) and that I want to lose fat (my caliper said I have 38% fat... WTF?! I think I did it wrong, that is according to the measuremet overfat! and I can't believe I'm overfat weighing 48 (106 lbs yesterday) kilos even being so short! 1,57 (5"2)... Anyways... I want to lose fat and maintain muscle....first things first and that is...losing fat first... As far as training goes I want to do 5 days a week 50 minutes cardio (BODYCOMBAT) and 50 minutes BODYPUMP (That is weights but lots of repetitions with rather small amounts of weight)... I REALLY hope I can start today, I'm feeling still a bit sick, my ear hurts, I thought it was the throat but now I thoink it is the ear... FUCK! I hate these things...who doesn't?! As far as diet goes.... I'm soooo confused.... If I want to get lean fast (and I really need the motivation), maybe the best thing would be to adapt the pre-contest diet... and mainly eating clean, that means fruits, vegetables and raw protein powder....it doesn't sound bad...as long as I still can have at least one banana a day!
  7. Great progress! I'm trying to lose fat too and struggle with the calories...I'm very short and kinda small (5"2, 105 lbs) so if I want to lose fat I have to stick to 1100 cal a day... + of corse, cardio, and some lifting...the lifting is not heavy though I shoulkd do like you and post what I eat...it would help me with the discipline...
  8. It's gonna be hard! Especially on the weekend... Eyes on the prize!
  9. Welcome! I work in a call-center so I have to sit all the time... I've asked for a stand-up desktop...let's see if they grant it to me... and otherwise I do as Dylan says, here and there little breaks to stretch my legs.... and 6 days a week I go to the gym...
  10. Sorry if this is a little off topic, but is that actually you in your avatar? no, I wish,hehe...just some les mills poster
  11. I know this is old, but in case it's still relevant, I tried maca and didn't experience that... then again 5 g. a day every second day maybe it's too little to experience anything....
  12. The Holistic Health Counseling, I would really like to learn something like that! So, as a counsellor, what would you say about chlorella? I have read here and there that you shouldn't take supplements before talking to a doctor...on the other hand in thrive it is recommended and seem that some people here do take it... and Welcome!
  13. Does anybody know http://www.planet-fitness.fr/fr/chaussures-spira/modele-stinger-xlt-femme.html I have asked and they are vegan but...are they good? any experience?
  14. I'm not a raw vegan but I don't eat beans so much, well, almoszt at all because fo the bloating. So I rely on SunWarrir raw protein (it does taste vergood ) and protein bars...
  15. I know... I'm really short 1,57 and I know I'm not fat but I HAVE fat and... I come from an eating disorder...so I've been much thinner and have a bit of a problem accepting my current weight.... Last year I was weighing 41 to 42... tho I still had fat! I didn't do any sports or anything...just reducing calories to about 600/day... but I don't want that anymore...I'd be happy weighing 44 or 45 but with a bit of muscle ...I still have love handles (I hate them!) and fat in the belly region... but it's just 2 months since I started training so I hope it will change
  16. I changed for 45% c, 35% p and 20% f in 1100 calories...I hope it works....and especially I hope I can stick to it.... fake meats are not in my plan anymore, just raw protein powder and raw protein bars along with fruits (not many because of the carbs) , vegetables and soy milk, tofu and soy yogurts... at least it is a menu i can be looking forward to eat.... that will make "dieting" easier.... My plan looks like that ( I used the complete time at the laundromat to write it down, LOL): Breakfast: Sun Warrior + Soy milk + 1/2 raw organic protein bar Snack: 1 glass soy milk (with coffee) Lunch: Sun Warrior + soy milk Pre workout: 1 banana + 20gr. dark chocolate Dinner: Tofu salad + 2 soy yogurts with protein powder. (as alternative if I have to eat on the way or I feel like something sweet I would have a vega protein bar - when I receiv them, that is- and just one soy yogurt) The plan sounds yummy, so there is no reason that I couldn't stick with it! It seems enough not to be (very hungry) but also not much so that I can create a calorie deficit and therefore lose weight. Let's hope for the best!!!
  17. Hmmm... I'm having many more calories than I planned and not because I'm bored but because I'm hungry.... maybe I should go up to 1500 but like that I wouldn't lose weight I guess.... I put on 300 gr. ...and I read all that stuff about processed foods , how bad they are ...and now I'm having everyday this fake meat...and I don't even like it so much...just to have more protein and less carbs.... I still have cravings...chocolate is still my downfall... The information I'm finding here is really helpful but I fail when it's about putting it into practise.... I'm disappointed in myself. I just want to lose weight and fat and it's not working! I allow myself too much....and beat myself up for it! how stupid!.... I just want a plan to wich I can stick and that is effective for me....
  18. 1. What is your favorite word? Love 2. What is your least favorite word? "polla" (it means dick in my mothertongue and it really bothers me much more in spanish than in any other language) 3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? being in love 4. What turns you off? people complaining 5. What is your favorite curse word? fuck 6. What sound or noise do you love? breathing after a workout 7. What sound or noise do you hate? eating noises 8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? les mills (fitness) instructor 9. What profession would you not like to do? butcher 10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? M. is waiting for you
  19. nelliscarlet, I do something similar, little sandwich in with the "bread" slices are substituted by carrots, and pb between two carrot slices
  20. hi from berlin too! I'm new to the forum too but I like all the advice and information you find here! I hope it'll work for you too!
  21. I think I'll stick to the shake... I've been looking online for ideas and normally oatmeal is recommended but that's way to high in carbs for what I want... Thx for the answer!
  22. Hello everybody! I'm trying to follow a low carb plan... calculating my macros, in order to lose weight and fat, I would need about 90 gr. grams carbs a day (30%)... that's not much, so I try to have most of it as pre work-out and post-workout meal...than, the rest of the meals always have some carbs, so that doesn't leave me much room for carbs for breakfast.... I've been having a protein shake (sun warrior) with flaxmeal and peanut butter for breakfast the last days...and it's ok, but it's nothing I'm looking forward to have as it happened to me with some other breakfasts (but maybe because they had sugar in them so it was my "addiction...? dunno!)... Anyways....any idea about low carb/high protein breakfast... that could get me excited to get up? : I normally prefer sweet rather than hearty for breakfast and have almost no time to prepare since I have to start at the office normally at 7 am...that's really early!!! so if I want to get enough sleep I have to get up to do everything in a rush and leave at 6 am... Thanx in advance
  23. Thank you, Dylan! I've liked it! I'm now in stage 3 after years of stage ...let's say 2 1/2 LOL, since I sometimes eat "right" but many times I do "what I shouldn't" (meaning in my case mainly sweets)... well...it's good to know that it takes time, I guess I'm on the right path right now... I uesd to think "as long as I have less than 1000 calories, it doesn't matter from what"...but since I started training I know it DOES matter!
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