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  1. I've got a room for rent in my in non-luxurious 3 floor, 3 bedroom condo/townhouse. Share, kitchen, living room and rec room, laundry room and 1 and ½ bath. The bedroom is not furnished, the rest of the home is (if you’d like to add to it, you would be more than welcome). Close to city bus and Go train bus stops. Available Nov 1st. Rent would be $450 a month, includes: heat, hydro, wireless internet. Parking is possible. Super close to bike trails, indoor soccor, hockey arena, and shopping. 2 Gyms about 5-10 min. drive Vegan or vegetarian only. PM me if you'd like more details
  2. Haha, “The own who isn't smiling is the one I dated. Maybe she didn't like all the other people around me so much” that’s too funny bro! Great pic!
  3. No reason to be offended by the pics, I’m sure I’m not the only vegan on the site more than willing to show provocative tofu making pics Funny what you’re up to, when you have a few days off!!
  4. Hi Robert, Maybe you could pass this question on to Brendan for me? Or perhaps answer it yourself? Is fortified soy and/or rice milk Alkaline? Or due to the fact its fortified make in non Alkaline? Thanks!
  5. Found this site today while researching raw food, looks like a cool community. http://eat.rawfood.com Is anyone else a member? If so feel free to add me, I have no friends http://eat.rawfood.com/rawfood/sport/
  6. Grew up a Canadians fan but after moving to Toronto started to cheer for the Leafs if you can believe that. Its contagious here!! I mainly just watch during the playoffs and catch the highlights from time to time if I have the tv on.
  7. To anyone that hasn’t tried Vega I highly recommend it!! I worked at a sports nutrition store for a couple of years, so I’ve tried 100’s of meal replacements. Vega chocolate hands down is my favorite, from the formulation to the taste. It definitely helped me make the transition from vegetarian to vegan.
  8. Try adding a table spoon of all natural peanut butter or almond butter, I find this inproves any shake. If this dosnt help and you just want to get threw it, plug your nose and chug it
  9. I don’t see how this would work?? If I was sleeping and someone put me in boiling water I think I’d wake up right away.
  10. Raw Broccoli dipped in natural peanut butter or almond butter, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! 1 of my fav's
  11. Hey The Mighty Haru I'm a big MMA fan too, I've been down to Atlantic City twice to watch UFC and once to watch MFC. I met a bunch of the fighters at a bar in A.C. including Chuck Liddel and Mike Swick. Met Rich Franklin at an outlet mall and Rico Rodriguez in the stands at UFC 50. Hoping to go to Vegas in Aug to watch the rumored Liddell and Babalu fight.
  12. Thanks bud! Glad I found the site too.
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