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  1. I don't doubt the cleanliness of my diet one bit, so I doubt that's the issue. The only thing close to processed food I eat is two slices of sprouted wheat bread every morning, an almond shake with hemp protein, and tofu *maybe* once a week. I think my biggest issue is trying to find where my maintenance calories lie. Online calculators tend to give me anywhere from 1600-2200 for maintenance and staying at 1500 tends to leave me pretty hungry. I've moved up to 1800 cals to try that for a few weeks so we'll see what happens. I've been just under 12% for over a month and it's really starting to get frustrating. I have no idea how people are able to get six pack abs
  2. I've been lurking here for a while. Several years ago I signed up on this forum but forgot my username Uh...hi!
  3. Hey all, I'm hoping to get a little advice on this. I could very well just be over thinking it and should relax but I need to put my mind at ease. Right now I'm 5'6, 140lbs with roughly 12% body fat. From January to March I lost 25 lbs thanks to eating well and marathon training. I'm attempting to cut down to 10% or lower but I'm afraid of losing too much lean mass or, even worse, all lean mass instead of fat. Right now I'm running at 1500 cals a day with 45mins of cardio 4x a week and weight training 3x a week. My question is: Do you think I should stick to this and be patient or should I drop/raise cals? Thanks!
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    Hey all, For those of you who have pets (dogs and cats, mostly), do you feed them foods with meat?
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