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  1. There is a post on veganfitness asking why vegans return to eating meat and a guy said that people dont eat enough essential fatty acids from whole foods, nuts and seeds. I totally agree with what that guy said.
  2. I lost the layers of fat over my muscles if that counts as size loss.
  3. My understanding is that fructose goes towards making glycogen until glycogen stores are full in the liver, 100 grams, then fatty acids as only natural and there isn't a lot of fructose in fruit to make a person obese in the first place. I believe those studies were done with High fructose corn syrup which contains a crazy amount of fructose that would never be found in nature. The only people that need to worry about fruit intake is those that eat animal products and excessive amounts of refined oils and junk foods. Follow your instincts and don‘t let these bullies tell you what is and isnt‘t good for you.
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