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  1. Tonight was an amazing workout, like all workouts should be! Step was a lot of fun, and good cardio, and Body Pump, wow! In Body Pump we had push ups not for one, nor two, but for three tracks! During chest, triceps, and shoulders, we did lots of push ups, Yeah! Not really! Tomorrow I think will be a rest day, and Thursday will probably be a Step/strength workout.
  2. The falafel was well a falafel, pretty tasty, a good size, and well that's about all I can think to say about falafels! I have been extremely busy this past month, that's why I haven't been posting. I also haven't gotten to the gym as much as I should have. But that's in the past and now I'm back on track. I have had some really good workouts, and I do feel like I'm starting to make some progress with toning up. I am not weighing myself because the scale lies, and makes me feel bad. But I know I am making progress, and tonight I did see it. I don't generally look in the mirror after my shower but tonight I did and I could tell that I'm getting more definition in my back, and even in my abs. So I will keep up my efforts at the gym, and I know it's paying off. Here's a breakdown of some of my workouts the past few weeks. last week- Sunday- Step, and Body Pump, Monday- Spin, Tuesday- Step, BP, that's it for the week. week before- Sunday- Step, BP, Mon-X, Tues- Step, BP, Sat- Spin Like I said I haven't been getting to the gym as much, but I'm going to do better. Especially after I get my Vega!
  3. Cool post! Growing up I watched MacGyver, best show ever! And I met him too! I also watched and liked Highway to Heaven, Quantum Leap, The Jetsons, Captain Planet, Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, Rockford Files, Matlock, The Waltons, Little House, Knight Rider, and many more.
  4. No workout today because I have to study for my first math test, which is tomorrow, so I'm heading to the math center on campus. Last night I did get to a health food store in my area, and bought some food, which included fruit, soy milk, cereal, soups, vegetarian chili, vegan hotdogs, etc.
  5. This contest was just what I needed to refocus my vegan effort at the gym!
  6. Ok I admit last week I slacked off more than I wanted to at the gym. I don't know why but last week was very hard on me, and I only found myself at the gym twice, but I got in 2 double workout which I guess kind of equals four in a way. I didn't do it on purpose, I so wanted to get in my training sessions, but it didn't happen. Today I had an awesome week, and last week is now behind me. Step-55 minutes @1pm Body Pump-55minutes @2pm I think my goal for February besides continuing at the gym, is to make sure I drink more water. Not sure why but getting enough water continues to be an issue for me. I imagine that's why my head hurts sometimes because I'm dehydrated, which is not good when you workout.
  7. Today I did two back to back workouts, and I didn't eat much during the day but I got through it much better than I thought. But I don't suggest doing this too often.
  8. What I enjoyed most was that it got my butt back in the gym, and made me accountable again for my workouts and staying consistent! And it also made me realize how much I missed visiting this forum.
  9. Today I went to the gym, and did my usual routine of Step, and Body Pump. Same old same old I know. After I briefly talked to the instructor about never increasing weight, I decided to go for it. It wasn't a lot, but for the squat track I increased to a 50lb barbell. At the end of the rather long track I need some help getting it off my shoulders. After the bicep track I was in the mood for the Rocky movies, any clue as to why that might be? Well that's about it for now. I am seeing spots so I'd better get some rest.
  10. Like I said previously this week was insane! I'm glad I got to the gym as much as I did even though it wasn't as much as I would have liked. Friday I didn't get a workouo because I had a class at 6, and had to get there by bus. Today I worked three hours in the morning, and then walked to the Y. I didn't have a planned workout I just knew I had to go do something, but I didn't want to do cardio, so I didn't! Instead I attacked the free weight room, and worked chest and biceps. lbs/reps Bench press: 10lbs-20 reps 15lbs-15reps 20-12reps 25-8 35-8 bicep curls (standing) 5lblb-20 reps 8lb-15 reps 10lbs -12 reps 12- 10 15-8 Incline press 12-20 15-15 15-12 20-8 20-8 hammer curls (seated) 5-20 8lbs- lost track but over 15 10-12 12-10 15-8 Pec flys 5-20 8-15 10-12 12-10 12-10 wide bicep curls (standing) 5-20 8-15 10-12 12-10 12-10 Not a great workout but it took about an hour I think, and it was fun. And I grunted a bit too! lol
  11. Just don't drop any heavy weights on yourself because you're tired!
  12. After school took the bus to the gym expecting a Step class, but didn't get it. The YMCA was PACKED they had tables w/ different companies, and it was a mad house. They also had a special group excercise schedule to sample classes. No Step, instead I tried two different dance classes. Did Zumba for 30 minutes, and then only stayed for about 10 minutes of a dance class that I just didn't like. I have no rhythm, plain and simple, I am very white! Didn't do weights because I did a full workout in yesterdays Body Pump class. So after 40 minutes I left the gym. At least I did something.
  13. This week has been crazy! Tuesday: Didn't get to the gym because my brother came to town for a court thing having to do with his relocating, and the whole divorce thing. So got picked up from college, and we went to Chipotle with a family friend, the same person I'm renting a room from. I got a vegetarian bowl filled with black beans, yes they are vegetarian, guacamole, lettuce tomato, brown rice, cucumber, and more guacamole. Wednesday: Very odd day- The court thing took about ten minutes total after they called my brother and his lawyer. So after that I ended up at Downtown Disney for 3 hours or more with my brother and family friend. Got dropped off at the gym, and all of a sudden exhaustion just hit me! Maybe it was being outside for so long but I was just wiped. I wasn't hungry though, so I bought a sports drink because I needed something to get me going. Then I took a Body Pump class, but didn't go too heavy because I wanted to be ready for my Spin class that my friend was instructing. That was a very long 45 minute workout, and I wore myself out even more! But I was very happy with my attempt. So far my workouts total 4 this week, but I'm still working on it.
  14. Had to skip the 45 minute Spin workout so I could go to the math center and clear up a few points I didn't quite get. Tomorow isn't looking good for the gym eiither because of things beyond my control. But I am still hoping to squeeze in a Step workout at least. Will have to wait and see what happens though.
  15. Step- 55 minute cardio based class- harder than it looks-1pm! Body Pump- 55 minute strength edurance barbell class-3pm The workout was great but then all hell broke loose or so it seemed at least for me. I though I was getting a ride and doing something after the gym, bcause neither I nor my ride want to listen to football all afternoon, but as usual it was mass confusion so now I am taking the bus .I would take some nice calming yoga breaths but I prefer not to smell everything on the bus!
  16. Wow! I actually won, now that's a miracle in itself. Anyway thank you so much, the prize will help me make the mosty workouts, and it will help my nutitional needs big time. Thanks Robert, and veganessentials!
  17. Before your first 5k you really want to start running outside. I didn't believe it at first when someone told me the same thing, but the terrain is so different, because its outside and not an even straight course like on the treadmill. Once you start running outside though you won't want to go back to the treadmill. Happy Running!
  18. Thursday- Rest day Friday- rest day Saturday- Spin class 45 minutes: After the class I was texting a thank you to the instructor, and he commented that he could see how serious I was working by the expression on my face. I'm surprised he could keep a straight face! I did have a really good workout though, and I think I am finally getting used to the new Spin bikes. It was a very intense workout, but worth every drop of sweat! So this week I have completed a total of 7 different workouts.
  19. This is not an easy question to answer! I like to feel the burn after any exercise, so I like to train all of them. My favorite right now would have to be biceps. I just love to do bicep curls, and they seem to be my strongest muscle group in the arms as of right now. I also love training legs, who doesnt! FYI: I think its funny that people refer to the biceps as your guns.
  20. Wednesday: Spin class 45 minutes, also not the instructor i thought it would be so I didn't get kicked out, lol. I was tired though, and not too motivated but I did at least get in another 45 minute cardio session. Today, and tomorrow I am using for rest days. Will do my best to not eat badly too. Wish my weight would start going down. I'm feeling more toned but the scale hates me! Off to math class!
  21. Today I was a crazy lunatic trying to get to my workout in time. Let me explain. I got to the bus station, and the bus hadn't come by 510pm, my workout started at 530pm, so I decided not to continue waiting for the bus, so I power walked very fast to the gym. About half way there I realized my actions were a little bizarre, since it was only one Step workout, and only 55 minutes long, so if I missed 10 minutes I was only getting a 45 minute cardio workout. But I decided not to listen to that voice that said I was acting crazy, and I got to the gym right after the warm-up was over. So I in fact probably had 2 workouts tonight, power walking in like 15 minutes to the gym, and my 50 minute Step workout. I am sure when I show up for Spin tomorrow the instructor will just shake his head and mention something about recovery. I was planning on tomorrow being a rest day, but I will not be able to get to the YMCA Thursday, or Friday, so I have to go tomorrow. My quads are not happy, and I am sure they will tell me all about it tomorrow!
  22. Your journal is awesome. I am envious of your P90X workouts. I keep hearing about them. I also might be visiting Boston this Summer for an internship, so we'll have to meet up if I do. I love that city, it's my favorite!
  23. I just have to say that for me weight training and the gym are so much fun because I can do it, and do it well. I remember when I first started back when I was 18 I thought finally something I can do! Growing up with two brothers I was never good at any sports, but when it came to lifting weights I could be really good. My second trainer was a stickler for form, and I caught all that in the beginning of my career as a gym rat. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that you feel good and you crave it because you've finally found something active that you like to do. Way to go! I started out with baby weights too, but with confidence in your form and the movements you will go up higher in weights, and reps with time.
  24. Tonight I worked out at an intensity I didn't know I had in me! First I took a 45 minute Spin class, and then I hobbled into a 55 minute cardio strength class. Lets just say I looked quite funny. My legs wouldn't let me jump very high, and I could barely get through the jumping jacks for the warmup in cardio strength. Here I thought the tri club coach was a hard Spin instructor, but my friend can teach one hell of a Spin class even though he's not into Spinning. Back to the workout,the 2nd class was part cardio with jumps, and plyometrics, and the other parts were strength using a barbell, and free weights. I guess due to the lactic acid build up from Spin my legs were not listening to what I wanted to do. I stayed for the entire class though, and tomorrow I am just going to do Step, but not Body Pump. Since I don't have the time to run outside in the morning I want to do as many cardio workouts at the gym as possible, and for me I get pushed that much harder when its a group exercise class. I know the results are happening, I just wish I could see them already!
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