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  1. sorry for posting this here but i don't have anywhere else to ask this and i imagine the demographic here is the right one and this is the most active forum


    is there any athletic company (shoes,shorts....) that i can be sure that is not involved directly or indirectly in child labor ?


    thanks in advance and sorry again for the offtopic .

  2. yep kinda stupid of me not to say my stats

    i weigh 98kgs (approx. 200 pounds), 16ish% bf ,1.90(6'3) and have been bodybuilding for 5 years now , my main concern is eating to much tofu because i have read several articles claiming that tofu protein is not good since it is linked to estrogen (i must admit i didn't realy read into it i will now but i remember the points) which is not good for male b.b , allso i understand that in order to get protein from all amino acids i need to combine several types of vegan proteins rice+pees , the problem is that i'm getting to much cals with not enough proteins not to mention i'm going bunkers without my meat but the plus side is that i'm loosing weight and as much as i hate to admit it (maybe not the right place for someone who likes meat like me to write ) i do feel generaly better : more alert and i can't realy explain it ... i think lighter is the word .


    please correct me if i wrote something wrong and again thanks in advance.

  3. hello all ,


    i'm new on this board and allso to the vegan world i've been forced to leave all meat products because of an alergy i've developed to animal products (milk,meat,eggs...) , a nutritionist has given me a diet but the only problem is that it lacks protein i'm used to 160gr+ of it a day and i hardly get 80grs now

    can someone please direct me to a supplements free high protein diet

    allso i know most of you here don't drink milk atall ... but from what i understand goat milk is much healthier and is o.k , am i right ?


    thanks in advance .

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