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  1. Hi, im curious to hear some opinions on the new hcg diet from Kevin Trudeau. Im looking over this hcg challenge and im thinking it is a dodgy diet that you have to use injections. http://www.drugdelivery.ca/hcg-challenge.aspx What do you think, has anyone any experience with this diet?
  2. hey everyone, here is my friends blog and her weight loss journey with hcg http://www.drugdelivery.ca/blog/hcg/8/ there is also 24 other blogs with losing weight in the method. If you want to join they are also looking for more people that want to be in a weight loss competition.
  3. We only got 1 gym here in the city and it gets super crowded all day and to get any decent time on the machines you have to go after 10pm (they open til midnight) so im not attached to it at all, i cant see how you can be attached, i would go for the best gym with the latest equipment and cheapest prices.
  4. Hey guys I really need your help now. Actually I am in Italy with my friends and we don't know anyone here. Yesterday we went on a tour and one of my friend has hurt herself. Today she is having lot of pain and she is unable to walk and sometimes she is feeling dizzy and we are all worried for her. I was searching for a hospital directory for Sardegna coz we are living here but could not find one. I came through pharmacy directory http://www.drugdelivery.ca/xx-IT-14-A-xx/Sardegna-Pharmacy.aspx but we are not able to figure out what is happening so we can't buy any medicine. Can anyone tell about a hospital directory or a hospital in Sardegna? So that my friend can get first care as soon as possible.
  5. Hello, I am Vera from Austalia. I have just joined the forum. Hope to have anice time here.
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