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  1. Wow, I never thought about this! I think I'll take this advice and see what happens. I too stress over calorie counting and have found that it makes me more stressed and more hungry!!!
  2. Thanks PhtyoAthlete. Your profile says you're a Nutritionist. In your opinion, how much is too much protein powder in take?
  3. Hey everyone! My name is Anise and I live in South Florida. I've come across this site several times and thought "Enough! I must join." SO I did...and here I am I've not eaten meat in 3 years BUT it's terribly difficult giving up Reeses. So I don't consider myself a vegan, although hopefully I can give that up sometime in the future. Anyhoo....I don't know of any non-meat eaters in this region, nor many people who workout a lot so I thought this place was a great way to make some new friends. Plus, after checking out some of the topics, I noticed how supportive people are and thats pretty rare in the age of "cyber bullying" and blatant disrespect thats all over the net. So thank you!...to everyone on here. I've started and stopped P90x and Insanity a few months ago because I can't stand being inside any place to workout. I'd much rather be outside. Anyone else share that feeling? I lost 70 lbs a few years ago and have managed to stay around 150. My goal is to tone, tone, tone!!! Currently I don't do much to achieve my goal besides jogging, squats, lunges, sometimes* crunches and sometimes* "girl" push-ups. I need more discipline when it comes to my calisthenics which is evident in my pic taken back in Feb. Can't wait to join in on some discussions! Yay!
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