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  1. Welcome to the group.
  2. I definitely need it after today, too much junk, and no workout makes me "not a happy camper"! Might get someone to drop me off at the nearest YMCA tomorrow so I can go as an out of state guest.
  3. Yesterday I was in New York for the day with my mom and aunt. We walked a lot, but that was the extent of my exercise for the day. But thanks to my android I was able to check out veganbodybuilding, and still participate and learn from the 12 days of veganbodybuilding event. New York is full of vegan goodness, and it was overwhelming trying to figure out where to go. For lunch we ended up at Otarian Cafe, near Central Park, because we had walked from the Port Authority area, through the theater district, and Times Square, so we were famished and also needed to find a restroom, which are few in Manhattan, Then for dinner after our 4 hour tour we stopped at Maoz, a middle eastern restaurant in the theater district and got a falafel wrap. I can't lie I also got their vegan rice pudding, it was so so.
  4. And where would we meet? Maybe we should have an Eastern vegan vacation since the last couple were out West, just a thought. I'm up for anywhere though,as long as its not camping. I don't like to rough it!
  5. Drink water, keep hydrated!!!!! This happened to me once, and it was scary.
  6. Just wanted to say this is awesome! I had to kind of force myself to register for it, but I am so glad I am participating especially since I am not around my usual vegan surroundings. This will keep me on track and motivated for sure! Thanks RC!
  7. I became a vegan first and foremost for the animals, and because I didn't want to support the factory farm industry anymore. Since becoming a member on this forum I have learned to appreciate the health benefits of living a vegan life, and have also learned a lot about the environmental footprint of certain foods, and how a vegan diet causes much less impact on the environment than eating meat, and dairy products.
  8. I know I discovered this a few years ago, and told a vegan friend of mine and now she's mad at me, lol.
  9. Maybe after I lose 10 pounds, which will hopefully be soon.
  10. I am too! Completed the exercises, and I think this may just get me through the holiday, and keep me on track.
  11. I found the 12 days section, and the training, and nutrition which will be difficult but I will figure it out since I'm home for the holiday, with limited access to getting around. Ran a bit with my niece outside not as much as I need to but it was probably around 5 minutes or so. Now I have to find a quiet place that I can do some lunges, jumping jacks, bicycle crunches etc. Completed the exercise portion for day one, and I am more tired than I thought I would be. Of course I don't usually do ten sets when I exercise. Now comes the hard part finding something relatively healthy and vegan in this area. Went to Trader Joe's this morning, and my mom is now in agreement that they don't really cater to vegans, with them its all about organics. With no Whole Foods nearby just being vegan is a challenge, but when you add eating relatively healthy its near impossible, especially since I don't like the kitchen.
  12. Well the last date I posted should be scary enough to get me back into action. As usual it takes a friend to knock a little sense into me. I am very excited about Robert's 12 days of veganbodybuilding, so I had no choice but to join. I don't want to embarrass myself so I'm going to put a lot of effort into it. This could be a bit tough as I'm visiting my family for the next 2 weeks in Delaware, and it's not exactly a vegan friendly place, but I will make it work somehow. Also don't have regular gym access, but I hope I can do most things at the house. So wish me luck, and maybe its the kick in the butt that I need!
  13. Hey everyone! I have not visited this forum, for almost 6 months I believe, except maybe once. A lot has been going on in my life I guess that's why. You can also blame Facebook, but here I am again, and I'll try to visit more often. Right now I need the motivation of other vegan athletes. Thanks, Hayley
  14. But Bob Harper isn't and he's much nicer to look at than Jillian.
  15. Born in Long Beach, CA- moved when I was 3 grew up in Wilmington, DE currently live in Orlando FL going on ten years cruise ships to Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St. John, Belize, visited: Portland, Oregon, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, next place I would like to live- Boston, MA would also love to travel overseas to Europe
  16. Last week I took a yoga class, instead of Zumba, I could actually feel my muscles lengthening. Still taking 2 Body Pump classes, and 2 Step classes every week, and hope to get back to running soon. I just don't think it wise to run in the heat that we've been having this Summer, and no way am I going to wake up at 5am to run. There are only three weeks left of the Summer term, then I have almost all a month off before the Fall term starts. I was supposed to be helping my family move at the beginning of August, but it may be more like mid September, before everything is wrapped up here for them. In mid August I will be in DC for a business conference.
  17. Better late than than never, Welcome! I also live in Florida.
  18. Well I guess its true, college takes up al my time, and I'm only going part time right now over the Summer. Besides that I work a little doing office type stuff for my church, but that is about to end, because I won't be able to do it in the Fall. I also get to the gym as much as I can, which is not enough. I have not run at all since the Summer began. The reason why it is way too hot, and I dont want to be a syupid runner running in unsafe conditions. Central Florid is finally cooling off a little bit with some much needed rain. Last week before the rain it was 101, and 103 degrees and the heat index was much higher. So that is why I am not running. Still doing Step, Body Pump, spinning, and Zumba classes, and get to the free weight room occasionally.
  19. Been a very busy three weeks since my last post. Last week I started at a community college, so my workouts haven't been as consistent as I'd like. Did tons of walking at Magic Kingdom with my 2 nieces, mom, brother, and his fiance. Tuesday was my first day of school, math, yuck! Lots of walking because I did not feel like being in my brothers car, so I opted to walk everywhere. Thursday I had a fairly decent workout at the gym, which included a run and weights. Then I had another math class, and lots more homework! Friday I took an early class at 830am, and stopped at Star Bucks for a coffee with soy milk, and some of their oatmeal. Walked around a mall with a friend Saturday- Lots more walking, had to help at an estate sale Sunday- Step class- I needed it, but not the fall which was included! Monday-finished homework!
  20. How many weeks will it be showing in Boston? I will be there in early June and would love the opportunity to see it.
  21. I am planning on being in Washington DC this coming August for a business convention. More details later.
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