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  1. There's a new sugar substitue that you can get at Whole Foods. I'ts called Zsweet, and I've been trying to find out if it's there's ever been any animal research on it? Does anyone know about this product, the sweetener they use is erythritol,and it comes from fruits mostly, I think. I know that Splenda, Sweet N Low, and Equal all have used animal research. The only other sweeteners I know of that are ok are Stevia, and Agave, but I'm not thrilled with their taste. Thanks for your input!
  2. I usuallly go to Whole Foods, and at their bakery they have 2 vegan chocolate cakes. One is a regular chocolate,and the other is a german chocolate cake. Make sure if they write something on the cake that they melt vegan chocolate to use for icing,as their other cake icings have dairy. I don't know if all Whole Foods stores are equal,but hopefully one in your area has the vegan cake. It also costs less than 20.00
  3. Thanks, it's nice to be here with fellow vegans, and people that are interested in fitness. I'm supposed to visit family in another state during mid October, but I should be able to get to this event.
  4. This is my first time "blogging", I guess that's a word! I'm bound to get better, so anyone that reads this, please remember that. Not much going on this Labor Day. I went to the Y to workout, and tried a new class that will be offered this fall. "Les Mills" Body Pump, it was similar to Powercuts classes, but had a different intensity to it, but it was definitely FUN! Of course at certain times I had less weight on my bar than I needed, and other times too much, but oh well. Then for a treat I got Loma Linda vegan hotdogs,and Worthingtons chili. and watermelon. I figure every meat eater is eating hotdogs,and hamburgers that aren't good for them, at least mine are a lot healthier, and its a niice change too. Well that's been my Labor Day, hope everyone else had a good one!
  5. I Love cruises.Which cruiseline is it going to be on,and where is it going.I live in Florida, so I'm near a lot of cruise ports.
  6. I LOVE this show!!!! And I can't believe the fourth season won't be on umtil February 2008. That sucks! I believe the creators of Lostknow what they're doing too, I mean if they completely botched up the ending, it would be the end of their careers as writers. I've watched Matthew Fox since Party of Five when he was known as Charley Sallinger. I think that Matthew Fox, and Evangeline Lily are both great actors. I have since the 2nd season given up on a theory as to what its all about,and just enjoy the twists and turns. The most scary part for me is that I feel badly for "Captain Bunny Killer", aka Ben. I think we may find the Others working with the survivors of the crash to get rid of Naomi's people who are going to be WORSE than the Others?
  7. I usually say stay away from the diet programs, but I have one exception to that rule. South Beach is a good plan,because its less about a diet, and more about a lifestyle change. Before S.B. I hated salads, now if I go 2 days without a salad, I crave them. My Mom,and I started S.B. around April, and whereas the weight has come off slow, it's stayed off for good. The first two weeks are the hardest, this is the first phase, and the Dr.that started the diet even says it'll be hard. But it switches off your switch thats on in your system that says you always want sweets, and sugar, and bad choices. I also thought doing S.B.on a vegan diet would be impossible,but it's been quite easy. I started at 163, and am now down to 140. My Mom was 213, and she's now 188. And we treat ourselves to a vegan chocolate chip cookie once a week, from Whole Foods, and we keep losing. And this diet is not a high protein, low carb diet, its an eat the right foods diet. If this diet were Atkins, or The Zone, a vegan could not do it! Hope this helps!
  8. hsorlando


    I am new to running. It's always been a bit hard for me, I could never keep up with other runners, but since I don't believe in limiting myself, and since I'm going to be a trainer I figured I'd better over come this obstacle. Actually a trainer at my gym suggested the whole problem might be more of a mental block, than an actual physical one. So far it seems he's right. I have a question about running. What is a good pace for women to run? I'm in pretty good shape, but there's always room to grow in your exercise routine. Right now I am doing the treadmill thing at 5.0 miles an hour. I have no idea if this is a good pace, or if it sounds like I'm a turtle! I run every time I go the gym, that's at least 5 days a week, but as of now I'm building up my endurance, and only run for a mile before my group exercise class of the day.
  9. I'm an ice hockey nut! I used to live near Philadelphia, but the Flyers always lost when I saw them. When I moved to Florida a few years back I was surprised at how good Tampa was. I love the whole team, the coach is great, and they played a great season last year, except for their goalie problem. I was psyched when they won the cup in 2004, I think. I was not happy though when the NHL was on hiatus, let that never happen again!
  10. As long as its vegan, and healthy I don't worry too much! I generally eat oatmeal, or fruit, or fiber one with the unsweetened silk soymilk, or a smoothie.
  11. Hello, everyone! I've been a vegan for a year and a half, and a vegetarian my entire life. I love to work out at the gym, and am going to become a certified personal trainer, hopefully next February. I'm not that good on the computer, but I'll put up a a pic soon.
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