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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! I'm diving in to some of the useful links on the site. Need to go grocery shopping with a vengeance soon it looks like- with there was a pre-made shopping list! X) Everyone please enjoy your weekend! ~J
  2. Hey guys, I'm an athlete who recently discovered that there is such a thing as Vegan Bodybuilding. I honestly NEVER knew. I had heard of "natural" BB and the such, but I believe it to simply mean no supplements. That being said, I had been debating with myself back and forth the merits of a changed diet. I am not new to nutrition, and so I've read and studied a lot about the various philosophies of proper eating. I've never been a fan of crash diets, and while I do enjoy meats- I know that ethically and environmentally it has an extremely negative impact. Also, as of late I have begun researching meditation, and getting back in to the spirituality that I had as a teenager- which is doing wonders for my outlook. In any case, I'm just off a two year bender of disgusting convenience foods and socialholism (drinking with friends ), and have been juicing lately and eating non processed foods as a warm up to Vegan eating. The one thing that has held me back from converting is that all too familiar "need meat protein or be a skinny guy" block. I thought about simply using protein powders, but I realized how expensive it is. Finding this site has put some new wind in my sails, as I can't imagine everyone who's in to Vegan fitness is downing 4 Vegan protein shakes a day. I'm here to learn! Teach me please! Will be posting progress pics! Looking forward to the new lifestyle! Thanks for reading! ~J
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