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  1. cheers I've started following the 5x5 programme with a mate, and eat pretty clean cut anyway. would you recommend cutting down carbs and upping protein?
  2. hi folks my names Roddy, I'm 30, weighed myself in at 165kg today, but I know a good bit of that is my expanding gut. I just turned 30 2 days ago, so his is my 'now is the time' getting into working out thing, I wanna go the distance but dont know how best to approach anything! I've joined my local gym, went there today and did 45 minutes on different machines pushing myself as hard as I could and 30 mins on the running machine. I also cycle 45 minutes 5 days a week. My main aim is to lose my gut and develop all my muscles, not get massive. what should I do? I'm thinking 3 days a week in the gym I can manage doing muscles and cardio, is that too much? should I do more? also what about food recommendations? my diet has been pretty all over the place because of my lifestyle (I'm a highschool teacher). What should I be aiming for as my staples, and what are the absolute no no's? ok 1 million questions, but I'm sure someone on here knows the answers. I wanna work hard and see results so please lemmie hear the advice
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