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  1. Discharge is where it is at, 'Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing' on repeat all week at the gym. Primitive riffs, brutal energy and those drums! - It's been a Discharge week!


    Another favourite for workouts is 'Primitive' by Boston Stangler, again simple ideas executed well, great driving beats to get you pumped.


    if you were gonna do a 9 minute workout then maybe my bands first ep might help:


    www.xsaxonx.bandcamp.com (shameless self promotion)

  2. hi everyone, sorry to keep clogging this board up with new posts, but I figured it would be better create one comprehensive post than add stuff on to my other posts.


    Basically I want your advice on where I should go from where I am to get where i want to be.


    I'm 30 years old


    about 65k / 10 st (this hasn't changed at all over the last 3 months since I have started working out)


    In, I believe, generally good state of health.

    Never played any athletic sports

    used to do manual labor but now work as a school teacher

    cycle to work everyday (around 3.7 miles each way)


    Veggie since 19, Vegan 3 years as of tomorrow

    don't drink, take drugs etc


    I'd prepared a 'before' pic but I'm a bit too self conscious to post it. basically as you can figure from those stats I'm very lean but have fat sitting around my gut and before i started working out I would say that I had never seen real definition in my muscles, even when I was humping chicken shit around for a living.



    at the moment I'm doing:


    the 5x5 with a friend, training 2 days a week, we recently switched the deadlift for 5x5 assisted pull ups as my mate was worried about his knee. We also do 30 mins hard cardio after the 5x5 workout.


    just started 2 extra days of weights, sometimes one of these is with my partner so we move our routie forward one session, sometimes I'm on my own as he is busy (this is one of my main issues)


    1 session of hard cardio (ran 7k for the first time yesterday, 48 mins)


    Diet tries to follow:


    breakfast - large bowl of 50% oats, 50% mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds (basically a home made muesli) + unsweetened soy milk + piece of fruit + 2 spoons hemp protein


    lunch - either some kind of salad with a protein item 9culd include sprouted beans, hummus, beans, nuts, tofu, etc) or rye bread with hummus or peanut butter


    dinner - some kind of carb plus veg and protein item, cooked (this can sometimes be part of lunch the next day etc)


    snack - 4 pieces of fruit through the day.


    drinks - coffee with soy milk (sometimes 4 cups per day), water (usually 2 liters when i work out plus I aim for another 2 through the day , fruit juice.



    However I really crave chips (fries) and crisps (chips) and often find myself eating them when I'm stressed, forgotten my lunch, etc



    So my big questions are:


    I want to get muscular but not big, lean and mean, is 5x5 the one for me?

    What could I do the other 2 days which will compliment the 5x5 exercises and allow me to stay in sync with my training partner?

    Which exercises can i focus on to work on my abs?


    Is my diet in general correct for what i want to achieve?

    Should I drop the rice/pasta element of the dinner ( I've been taking quinoa last few weeks but don't wanna eat only that everyday!)

    should I be eating 4 meals?

    Should I be taking some kind of protein smoothie after working out?



    my biggest concern is sorting the routines so they are fixed and I can record my progress, my life is pretty hectic but I reckon if the fixed 'program' is there then it should be easier to make sure i dont fall behind/look for an easy way out, and fall short of my goals.



    lemmie know what you all think!

  3. I'm sure there will be a post on here about this but....


    The only part of my body that has excess weight is my stomach, its not even that i have a gut its just that the rest of my body is lean and really starting to take shape through following the 5x5 program with together with cardio and working out 2/3 times a week over the last 3 months. My stomach on the other hand just seems to stay the same, and I feel like I need to be adding some kind of 'stomach smashing' elements to my workouts. Here's what Ive started this week.


    3x15 on the 'captains chair' with each work out


    3 x 15 sets each direction on the twisty machine (fuck knows what its called the one that twists your your stomach that you kneel in!)


    also switched deadlift for pull ups on my 5x5's



    what else could I be doing? I dont have the stomach strength to do unaided sit ups at home, but should I be doing jacknifes and the plank like 3 sets twice a day or what, any tips from folk that have achieved their washboard goals?



  4. any hardcore fans?


    current bands I'm loving


    Boston Strangler


    Sick Fix


    Lotus Fucker




    Coke Bust


    No Tolerance


    Satanic Threat


    Wolf Brigade


    and of course some classics like


    Oi Polloi


    Cock Sparrer


    No Comment


    Fuck On The Beach


    What Happens Next?


    Active Minds




    me and my training bud were jokin about making a video at the gym that explains the exercises 'necessary' in order to complete the various 'classic' hardcore dances, good idea?

  5. I'm slightly taller and heavier than you mate, started the 5x5 program 3 weeks ago, seeing big gains already. simple program with only 6 excersises to learn split over 2 days, just google 5x5 or have a sniff around this forum, sure someone will have mentioned it.


    my biggest help however has been getting a buddy to train with me, helps with keeping your form good and spotting when your pushing yourself on the bench so you dont drop the bar on your face

  6. no log but need one, gains every session


    typical eating would be


    breakfast: homemade muesli (oats, nuts, seeds) plus hemp protein and a piece of fruit


    lunch: left overs (half size dinner portion)


    dinner: mix of carbs and protien stuff plus veggies, usually a big portion


    snacks - fruit, occasional biscuit


    buddy from work has suggested splitting dinner into two smaller sessions and taking nuts as a snack also.


    I weigh about 10 stone, skinny but with a little bit of a gut, which is shrinking fast because of weights and cardio.

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