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  1. Hey everyone, I recently switched to a vegetarian diet and am geting off of whey so I have just been doing some personal research to see the differences in types of protein with what they offer, price, concentration of protein, etc. and found my way to this site. Right now I've been taking Vega Sport Performance Protein, but just discovered the Trueprotein.com/Truenutrition.com 70/30 pea/rice blends that people here seem to use after reading through some threads. I'm just wondering, with the awesome concentration of grams protein you can get for that price with True Protein blend, are there any benefits of Vega Sport to make up for the huge difference in cost? I guess the main things im looking to differentiate are the taste and the value of other additives in Vega Sport compared to the straight 70/30 mix in True Protein. Also (this may be somewhat subjective) but aside from adding a sweetener and a flavor to the True Protein blend, if there are other ingredients of value compared to Vega or just in general, is there anything else that needs/should be added in the carbs/fibers/fats category or are those dependent on your diet? thanks a ton
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