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  1. I burned out on the gym. This time, I realized it wasn't my body, but my mind and motivation that failed me. My problem for the last year or more has been focusing on entertainment, leisure, learning, and helping others. Nothing wrong with those things, but when they take the place of my personal wellness like lifting, sleep, eating a balanced, clean (non-junk food) vegan diet, it becomes a problem. My 2013 resolution isn't to lose X amount of pounds, lift X amount of days per week, eat X amount of calories, or sleep X amount of hours; it's to prioritize my wants, needs, and goals. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day. After my needs - sleep, work, chores, etc. - I'm left with little time to do my wants and goals. This means I can either average 6 hours a sleep at night to do them both, or I can make my goals my new "wants" and drop my current wants by the wayside. 2012 wants: - Learning about fitness and raw vegan nutrition mainly via YouTube and 30BaD. - Spreading knowledge or experiences to help others (both diet and just life in general). - Arguing with people to prove I'm right about something (usually with non-vegans on the many hypocrisies of their diet). - Wasting time reading/watching/commenting on usually meaningless Yahoo! news stories (you know you do it too! haha). - Watching comedic and philosophical YouTube vids. - Trying to find a woman to make the happiest person on the planet. - Fantasy football - enough said. 2013 wants: - Be a more productive worker. - Be more awake and alert by eating a consistently low-fat, whole foods vegan diet. - Be more awake and alert by making sleep a priority. - Be more awake and alert by being consistently active. - Avoid confrontation. - Focusing on actions, not words. - Focus on my own well-being before others'. - Stop procrastinating. - Stop making excuses. - Improve my vision naturally.
  2. Hi, Dylan. Thanks for all of your support. Yes, I am doing waaaay better now. Getting a gym membership on Monday. Would've done it today, but they were booked. Oh, well. Moto high. Energy high. Ready to rawk!
  3. Dylan, Tryin, man! I knew it wasn't really support I needed... I started questioning why I wasn't motivated, and it basically came down to chronic fatigue. After all, how can I expect to lift weights if I can barely lift a finger? So, I started eating meat again lol jk. I got back on Vitamin B12 sublinguals and taking a vegan multivitamin too in case I'm missing anything else. Also going to switch my water to reverse osmosis after watching snippets of "An Inconvenient Tooth" and how fluoride can cause fatigue in some people. I'm still kind of tired, but I think I'm getting a little better. Hope it's not just a placebo effect. I think staying sober off drugs and alcohol are vital too. I'm refocusing on just getting my energy/life back together now. I'll start posting on here regularly when I get well enough to lift again. Thanks for the support. -Matt
  4. Thanks. Yeah, I'm starting to give up on the idea of a support buddy. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Haven't been in a lifting routine since my 2008 d3 football season. That all changes this Monday. I don't care about having a support buddy anymore. I'll do it alone like I've done everything else alone my whole life and come out a stronger person because of it. I'll be reporting my lifts over the coming weeks to see how they improve. I tried benching earlier this summer and could barely do 100lbs. Kind of embarrassing. Looking forward to this new change. I love that there's a vegan bodybuilding forum
  6. I'm a mostly lfhc raw vegan who wants to get ripped up to prove the doubters and haters wrong (both the ones lurking on the web and in my personal life). Problem is old habits die hard, meaning I typically come home from work and sit on the computer until bed time. I know it's a bit of a paradox to spend even more time online (hopefully) seeking out a support buddy on here, but I just lack the motivation to go to the gym. I'm looking for someone to help me kick off the dust and get back into the habit of being the gym rat I used to be. I don't care if you need support too or just wanting to help me get back on my feet. I don't care if you're an avid lifter. I don't care if you're a man or womyn. I just want someone to keep me accountable and motivated for the first three or so weeks it takes for lifting to go from a chore to recreation. Get at me if you're interested in helping a vegan brother out! Thanks so much. mathyou
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