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  1. Hey guys! I've been on and off of Engine 2 (vegan/minimal processing/no refined sugar/no oil) for a while but really want to stick to it. I will admit - I have been eating greek yogurt (any suggestions as to how to replace the protein from it would be appreciated!). I've been on the Reddit fitness and xxfitness forums for a few weeks but I'm just sick of everyone telling me that eating vegan is going to make it practically impossible to reach my fitness goals. Then I remembered this site, and I thought, hey, screw Reddit, I'm going to start reaching out on the Vegan Bodybuilding forums. So here's my story: I'm 5'10", female, weighed in at 162 lbs today. I have no idea what my body fat percentage is, but I'd like it to be significantly lower (based on pictures, I'd say about 25-30% - my scale says 30% but I know those things are trash). I'm on the Simply Shredded female fitness training guide plan as of this week (was trying to do Starting Strength but got REALLY BORED). I've been eating about 1600 calories before this week, but found it too hard to get as much protein as everyone's saying I need to get - 1 g per pound of lean body mass? I think for me that would be 120, maybe more. So I upped it to 1800 this week, feel immaculate, but am afraid of gaining fat. I don't know, I'm confused. Today my macros were 56% carbs, 23% protein, 21% fat. So, help me, am I doing this right? Any suggestions? My previous goal - before I started weight training - was to get down to 140 lbs. Now my goal is to get down to 18% bodyfat. I feel like I'm being jerked around on Reddit, particularly with everyone telling me I need to eat meat and dairy, and I'd like some more straightforward answers from people with a similar lifestyle!
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