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  1. I am 6ft tall, and weigh about 155 pounds. I workout using p90x, insanity, my own circuit drills that resemble crossfit styles, and running 5-10 miles. I am a fit person not looking to be huge in the muscle department, but I am also not wanting to look disgustingly skinny. I eat well and am not hungry throughout the day. what can I do to increase my calories by 1,000 every day to counter the working out and allow some muscle growth.
  2. Thanks alot. looks like it is time to experiment. I'll post what my final mix is.
  3. I got one for my wife and myself. They are quite pricey. I would only recommed the 8 speed. The 3 is not enough and the 11 is overkill. If you are a long distance runner they are great for cross training. Many marathoners use this. I had a knee injury and could not run the needed 1.5 hour+ cardio needed multiple times a week. I run a short 4-5 miler one day, push hard on the ellipti-go two to three days, then run my 12+ one day. This works out well for me.
  4. Your doing them right. You can increase the intensity by having less hip rotation and/or bring your feet closer in. May your feet be within 12 inches of each other and let me know how it went.
  5. I stumbled on this old post and curious. Before transitioning my lifestyle to become vegan, I used to use Mass-Tech to keep my weight regulated. When I workout I do circuit drills mixed with high cario for an hour and a half and other days run 8-12 miles. These are calorie drainers. Understanding I would have to find the correct portion from me, will your mix above keep the weight regulated? Your portion size is 1-18 ounces. Will the full 18 ounces meet the nutritional facts, or is it a lesser amount to meet them?
  6. I have just started the vegan lifestyle and still sifting through everything so I cover all my nutrient bases. I am not a body builder and my workout style is more in line with circuit drills using my own weight resistance with high cardio or I may do a P90X program to keep switching it up. When I do my circuit training drills up to a 1.5 hours or run 12 miles I am burning loads of calories that I cannot afford to loose. I need to find a high calore high protien supplement to put 900 calories or so into my day. Before my lifestyle change I was using "Mass-Tech" (70 grams protein and 1000 calories). I am looking for something similiar, but vegan. Any thoughts?
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