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  1. Hi, just wondering how many people here have been obese/very overweight?
  2. The China Study is what turned me vegan overnight, and I hadn't even read halfway.
  3. missed legs day yesterday due to illness, and not the sort where I feel better if I train mostly-Chest + Abs today. 4 sets of everything, with 8 reps except for the ab work (3 sets of 25r) - close reverse grip flat chest press - Superset of dumbell bench press + tricep dips - Superset of incline dumbell press + flyes - cable flyes - ab crunches with medicine ball - hanging ab raises (x15) - reverse ab crunches
  4. Yep! But it's even better when others notice the changes! Arms and Abs day today. Trainer-buddy has dropped reps to 8 for most exercises and increased the weight. 4 sets for most exercises. Yeeeeah! (I think this order is correct) - 4x15 narrow pushups (for triceps) - seated overhead dumbell press - Superset of one arm suplinated cable tricep pulldown + the same but a pushdown - Superset of skullcrushers + tricep press on the bench press (20kg bar) - incline bicep curls - alternating bicep curls - 2 sets of 21's on barbell bicep curl - ab ball crunches - ab jacknife crunches holding ball - reverse ab crunches (holding ball with the feet) (those bloody balls really do make you work harder!) 25 mins slow jog on an incline (treadmill) After the arms workout my forearms and hands were numb and also felt so incredibly heavy. I will be in pain tomorrow or the day after
  5. whoops forgot to update... Have done heavy arms and back this week (missed legs and a bootcamp session). Started hanging ab crunches, 10 reps but my hands are slipping by 8 so I have to go faster Today was Shoulders. Had to change it up a bit as someone was on the smith machine for ages when we (trainer-gym buddy) were about to start our workout. - Superset of upright dumbell row + standing dumbell shoulder press - Smith machine seated shoulder press (OWWWW) - seated incline dumbell front raises - rear delt cable flyes - Superset of side lat raises + bent over dumbell rear delt flyes Really liking my shoulder work, out of all my body parts my shoulders have shown the most physical change. I'm no longer as rounded looking, my shoulders have a hardness to them. And I love the way they look when I'm working (not so much when I'm slouching around the house!) Nutrition a bit crap this week, no surprise I feel very mentally drained today and quite crabby.
  6. No weights yesterday (it was chest day) but bootcamp had a ton of pushups. Did as many on my toes as I could manage. And Fartlek method running for 20 minutes...
  7. Back day, my favourite lately! - assisted wide pullip - Superset of seated row + bent over barbell row - lat pulldown - one arm bent over dumbell row (yay up to 12.5kg after all that exercise, the weights in my gym go from 10kg with a big jump to 12.5kg. New PB) - front pulldown - back hyperextension with 10kg plate 20 min steep treadmill at brisk pace bootcamp
  8. today's was more 'fun' Bootcamp early morning then Legs day. Major killer. I won't be able to walk tomorrow... - leg extensions - Seated leg curl (first time ever on this machine, it felt very weird) - Superset of barbell lunges + abductor work (felt a bit 'girly' on the latter but my trainer-buddy is following a female bodybuilder's programme) - Single leg barbell squat - Straight legged deadlifts - Superset of lying leg curl + adductor work - Dropset to failure of Leg press, 3 sets to failure (almost killed me and my throat from grunting so much) - seated calf press - standing single calf press (holding a plate) No way I could run for the bus after this workout so I got a lift home
  9. After I finish at the gym and come back home, my ear gets blocked. This only happens after a heavy session. I take care to breathe properly and not hold my breath but I could be more diligent. Today was a particularly strenuous gym session. Anyone else get this? It's driving me nuts. It resolves itself eventually but it's really annoying. I haven't been sick, no ear infections, nothing.
  10. Killer arms workout yesterday. I've forgotten the order and probably left out some exercises. - barbell bicep curls - superset of cable bicep curls + incline bicep curls (my memory has already failed, this could be wrong) - hammer curls - skullcrushers - superset of [something...] and bench dips - two handed dumbell tricep press - tricep pulldown (straight bar) (I've really screwed that up, I'm sure there was an additional exercise for biceps) Cycle class Abs: - superset of air bike + jackknife crunches - weighted cable ab crunch - roman chair lifts Today was Shoulders day: - smith machine standing shoulder press. OUCH. - Superset of upright dumbell row+seated dumbell shoulder press. Fatigue was setting in as I was struggling on dumbells that are 3kg less than my highest weight - incline front raises. By this time I could only handle pissy weights - dumbell side raises - cable delt something-or-other - bent over flyes 20 mins on treadmill, steep incline, brisk walking speed Really enjoying this programme. So much harder but loving it!
  11. yep, can't help feeling I'm twiddling my thumbs though Yesterday's workout: Back day (from memory, which is already fading) - assisted pullup - Superset of seated row+bent over barbell rows - lat pulldown - bent over one arm dumbell row - front pulldown - back extensions with plate LOVED this workout! 20 mins treadmill on speed 5km/h, incline 10 1hr bootcamp session, lots of jogging Today: Chest+Abs day (possibly the wrong order here) - smith machine bench press - smith machine negative bench press - wide hands pushups - smith machine incline chest press - cable chest flyes - twist pushups (by this stage I was collapsing on to my face) - Superset of ab reach-the-toes crunches + legs up crunches - roman chair leg lifts Awesome workout, bloody hard! 1 hr cycle class 20 mins treadmill on speed 5km/h, incline 10
  12. new studio sounds great! My trainer-buddy and I are the only women who lift heavy at the gym (and who stay in there for a considerable length of time), we have a reputation for being the two loudest grunters. People have often asked if we get 'looks' from other people but to be honest I've never really noticed as my friend and I just talk to each other and do our own thing and don't look much at others. But last week she went on her own and told me she really did notice the 'looks' and it wasn't comfortable!
  13. Bootcamp this morning. Was supposed to do shoulders+abs in gym afterwards but there was a fair bit of ab work in bootcamp and some shoulders (light weights, high rep stuff...) So trainer-buddy and I called it a day. Can't express how much I dislike low weight-high rep work but as it's part of bootcamp, we have no choice Eating was a bit crap today but on the plus side, I see just how badly my body reacts to crap food!
  14. Here's my before shot from June 2011. No date evidence (doh) so you just have to take my word for it, plus some friends are reading this anyway I had bought those 'slimming' jeans but ordered the wrong size by mistake, so they were three sizes too small. As you can see, they barely did up. I could only just button them up for the photo, lying down and my husband had to help me get up to take the snaps. I wore them for the photos as a progress marker. I now wear those jeans all the time and fit in to them easily with no muffin top/souffle going on. In June 2011 I started going to the gym. I had lost about 10kg in the preceeding six months. I did a cycle class and Body Attack class in my first week of gym membership and thought I was going to have a heart attack both times. I was so unfit that it turned me off going back to fitness classes, so I stuck with weights and cleaned up my nutrition a bit (pre-vegan). Since this photo was taken I am three dress sizes down. My goals are to drop body fat even more and lose another 10kg. Although cardio classes are still unpleasant, I chant to myself "you're already in pain, get a reward from it!" Even though my photos are all headless it's still a little nervewracking making them public! However I need to be accountable and see where I've come from and where I plan on going.
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