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  1. Hey, I hope you feel better soon, sending you internet hugs... hope the blood test goes well, being healthy in body will help you be happy in your mind, remember that!!
  2. Thankyou Joanna, vegan_rossco and warrior8! I'm definitely thinking of starting to make my own weights. Ohhh so much on my to-do list :/ Also need to note that I'm currently on something of a break. Purely because I'm moving house and I have SO much to do all day, plus going to work. I just am not fitting in work outs or tracking my diet at the moment. I'm still doing pushups and sprinting every day and its hard enough to fit just those small things in. There is so much work to do on my new rooms!! So, I'll check back in here when I am focusing back on my training again. Til then I hope to occasionally log on and keep posting, but I might not find the time :[
  3. Took some progress pictures. End July to end September. I've still got work to do but I'm definitely heading in the right direction it seems!! link
  4. So I fell over while sprinting and cut my knee, hand in two places and my wrist in three places! I've had THE most accident prone week. It's been horrible and everything else has sucked too, from missing buses to work going wrong (I quit my job) and having no internet access when I really need to just unwind. Ummm. I still have been doing workouts, but limited because of my knee and palm injuries. (Shoulder stopped hurting after a couple of days, that's something I guess!) My diet has been totally clean for 8 days and I feel like I've gained body-fat! I'm not sure how that's worked as I haven't changed total calories or macros in any way. Generally feeling under the weather but trying to soldier on. Thanks for the comments, good to hear from yous!
  5. Brill progress there. Arms looking nice and ripply! :]
  6. endcruelty - personally I love my pea protein and wouldn't get anything else! It's versatile too, I've done almost everything possible to do with a protein powder, from sweet to savoury. Nomnomnom.
  7. I saw that!! Do we really have to wait for science to tell us things that are obvious?!... well, clearly we do (and still, most people won't believe it! Sigh.)
  8. Awesome awesome progress! You have a truly stunning set of muscles there. You must feel wonderful. Congrats!
  9. This is a concept I'm starting to believe... Food at the end of the day is simple. It's just protein, fat and carbohydrates. Everything else is in tiny amounts and as long as you're eating (preferably organic) fruit + veg you will have enough. (Optimally, you can supplement or eat flax oil but I don't believe this is 100% necessary) If you eat enough protein fat and carbohydrates you will gain. It doesn't matter where they come from. Yes it can be harder to do when eating a diet that you aren't 100% used to (ie, grew up eating) - that is, a vegan diet for most people. Hell it can be hard to get the right balance nutrients on any diet, witness the obesity epidemic - meat eaters and veg*ans alike suffer from overeating issues due to the wrong food. The answer, IF you are having problems gaining/losing (if not, then no problem!) is to not 'trust your instincts' because you may not be getting enough, or even getting too much of something. In short, you have to track your food at least for a while until you learn what the diet is that is optimal for you and your goals. I'm working on a simplified way to track macros (I don't bother with calories any more) which means I can do it all in my head and keep tabs on myself all day without needing to carry around a notepad or computer. But, due to my lucky status as life long vegan and the fact I've been experimenting for a while, I'm very close to the point where I know how much to eat to suit the type of day I'm having without needing to add figures up in my head. This is obviously my goal. Its taken a lot of hard work to get there though and (I'll stop rambling now!) this is my point: in order to make any kind of changes, bulk or cut or whatever, you need to put some effort into figuring out your optimal targets and how you can stick to them. This goes for anybody, vegan or not but there is less conventional wisdom around for veganism, so it can definitely be harder! Just take a clinical look at every kind of food - and work out how much of it you need! That's my long-winded advice anyway, and good luck - its a constant experiment!
  10. Hey Joanna! how was your swimming and have you still avoided sugar? :]
  11. Thanks James! Day four without sugar today I ate a few too many apricots yesterday but apart from that there haven't been any cravings! Its too early to tell if this is having any good effects yet. I give it at least a week. I'm nursing a shoulder injury in my right arm though, it was so sore last night I couldn't sleep properly but I don't know how I did it - I've had two rest days in a row. Might have been the DIY work I was doing yesterday, holding pieces of board for long periods, I've definitely pulled something in it. I can't do pushups or bear any weight with it today. Gah! Hope it feels better tomorrow. If so I will just do today's workout tomorrow. Today I'll stick to leg work. Anyone recommend a great leg exercise that isn't a squat or a lunge or a leg raise? Heheh.
  12. I occasionally approve of their messages. But NOT the way they are put across. Partly because their activists come across as crazy people to the nonvegan world. Partly because they're ridiculously ignorant of any other aspect of political feeling (ie, feminism) and don't take a holistic approach to healing the problems they are highlighting. And of course, anybody who is vegan tends to get tarred with the "oh, you must agree with PETA" brush which isn't helpful for anyone when trying to talk or argue sensibly about not eating meat or dairy.
  13. Hello, brief update because I've done nothing but work today! It's day 3 without sugar and I'm enjoying it a lot! Hoping to see good results from this month. I'll post my workout details tomorrow.
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