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  1. Its my first time going to make a smoothie. Does anybody have any good smoothie recommendations they can give me or combos. I have salads now but onions, lettuce, dressing, cucumber and that's it. I want to expand. Anybody got any good recipes.
  2. The ones I am taking now. I realized are not even vegetarian. So I need some cheap and good vegan vitamins. What does everyone take?
  3. I am new here and want to be a body builder.I was working out for a while but my agoraphobia got really bad. And I did not go out of the house for a while. But since its better I want to start working out again. I really enjoyed working out. I felt good about myself. I am a vegan. But for a while I have felt dizzy and weak. I feel like this forum will help me with my goals. To make sure I'm a healthy vegan and to get support. I got a blood test to see what I'm missing in my diet. Also I see that there is a recipes section. I'm going to be looking for good recipes for my mom. So she will eat something besides pizza every night. If you have any suggestions please post them. I hope I can make some good friends on here.
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