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  1. Opted out of Spin, but had a back breaking, well not quite, workout yesterday. The usual 2 classes that I take back to back, which of course made me sweat all over the place. Sore today, especially biceps, and inner thighs?
  2. Had a very nice Easter today. I actually wore a dress! And the size was extra small, so that just about made my Easter. Tomorrow back to my spin class which I love to hate, or maybe its hate to love!
  3. I will be in Boston in June for a few days, and I will be mostly in the Back Bay area. Are there any vegan or vegan friendly options around there?
  4. I am getting back into the groove as far as the gym goes. Last week got there a few times after my return flight, great workout Tuesday night, and then I think I got there one other day. Starting Sunday I got there a lot more. Sunday- Step Monday- Spin class 45 minutes Tuesday- Step, and Body Pump Wednesday and Thursday rest days, and was real busy with work stuff and meetings Friday- ran and did weights 3 sets 8 reps leg press- 180 lbs one arm bent over rows- 15 lb db bench press- 20lb db tricep skull crushers- 10lb, then switched to 12lb lateral raises- 10lb db, was too easy a lot of various crunches with pilates ball
  5. Sunday April 3- Step, Body Pump Monday- rest day- lots of work Tuesday- Step, and Body Pump Wednesday- rest day- got ready for trip Thursday-started day at 3am Eastern time, was awake until midnight pacific time. Walked a few miles Friday- more walking, met up with Giacomo, and Dani in Portland Saturday- walking/dancing Sunday-walking- left Portland at 1150pm. Monday arrived at 11am eastern time- very sleep deprived Tuesday- I am very much looking forward to my time at the gym tonight, I miss it!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Had a very brief visit over lunch at "Hungry Tiger", with Giacomo and Dani. I also visited, Sweetpea Vegan Bakery, Herbivore, and Food Fight Grocery. Very cool vegan atmosphere at each place of course! Did not have time for gym, oh well I was on vacation!
  7. Well the hotel is booked, and it didn't even cost 60 bucks, and has a free shuttle from the airport!
  8. Today I took a basic yoga class. Its a good thing it was basic!!! I really felt lengthening in my quads, and I think for stretching purposes only I will take this class now instead of Zumba. I believe it will help benefit the rest of my workouts during the week, including the running. After yoga my mom and I walked to a nearby Lake where they were having a yearly event called Fiesta in the Park. Then we waked back to the car at the gym.
  9. Friday I had a decent workout. Ran about 3 miles, and then trained chest and triceps, 3 sets 8 reps: Bench press-20lbs tricep extensions (skull crushers)-30lb bb Pec flys- 10lb db tricep press- 30lb bb incline press- 20lb db assisted dip machine- I think it was 75 assisted decline press- 15lb db 3 sets of 10 because it was a bit too light tricep push down- 25lbs a few hanging leg raises for abs
  10. No workout this morning because of the bad weather, let me explain. I was going to run, but I didn't want to dodge the lightning bolts, and even if I'd done cardio inside the gym, I still would have had to walk to work. So I just got dropped off at work early, and am drinking coffee, ate 2 bananas, and a raspberry bar.
  11. Hey Deiman, thanks for visiting my blog! My shoulders suck, so I usually do them last. I know if I did them before biceps/triceps I might do better because they wouldn't be as tired, but it never seems to make a difference.
  12. This is the plan!!!! I am almost ready, just have to book a hotel, probably near the airport, because of the free shuttle. Then I will catch a bus after catching up on sleep, grab some breakfast at Sweetpea, and either walk or take a bus to Loprinzis gym. After that if I meet up with anyone at the gym or not, I will probably grab some lunch, possibly at Red and Black cafe, and then catch another bus to where i am staying with my group. Thank goodness I am planning on traveling with just one bag.
  13. Sunday- did not workout because I had an opportunity to earn money, so I can eat! Monday- Run-am (spin at 430 in the afternoon, depends on my schedule) Tuesday- Step, and Body Pump- the usual! Wednesday- (rest day) but did go to the gym to use their shower, and have some coffee. The rest of my week will look like this, I finally have my act together, and my gym schedule. Thursday- Run, and weights Friday- rest day Saturday- run and weights- if I do BP on Sunday I will skip weights Sunday- Step and Body Pump Does this sound like enough?
  14. I have twitter, but don't get it, and don't live an exciting life, so you don't have to follow me!
  15. maybe we should start a where did your alias come from thread? Mine is pretty basic, first 2 letters are initials, and Orlando is where I live.
  16. Finally had contact with people! Yeah! Can't wait, wish I could afford to stay longer! Maybe next time. There will be a next time. 12 days until I am on my adventure! Let the count down begin.
  17. Started my day at around 9:20 am when I finally woke up. Then had coffee with soy milk, a banana, and an oatmeal raisin clif bar. YUM! Had planned on an early workout, but I found out about a veg meetup at 4 so I went out later than I thought. Ran from gym probably about 4 miles. This is the furthest I've run in a LONG time! Got back to gym, drank water, ate a banana, and started weights. 3sets, 10 reps. Leg press- 90 lbs very light, but went very deep pulldown 60lbs, 55, 55 bench press-20 lb db standing bicep curls 10lb db tricep skull crushers- 10 lb db seated should press- 10 lb db 100 various ab crunches- 90 of them were with a 4 lb medicine ball walked to grocery store, then walked to Raphsodic Vegan Bakery, for their new Soul Food Saturday menu options, and to hang out with people from meet up. Left at 545 and after waiting nearly 45 minutes for a bus, a friend happened to drive by. YEAH!!!
  18. Today was a rest day, but I walked a BUNCH! I would say at least 3-4 miles, perhaps more. Tomorrow I sleep in, catch a bus downtown, workout, and then catch another bus home. But there is a vegan meet up at 4pm at Raphsodic Vegan Bakery so I might hang DT all day.
  19. Earlier this month I went by myself for 2 days. The vegan hot dog cart haed chicken cheese steaks, yum,yum,yumy!!!!! Central Cafe Organics continues to rock with their salds full of sprouts, and their awesome wraps. The ingredients are so fresh, and their raspberry vinagriete dressing is the bomb. I am on my way in 2 weeks for one day in St. Pete, then I fly from Tampa to Portland, YEAH!
  20. Have tried to contact people via Facebook, no reply, Know lots of busy vegans, what else can I say. Anyway I will probably hit up Loprinzis Gym in Portland, because it only costs ten bucks, and from what I can tell about the Portland maps it isn't too far out of my way, already mapped it by bus. Besides that might stop by Sweetpea Bakery in the morning for breakfast. Not much time for anything else.
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