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  1. Belief in only observational truth is a religion. Religion: Something one believes in or follows devotedly. So would these findings also give validation towards any reality experienced within your brain chemistry?
  2. I only had those dreams when I was eating raw for the first time.
  3. Do you ever dream of the things you ate when not raw when making up that sleep New World Vegan? You may want to add gentle stretching to that tv watching even when sore, your body needs to learn to construct on raw and find the connections. In my opinion your spine should be the number one thing towards opening a clearer path for your change so work on feeling out all those vertebrae. You may have a terabyte connection now but you may still be running on a 56k modem. (Nerdy computer analogy) Are some of you commenting on the raw section killing the bodybuilding theme or that it does not support the ideology that vegan eating follows within bodybuilding?
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/diet.fitness/09/26/weightloss.angela.stokes/index.html?iref=mpstoryview Put into this context it seems store bought. Interviewers most likely cut out or didn't ask about her opinions on animal cruelty and human objectification.
  5. You could also consider the ideas brought forward by the Rasta philosophy in that we are all brothers and sister and descendants of a one original race. So in this way we do this to ourselves and that is the true crime. I agree with phillipeb that this is an identification issue more than the explosion of personal feelings and conditioned thinking. If religion is failing to bring a sense of resurrection of an identity (IMO what the resurrection of jesus was) than any moral objectivity on a personal bases is equally flawed. So in this way it is always strange to me when I am told I will never know how it feels yet I feel it off the person saying that because they are what they eat. As in Hinduism it is the idea that we are struggling and suffer in life and that unites us in all endeavours. As long as you fight internally you suffer. As a racial identification with meaning it would seem that in the present day the white lineage(descendants of European past and culture) has shot itself in the foot, knee, head within the world identification they built for themselves and violently force fed the rest of the world. This I would hope brings a better understanding of what must be done and not what should be felt.
  6. One logical fallacy after another.
  7. I have said it before it is all about energy with food. In my opinion raw food is for when you want a thinner connection to this reality not a stronger. That is my opinion though from a philosophical standpoint and one of experience. In my experience New World Vegan I did notice a difference in the fuel I was using to run my body much like going from a high octane to a lower octane when switching back to cooked foods. Is your goal in eating raw for detox only? What do you do when not eating seeing as how you probably spend time doing other things more often? What kind of training are you currently undertaking during this change of diet?
  8. I would agree with you Robert. Buy organic local!
  9. I find it interesting that there was nothing said about what happened prior to him asking her a question then assaulting her. I can almost imagine if she were to engage him in conversation in the elevator she could discern the motivation of Mr. Willams or at least diffuse the situation by building a short interaction. In essence she was inconsistent with her regard towards this man within her situation of being a lone female. I do not know what kind of apartment building she lives in or what area though so I can't say for sure of her level of relative safety. That guy is a beast of a man and represents a part of humanity that is shielded from our sight and ignorantly shadowed by our egos. That guy had an agenda when telling her “he wanted to see her face, her fear and humiliation.” This cuts deep to the core of humanity and hopefully to her humanity and she can find a productive way to take her experience.
  10. When I was eating vegetarian someone made cookies that had bacon in them,I found out in the first bite.I wonder if I ever sold food to that couple and their children.I don't recognize them but who knows. I know of a few other children who are raised vegan and poorly at times and they gave them milk or an egg to make up for the loss. Most of these cases of poor nutrition management came from single parent families though. In one case one of the children is a terror and is a complete free spirit in a undisciplined way. I look at this and feel good that I found out my parent(s) was not necessarily the best person to make decisions for me at a younger age.
  11. I find it nuts seeing how much people will keep a blind eye towards china when they are there with all the oppression and animal cruelty. The Olympics will be a good example of children starving in Africa and people buying coke products and having fun on an international level without a concern.
  12. Wow it is interesting to see who gets defensive here. I can see where this argument is coming from, people who are becoming raw usually are detoxing if they are just new or if they keep messing up. I have seen some pretty wrecked detox people in my time. Plus there are a group of people who are raw that may not be so into the social perspective personal hygiene or beauty. More of the free spirit idea than the I am raw here me roar soccer mom versions(which there are a lot of and growing). I do think that just about everyone I see who is raw looks younger. I worked at rawesome! and got mixed comments on how we looked. A raw food diet is only one side of the prism of man and some people can only see certain colors.
  13. I am also under the idea that you can get a great deal of mass without the use of weights. Thanks for the numbers veganmaster. I would agree it is what you put in that yields the results. I was eating bags and bags of nuts and seeds and beans and I am quite sure I was as large as most of the builders here. I also worked out three to five hours a day throughout the day and ate constantly.
  14. Good job! I did the same thing to myself. I also live in tempe and I was always a suns fan from the eighties.
  15. Every time I see that video I am touched deeply at the connection of love between them all.
  16. I follow a couple anime series like Naruto Shippuden and I have been watching Arrested Development when I work out or draw. It is always delightful to be interrupted by laughter in the middle of a set. If you want a taste of the weird and animated Paprika was a fun visual ride through dreams. It was probably one of the last movies I watched recently. Oh yeah someone paid for me to go see Iron Man as I would not see it myself. I do not like the popularization of classic super heroes in movies or TV shows in general. I am a bit of a purist when it comes to my super heroes. I thought they characterized Tony Stark pretty well but almost everything around him was paper thin and mostly for show, not true to the comic book.
  17. Children, children as long as you hold on to morals or ethics you will have these conflicts in discussion and differences in opinion. If you think you are right nobody will listen. If you do not believe in what you say, why should they? The illusion of opinion is that everyone is talking about the same thing just of a different color. The same thought put into violence is the same absence of thought of peace. When we choose not to account for all possibilities we become blinded in our own hatred of ourselves or at least the reflection cast upon us by society. So in your discussion bring not what you are comfortable with or know but what makes you uneasy, there you will find your resolve in the matter of mind you are speaking. It is your weakness that sets you among humans not your resolution of being human.
  18. I love TED it has to be one of the best ideas to come in this age, now if people would only listen. So the interesting observation would be that most of the posts I see here are all about happiness or some sort of process of happiness. In fact a post about something sophomoric yet happy and potentially bubbly gets more replies and more attention than a post or reply containing valid information or insightful wisdom. It is one thing to post that you like a video or a post but another to consider it and reflect upon it, giving feedback or contributing towards a social understanding of an idea. Then again you can just post what makes you seemingly happy.
  19. Gyre


    Nutritional yeast in a smoothie is not that bad actually just use it sparingly like you would avocado. Too much just ruins the flavor a bit for me. I have once inhaled maca through my nose and that hurt for a few days. Just always remember to mix in the maca on the top.
  20. Light and dark values on the landscape and in the distance are very interesting to me. I like to hike barefoot on some of the rocky areas here so my mind is on the pressures my feet take and where it pertains to my body weight and position even brain. I also look for neat rocks if I read or see any where I am at. and of coarse finding raw foods on plants. Prickly pear fruits or mesquite this time of year.
  21. You forgot complete dismissal of other people points within the discussion on the list of things we did in the guns thread. That is alright, U.S. citizens forget that their government attempted genocide too. My opinions come from my father being in the military and having guns all the time when I would see him. Also physics plays a key part of understanding firearms. When I look at a gun I see a tool. Not a killing machine or anything so crudely painted. If you eliminate the purpose of the tool you change the function of the tool.Like putting out light bulbs instead of shooting folks(simpsons). This would be neat to see.(seriously though)
  22. I checked out Dr. Fred Bisci he talks a lot about the cellular regeneration and reformation that I have experienced with raw foods. It can be difficult to stay entertained with raw food sometimes with a limited selection and no social encouragement. I am just lucky that I can munch down on seeds and nuts and get a good meal most of the time. I just do through a bag of cashews, walnuts and pine nuts. Look around your neighborhood for fruits and veggies too. Here I can get figs and dates and mesquite that will be in season along with citrus. In Oregon and Washington you guys are lucky with apples and cherries, plums, pears and the like. I was asking this question just wondering what your motivation behind eating raw foods in general and what your personal exploration was yielding. My initial emergence of eating raw foods came directly after sun gazing. Probably after a week of sun gazing I started to craze raw foods where I previously had not. The sun gazing actually helped me to see what was going on with that kind of diet to supplement a persons journey. As well as being a wonderful teacher it was helping my eyes actually get better as I do wear glasses. The raw diet combined with sungazing produces clearer development and intuitive change rather than a forceful or harsh change. For me, if I better understand the reasons for which I am doing things there is less resistance. If you are curious about sungazing you can visit solarhealing .com or just practice yourself. Stand in dirt or sand with bare feet while gazing at a full disc of the sun no later than a hour after sunrise and no earlier than an hour before sunset. You gaze for ten seconds each increasingly each day you do it, when I missed a day I just did the last time I was at. You can further your energy cultivation by walking for an hour on sand or dirt bare foot to recycle the energy you collect back into the earth. Try if you dare to walk a path less treaded.
  23. Gyre


    It can be like crack at the price its at sometimes. Where I am at its 200g for 20.00 quite cheaper than crack and much cleaner high and no come down. Premium Quality. It would be neat to get the actual root from Peru. The Incas had a lot of things right, including maca.
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