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  1. Thanks Robert! Your vegan bodybuilding and fitness looks interesting... I will have to see if I can find it here.
  2. Hi C.O. Nice to meet you. I guess korean food is more popular than I thought! I love it too, but it can be problematic for a vegetarian if you cannot cook for yourself or go to vegetarian restaurants everyday.
  3. Hi Jaguar, Sorry for the late reply. I appreciate your offer for some recipes and would be glad to try some except I live in the dormitory and cannot cook I do weight training and dance and table tennis and I do try to track my nutrition. I've decided to try sprouting actually for my main source of food. What about you, what do you do/eat?
  4. I have been reading conflicting information. Are the main muscles worked by reverse lunges the quadriceps or the hamstrings and glues? Thank you! Yosevu
  5. Hi! I am Kenyan-American currently living/going to school in Seoul, South Korea. After some serious self-examination, I chose to stop eating animals in 2007, summer. The main reason I joined this forum is because I would like to hopefully learn more information about nutrition and bodybuilding, particularly in an environment which is not even vegetarian friendly i.e. Korea. I also hope to interact and share experiences with anyone who is interested! Thank you, Yosevu
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