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  1. Welcome Yosevu,


    Great to have you here!


    Thanks for joining the community. Hope you enjoy our group. All the best and welcome aboard!




    Thanks Robert!


    Your vegan bodybuilding and fitness looks interesting... I will have to see if I can find it here.

  2. Hey Yosevu, welcome to the group here. Kenyan-American living in Korea! You sound like a very interesting person. I love Korean food but I can relate, especially in the states eating at Korean restaurants often the non-animal options are very limited.

    I think you landed in the right place for the information you are looking for. Hope to hear more from you , keep sharing with us.




    Hi C.O.


    Nice to meet you. I guess korean food is more popular than I thought! I love it too, but it can be problematic for a vegetarian if you cannot cook for yourself or go to vegetarian restaurants everyday.

  3. Hello Yosevu it's nice to meet you, I'm new here too =D

    I know a little about Korean vegan food, such as kimchi... I have a great vegan recipe book which includes a Korean section so if you like I can give you some recipes and names of dishes to look out for (I'll have to fetch it back from my friend's house first though!!)

    Do you currently do any training or track your food at all?

    Enjoy the forum!



    Hi Jaguar, Sorry for the late reply. I appreciate your offer for some recipes and would be glad to try some except I live in the dormitory and cannot cook I do weight training and dance and table tennis and I do try to track my nutrition. I've decided to try sprouting actually for my main source of food. What about you, what do you do/eat?

  4. Hi! I am Kenyan-American currently living/going to school in Seoul, South Korea. After some serious self-examination, I chose to stop eating animals in 2007, summer. The main reason I joined this forum is because I would like to hopefully learn more information about nutrition and bodybuilding, particularly in an environment which is not even vegetarian friendly i.e. Korea.


    I also hope to interact and share experiences with anyone who is interested!


    Thank you,




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