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  1. I fully made the transition to vegan at the beginning of the year The main station here is full of food stalls where they cook open air kebab, doener, bbq meat and whenever I pass by the smell is familiar but now horrifying as in it makes me nauseous. Does it also happen to you guys?
  2. I am 178cm, 71kg, toned & lean and intend to say that way Sample day (work out day, yesterday in fact ) Breakfast: *1 raw carrot *1 yellow bell pepper *some arugula *200g cooked quinoa + brown lentils mixed with 6 almonds, 1tbsp cocoa, 1/2tsp cinnamon, 1 clementine, 1 kiwi, some flaxseed On top 100g silken tofu work out (30min cardio +30min strength) *Post work out: 30g rice protein in shaker with water Lunch (post work out) *~500/600g lightly cooked veggies (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom, okra, eggplant) *300g of cooked beans (1/3 black 1/3 chickpea 1/3 white) Dinner Salad *150g of cooked buckwheat *1 tomato *1 grated carrot *1 grated cucumber * some Arugula *some pine nuts Lots of water, including 1 bottle (naturally rich in calcium 500mg/l) Energy: 1920Kcal Carbs: 58% Protein: 28% Fat: 13% Fiber: 80g Sugar: 46g What do you think?
  3. When going vegan, people think more about nutrition and health, some non vegan around the vegans worry too much for them. I wanted to share my blood test results from today. I live in Germany (columns: description, normal range, unit, my results). According to my doctor, I should keep doing whatever I do 'cause I am too healthy!!! ) He was particularly impressed by the cholesterol level (which doesnt happen so often here) No anemia, calcium on track (I dont take supplement but I always pick water bottles naturally high in calcium). Sodium (Natrium in German) & Potassium (Kalium in German) on track. Lipid profile (Triglyceride) on the lower side on the range. Yay! Share your results people, adequate vegan diet & regular exercise = health
  4. Make it yourself! 1 can of chickpea (well rinced to avoid excess of sodium), or better that's you've cooked yourself add some lemon juice, garlic powder, parsley and sesame seeds /flaxseeds (at your convenience for fat control!). instead of seeds, I sometimes add 1/2 small avocado, it's my guacummus, healthy heaven! Cheers
  5. Hi vegandoll, What's your height/weight? A first look at your diet, I would say that you should probably - try to add more genuine vegetables - vary from that lunch veggie burger, - skip the raisins or replace them by grapes as their glycemic Index is higher, they make sure you get hungry quite fast - bread in addition to a veggie burger doesnt sound too good (I guess it's white bread, isn't it?), if you have too, go for rye or pumpernickel, - try to add beans, lentils, quinoa, amaranth in your diet and you will surely lean down
  6. I encounter some challenges with work, indeed I travel quite a lot for business and unless we have the luck to go to Indian or Asian restaurants it s hard to find good vegan food... I wouldnt even dare to suggest the vegetarian/vegan option (you should see the faces ) I manage to keep my work out routine wherever I go, can easily escape dinner to prepare my delicious vegan dinner in my hotel room or try vegan restaurants in town but lunches almost turns into fasting considering what I order or get on a plate Anyone facing such situations? any suggestions?
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