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  1. Managed to squeeze in 2 quick chest shoulder and back bicep sessions this week . The strength has kinda dropped with a lousy workout and diet but its okay .
  2. Gym session after a while today . SQUATS 10xBar 10x40kgs 5x60kgs 8x80kgs 5x80kgs 3x90kgs BENCH PRESS 10x37kgs 3x5x57kgs OVERHEAD PRESS 3x5x37kgs TRICEP PUSHDOWN 3x10x28kgs Felt okay hoping to get some more sessions done till I get back with all guns blazing
  3. Awesome Ross I'm sure you'll be all beefed up within a few months if you eat enough . For me carbs really do the trick . All the best . What I did with strong lifts was to add 2x10 of an accessory for higher reps . Like Bent over rear lateral raise , some dbell flyes , light arm work and so on maybe u can try that as well .
  4. Amazing food and training . I am sure muscles gonna come real soon .
  5. Honestly bro I would love to but the scene here in India is not that good . There are very few inter city competitions . Strength Training is still not given due weightage . But maybe someday if I get a chance I'd love too . Seems like u looking inclined for it ?
  6. Wassup everyone ? Work has been keeping me really busy last few days but I am still managing to hit the weights once every 4-5 days just to keep some strength levels . diet has been crappy not really planned anymore just going with 3-4 normal home cooked meals . Aim is to maintain 80-85% strength and drop a few kgs till August and then re build from there . Cheers
  7. 6th July Legs-Shoulders Squats 5x50kgs 5x70kgs 5x90kg 3x100kgs LEg CUrl MAchine 3x10 Leg Extension MAchine 3x10x4/5/6 Plates Smith SHoulder Press 3x8x40kgs Dbell Side Lateral 2x10x5kg Dbell 1x7x6kg Dbells Dbell Shrugs 3x8x30kg Dbells
  8. 2nd July Back-Bicep LAt PullDown Machine 1x15x 4 Plates 1x12x 5 Plates 1x12x 6 Plates 1x10x 6 Plates Seated Cable Rows 2x10x5 Plates 1x6x6Plates Barbell Rows 10x45kgs 2x8x48kgs One Arm Dbell Row 3x10x20kg Dbell Barbell Curls 1x10x25kgs 2x8x30kgs Dbell Hammer Curls 3x10x7.5kg Dbell Reverse Grip curls 10x15kgs 8x20kgs * What do you guys say ? Too much volume or alright ?
  9. Alright then next 8 weeks i am planning to loose some weight . I will cut down on Calories and have already started some morning walks and occasional sprints . There will be a lot of movement with flying so lot of hotel gym for workouts . For the same reason i am getting off Strong-lifts as i wont have all the equipment every time . So i will do a more focused split with the aim of maintaining my maxes and get some definition . 1st July Chest-Triceps ( With some Heavy Squats , saw the empty Bar and couldn't refrain myself ) Squats 10xBar , 10x40kgs , 10x60kgs , 5x80kgs 5x100kgs 3x105kgs ( PB ) BENCH PRESS 10XBAR , 10X37kgs , 6x47kgs 6x57kgs 2x5x67kgs Incline Bench 8x47kgs 2x6x57kgs ( Needed a lot of assistance , not yet the weight to hit it seems ) Incline Flyes 2x10x10kg Dbell PullOver 2x10x18kg Dbell Tricep Rope PushDown 3x10,9,8x5 Plates Dbell Overhead extension 15kg Dbells
  10. Thats a strong Bench Press bro . Keep at it i am sure you'l be back in no time . Cheers
  11. I would just summarize how my 2 months Stronglifts Round 2 went . I started on 29th April - 30th June . The gains are not a lot considering i almost achieved 80-90% of it earlier when i ran the cycle its just that due to the gap i had to start again from middle . Squat - 55kgs ( 3 x5 ) >>> 105kgs ( 1x3) 100kgs (2x5) 97.5kgs ( 3x5 ) Bench - 27kgs (5x5) >>> 67kgs (2x5) 64.5kgs (3x5) Barbell Rows - 35kgs (5x5) >>>55 kgs ( 3x5 ) * Didnt realy put a lot of effort in these Over Head Press - 30kgs (5x5) >>> 50kgs (3x5) Deadlift - did not do a lot of these max i hit was 97kgsx5 This was my second time on the routin intial being Nov-Dec-Jan . Lifts were easier this time therefore i could progress more , specially squats . It did not follow the program word to word for example just doing 3x5 instead of 5x5 and adding some extra exercises but it did not really hamper the strength apart from a one or two bad day . Supplements - Protein ( 1 scoop everyday post workout , morning on non workout days ) Creatine ( Along with protein ) Diet - I hit around 2500cal approx +/- 200cal everyday with around 100-130gms protein 70% of the time. Being a typical Indian diet it was more carb dominant which helped me gain around 3-4kgs weight in this period and some belly fat *This info is just for anyone who is going through my thread and is thinking of doing this program . Its a good one but just don't go overboard with surplus calories and too much carbs , they dint help in my case leaving me in the end with lot of belly fat to take care of .
  12. Anyone got any meal ideas of around 1500 Cal with just enough protein to keep me from loosing muscle
  13. Hello guys just implemented some of your tips and this how my diet looked today : Breakfast Spinach, raw 2 cups Roasted poha chivda ( Made of rice fried with some potatoes and peanuts , indian breakfast ) Cottage Cheese 50gms Snack Soy Milk - 4ooml Protein Powder - 1 Scoop Lunch Lentil Curry - 1 Bowl Indian Flat Bread ( Roti ) - 2 Evening Snack 1 Banana Dinner Brown Bread 2 Toasts Paneer ( http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-paneer-cheese-i290496 ) 60-70 gms Post Dinner 1 Apple 300 ml Milk with Half Scoop Protein Is this okay if i am looking to drop 5-6 kgs fat in a month or shall i reduce further . I am also taking Creatine which i will stop from 1st July so i am hoping i will loose 1-2kgs of water weight as well .
  14. 27th June Back & Traps Barbell Rows 1x10x37kgs 3x8x47kgs One Arm Dbell Rows 3x10x20kgs Dbell Lat PullDown 3x10x6plates ( 45kgs ) DEADLIFTS ( I wasn't planning on doing them but by the end of the workout i saw the gym was empty so went for it ) 1x7x57kgs 1x7x77kgs 1x5x87kgs Barbell Shrugs 3x10x70 kgs I am enjoying this Isolation stuff .
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