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  1. Snap. Just answered my own post with this one. Thanks Falen_ horse
  2. YEAH!!! Good work. Can definatly see some definition coming through. How hot are you gunna be!! Progress shot are well motivating.
  3. Hi. Im just startin to rebuild my body. 6ft, 70kg. Have been to a nutritionist who has put me on a 4000cal/day, 40/35/25 split diet, aledgedly giving me 1.5-2g prot/kg body wieght. I only eat whole foods,protien powder and spring water2-3 litres/day. Vegan ofcourse. What I want to do is break things down more so I can know better what Im gettin each day. I can work out callories and prot etc from the back of packets fine but its some whole foods that Im not sure on. Can anyone recommend a reliable, accurate website for callorie contents, nuitritional break down etc? Ive used callorie count.com before but is it accurate? Im not one for guessing and dont want to waste my time. Peace love and happiness to you all Andrew
  4. Google "Flouoride and mind control" theres alot of good info out there. Fluoride is a non essentual element for humans. Fluoride was feed to prisioners of war by Germany any russia to make them easier to controll. And now its fed to us in our water supply..... Hmmmm I drink no tap water. Also aledgedly Colgate is one of if not the biggest manufaturer of fluoride in the world Hmmmm again. Food for thort.
  5. HI, My name is Andrew. Ive been Animal product free for nearly three years. I cant realy call myself a vegan yet as I still own some leather shoes and a belt but they were bought beore I turned. I DO NOT buy any such products now and will replace them with animal friendly products. I went off animal products for Karmic and spiritual reasons, I woke up one morning with a deep calling that it was NOT ok to be eating animals or using thier products. It was only after I had turned that dicovered the immence health benifits of the Vegan diet. I recommend the doco "A delicate ballance" to show what that crap does to your body. What has spurred me into physical action was the passing of my father recently from prostate cancer. I Know that I didnt make the most of him, I cant change that. I have realised tho that there is something FAR worse than not making the most of someone else, thats not making the most of YOURSELF!!!!! My immediate goal is to gain 10kg of lean muscle and fix up my posture, from there the sky is the limit. Finding this website and reading about Robert in His book has realy inspired me to become somebody and put myself out there for the cause wich I do believe in. Bein a skinny although healthy vegan only fuels the Naysayers and skeptics. IT IS TIME FOR ACTION! SO happy to have found this gret source of information and inspiration, look forward to talking with some of you and maybe even meeting some Vegans from New zealand. Thankyou Andrew
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