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  1. Walking to gym in an hour and 20 minutes for a 45 minute Spin class, and possibly a cardio strength class, if I survive Spin.
  2. Me too! I also didn't get to my nice relaxing yoga class either, but I did get some extra rest that was much needed!
  3. thendanisays We Miss You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Is the chocolate Vega still your favorite. It seems to be the one that you always show a picture of.
  5. Welcome back, and you have to officially stay now too!
  6. Glad you're having fun again in the gym! That's what I used to tell people when I worked at agym. If you don't find some sort of workout that you really enjoy you won't stick with it. Workouts in my honest opinion have to be enjoyable and fun, or you will keep finding excuses to not do them.
  7. Welcome to the group. I also currently live in Central Florida.
  8. Today I also slept in, but only missed church, not the gym! I ate brunch at Etho's, which was too too much! Ended up getting their biscuits and gravy, and coffee, and my mistake was I also got a cinnamon roll which really didn't settle well in my stomach, not sure why. Maybe I'm not having as much sugar as I thought I was. So after my two buses to the gym I took Step at 1pm. It was awesome, and I always feel better after talking to my friend that instructs the class. Not sure why he just puts things into perspective for me. Then at 3pm we did Body Pump, and I went as heavy as I usually do. My heaviest weight was squats when I used a 45 pound barbell. The heaviest I've ever gone for squats in Body Pump was 55 a few times, so I'm working my way back up to it. Chest and back were 25, and 30lbs. So I feel like I had a decent workout today.
  9. Saturday: I woke up at 620 am and I just could not get up, so I slept in and had the best sl;eep I've had in a month probably, and didn't get up until a little after 9 in the morning. So I didn't get to yoga, but I did get some cardio in by walking to all my bus stops, while carrying a heavy bag too. for breakfast I had a banana milk shake, with soy milk of course, Lunch was at the mall I ate a falalafel platter with hummus, tabouleh, and falafel and flat bread. Then I ruined my diet by eating a vegan chocolate bar when I went to see Sherlock Holmes with some friends. For dinner I had an Amy's Asian stir fry meal, and water. Oh and I also had a cup of organic coffee during the day. I know my diet is terrible.
  10. Friday- Today was another day off from the gym, but tomorrow mornin g I may go to a beginner yoga class to get all stretched out. I am doing my best to not get stressed out about my life but right now I am frazzled to say the least.So for the time being I am just taking it one day at a time, and doing my best I recently found out about an internship through my church in Boston this Summer and I may apply. This would of course set me back getting my degree, but I just can't stop thinking it may be exactly what I need. And if I spend almost 2 months in Boston I should be able to figure out if I really want to move there.
  11. I think its one of those things that continue to change people for the better. I grew up a vegetarian, and it was always for the animals. I became vegan "for good", I think around May 2007, and I have to admit I was at first worried that my energy would decrease, and I wouldn't be able to exercise like I had been. Well obviously that ended up being a total myth, and I excelled in my workouts instead. I don't think the nutritional benefits of being vegan hit me until I joined this website that September. I started learning about plant based nutrition, and different sources of protein besides soy, and then a month later I met Robert at a Veg Fest. That was a blast, especially working out at the gym, and finding a new vegan friend. Since then I continue to learn what I'm capable of as a vegan athlete, and as an influence to others. I cherish all the people I've met through this website that continue to motivate me to eat well and aspire to their levels which I may never reach, but I won't give up. Don't get me wrong, I am still a vegan for the animals, but now I'm also a vegan for me, and the great and healthy benefits this way of eating bring to my life that I can and do share with others.
  12. Today I was quite busy! Worked half a shift, went to math class, then made it back to the Y for a Step/strength workout. I left my lunch in the fridge at work so i didn't eat all day either. The workout wasn't too hard but I had no energy and was famished so it still seemed like an intense workout. I also rode the bus for about 4.5 hours today, so I'm beat.
  13. Wednesday- Today was a rest day, after 6 days of not missing the gym. Tomorrow I have a math class after half a day at work, then I am hitting the gym, not quite sure what I'm doing, but at least now that its in this blog I have to commit!
  14. Here is my post with yesterdays workout. I want to get credit for posting about different workouts, so tha'ts why they aren't in the same post. Tuesday- Step workout 55 minutes long- 530-630pm The day did not end the way I wanted, and I was not a happy camper! Here's what happened. I thought I had a ride home from the gym, but that fell through, so in order to get back to the house at a decent hour I had to skip my Body Pump class. So I leave the gym right after Step, and get my first bus to the Downtown station which is only about 2 miles away. I had about a 45 minute wait, not too bad, but the bus never came. The bus had broken down and for whatever reason there was no replacement coming to get us. So besides finding out that I could have stayed for both workouts after all, I got to wait at the crummy bus station at night for almost nearly 2 hours. Then I got back at 10 minutes to 10pm. But I did get in one workout at least, and my first math class of the semester wasn't as bad as I thought. Those were the only ups of the day.
  15. No luck on the apartment hunt, and no time to spare either! Monday I went to a 45 minute Spin class, led by the insane head coach of the Central Florida Triathlete Club which supposedly is the most structured Tri club in the Nation. When you get a workout from Hector you will understand why I completely agree with what he says. He is very disciplined when it comes to exercise, and expects the same from each athlete, or average person dumn enough to take his spin class and think they can get away with not putting every last ounce of themselves into the workout. So it is understandable that after 45 minutes of his Spin class I felt like throwing up, but no I didn't. My shirt was completely soaked through, and I looked like I'd been working out for hours.
  16. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but here's my workout for Sunday! 1pm: Step class 55 minutes 3pm: new Body Pump release with three very enthusiastic instructors leading the class The class was packed about 40 people, but I was still able to have my usual extra weights. Not too sore today, but I'm kind of dreading how I'll feel tomorrow! Yesterday I had a banana smoothie in the morning, then before my workout I had an apple, and in-between workouts I had a fruit bar by Barbara's. Then ended up at the mall, and ate at the food court, an indian place called Spice, had chana masala, which is basically chick peas, and rice in a small amount of tomato sauce. later on I had a bowl of peanut butter cereal by Barbara's and soy milk.
  17. A vegan burger by Gardein with green beans and brown rice with Braggs.
  18. Thanks, at least I'm becoming consistent again. At least this week anyway!
  19. Don't even get me started about this morning! I thought someone was going to drop me off at the gym, so I didn't take the bus, but then they offered to drop me off part way, Really? By then I couldn't make it to yoga, so much for relaxing/destressing. But I persevered, and still went to the Y. My workout consisted of 45 minutes of cardio on a precor machine, which said I burned 332 calories. Not very good, but at least I did something. Now I am at Drunken Monkey, on my laptop, and trying to be good and not buy any vegan brownies. So far I've had a small vegan breakfast burrito, organic coffee, and a vegan mixed berry muffin. Tomorrow is a new Body Pump release so that's why I didn't do any weights today. Now I have to continue my search for a place to rent downtown, or else I can go crazy and stay where I am.
  20. Welcome, this is an awesome place for vegan athletes!
  21. Today I power walked around the Downtown area for about 4 miles while I searched for apartments for rent. Then I did a quick chest workout which looked like this. 3 sets chest press 15lb db- 15 reps each 3 sets chest flys 10 lb db 15-reps each 3 sets incline chest press- 10lb db- 15 reps each set 15 pushups on knees 30 pushups using stability ball stretch
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