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  1. Wow, your journal is super consistent, and so are your workouts!
  2. How about we hold each other accountable. I keep letting my busy schedule get the best of me too! And so then I don't get to the gym either. In the end their all just excuses, but good ones unfortunately. But when your passionate about aomething you find a way to make it work, excuses and all! Happy lifting!
  3. Didn't have any time to update yesterday. I could lie and say I got to the gym, but I wont! LOL. I wanted to but my schedule got all messed up, but I did mange to walk outside for close to 2-2.5 miles, so I wasn't completely sedentary. I also forgot part of my lunch, and didn't want to fall over from hunger at the gym. Today I am taking a 45 minute Spin class at 430pm. Not sure how the instructor will be, but at least its 45 minutes of burning calories. I so did not feel like going to the gym, but I did! I took a 45 minute Spin class, and then I started my bus trip back to where I'm currently living. Tomorrow I get off early, and I am walking, with possible intervals of running around Downtown and my goal isn't miles, or speed its to find an apartment, so my life will once again belong to me and not the bus schedules.
  4. On my way to the gym, by foot. Haven't eaten a whole lot today so hopefully I will have a lot of energy anyway. Taking two classes probably, more details later. Here's what I did tonight. My first workout of 2012! YEAH!!!! walked about a mile to the gym Step (55 minute group exercise class) some people may think this is a workout for sissies, but if you get the right instructor it can and will be a kickbutt workout! It was full of cardio and lots of endurance type movements like plyometric squats, and jumping jacks, and lunges. Immediately after that class I stayed for Body Pump, along with the same instructor.I don't go as heavy when the classes have no break between them. One class is hard enough but two is near impossible. For those that don't know BP always has the same arrangement. Each track is focused on one major body part. Here's what I did. Each track is usually 4-6 minutes long, and sometimes no breaks. Warmup- light barbell mine was 20lbs- deadlifts, dead rows, upright rows, shoulder presses, squats, lunges, bent over rows, bicep curls Squats- 35lb barbell chest- 30lb bb back- 30lb bb dead lifts, dead rows, clean and presses, triceps- used 10lb plate in lap for dips off bench, then used weight for tricep extensions, 20 lb bb for skull crushers, and tricep press biceps- 20lb bb lunges, and more squats in this lunge track 20lb bb shoulders-I hate shoulders! 20 lb bb, but started on one knee with different types of lateral raises, then grabbed bar and hammered out a bunch of overhead presses that my body does not like to do. Then hit the floor for push ups. abdominals- lots of ab curls, bicycle crunches, etc oh and planks which my right shoulder is not letting me do very well. My abs hurt! stretching- the best part of the workout!
  5. Step 1 completed! Sent an email asking for more info. I know there's a website, but I need to know payment due date information, and how the referral discount works. Not sure how I will pay but at least it's a start.
  6. Today I went grocery shopping, and I didn't buy any treats! I also found out that the week I am on Spring break is also the week of the Vegan Cruise. I don't know where I will get the money, but I am planning on being on that cruise, and being in much better shape than I am right now. So I am going all out, and tomorrow when I return to the gym, I will be going full force. I still don't have my own place, but I have to start eating better, so I bought fruit, soy milk, soy yogurt, hummus, carrots, black bean soup, oatmeal, and stuff for vegan meals with plant protein like the Gardein veggie burgers, vegan chili, vegan cheese, etc, but no dessert items!
  7. If I call up and mention I know you will I get a discount?
  8. How did you know that this week would be my Spring break! Now I may just have to come up with the money, and come, since I won't have anything to do. YEAH!!!!
  9. Tomorrow I return to Florida, and eating good! I ate terribly during the holidays, and I'm not making excuses, but I am ready to get back on track! Its funny that when you eat better you don't realize how eating badly for too long makes you feel awful. Anyway I have a lot of things to do in Orlando, including finding my own place, so I can have my own kitchen. For me that is half my problem, not having my own kitchen so I can make smoothies, live on Vega, and actually attempt cooking. I am looking forward to this year. I am looking forward to accomplishing a lot at the gym, and having my body yield the results.
  10. Stayed awake until 1 am, and got to celebrate the New year twice! Let me explain. My 2 nieces wanted to ring in the New Year, but they were getting tired around 915pm, so at 930 we brought out the noise makers, masks, and blowers, and we all had a party. Then my nieces went to bed, and at midnight the adults clinked glasses with non alcoholic cider and watched the ball drop in Times Square, via the tv.
  11. Very inspired by your comeback. Cant wait to read about your progression at the gym, and bodybuilding. Maybe I should start a new journal too.
  12. This will help me to once again become consistent with my training journal. I had a lot going on in 2011, but its time to refocus on my efforts at the gym, and in the kitchen.
  13. Welcome, I live in Orlando, and visit the Tampa/St. Petersburg area sometimes. I love Central Organics on Central, in St. Pete, and the vegan hotdog stand.
  14. Right now for some reason for the first time since I became vegan I really need motivation. Going on this cruise seems like it would do the trick. I will be taking 2 online courses for school, so it might be possible to swing a week away from the campus. I will at least look into it a bit more before I make a decision.
  15. in 6.5 hours it will be the New Year on the East Coast of the US. Don't know if I'll be awake though!
  16. Not sure if it counts for a workout but I ran around outside after my nieces today, and walked around our block while they road their bikes. After ten days my mom found the Amy's vegan pot pies at an Acme grocery store. I was starting to think it was a figment of her imagination that any grocery store in Wilmington actually carried them. I also found an apartment listing in the Downtown Orlando area. The reason I'm listing this in my blog is that if I get my own place I will have my own kitchen! Yeah, smoothies here I come! Right now the place I'm staying at is far from ideal. I leave around 730am, and don't get back for a solid 12 hours, 4 hours being the commute via the bus.
  17. Welcome to the group! This is an amazing place, I joined in 2007, and have met most of my long time vegan and fit friends through this website. Every time I log in I learn something that I didn't know before.
  18. The best thing about this week is that I am sick of eating junk food, because its the only vegan option I have, and I can't wait to get back to Orlando, and back to eating better. And the gym!
  19. I think its great! As a vegan who tries to lead a healthy and active life, I tend to think I know quite a lot, but there's always a nugget that I can take away. Reading the articles, seeing the profiles, and all the other information that's been shared sometimes just helps a person going through a rough patch in their vegan, or athletic life, and sometimes both.
  20. Would love too, but not sure I can because of school. Will have to see when my Spring vacation is!
  21. Visiting family in the suburbs of Wilmington and not having transportation isn't getting me to the gym as much as I'd like. I did get there yesterday though with my mom, and we tried out a Zumba class that my mom was very glad she could do without too much effort. Then we toured the YMCA, and I found out my membership was expired at the one that I go to in Orlando Anyway I think I will check another health club in this area and see what they have to offer, compared to the YMCA. There's always Planet Fitness, but since my mom enjoys classes that's not really an option.
  22. Congrats! There's no going back now. I don't remember the exact date I made the choice to be vegan, but it was maybe 6 or 7 years ago, possibly around May. A few months before I joined this awesome place I believe.
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