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  1. If you can activate your focus group with a single exercise, why deviate into ancillary movements? I guess there might be an argument that accessory muscles would get less attention when the load goes up. Truth?
  2. Monday, September 26, 2016: 60 Pullups Tuesday, September 27, 2016: Cardio/Legs Day 1. Insanity Warmup - 10.5 Minutes HIIT 2. T25 Lower Focus DVD - 25 Minutes Plyometrics Well I guess I'm stuck on doing the T25 videos for now, since I just don't really have the energy or motivation to grind out a full on Insanity workout, much less get under the weights for some "real" training. Better than nothing, I suppose. I will say that I do wake up sore as hell from these videos, so they aren't a total joke. Maybe I just need something different. I trained both last Thursday and Saturday. Thursday was a cardio day, and Saturday was all weights for shoulders/back. Personal-wise-- I didn't get that job in DC - oh well. Probably a blessing in disguise since we would've had to give up pretty much everything of our lives and move into a shoebox for nearly the same price as our house. F That. Honestly, after going there, visiting, coming back and getting some clarity, I don't think I would accept even if they called back late in the game. A sign of maturity, perhaps, to carefully weigh potential options. I also made a huge decision that I was going to unburden myself of worrying constantly about where we would end up and what job I would have and how I would pay off my gigantic student loans. There's no real point in worrying like that, and it is so damn tiring on the body/soul. I'm just going to focus on doing my job well, spending as much quality time with my wife as possible, and let the river run its course. At least we can still visit the places we love, and have enough to not go without. Could be much worse. Back tomorrow with chest/arms, I think.
  3. Tuesday, September 20, 2016: T25 Lower Body DVD Wednesday, September 21, 2016: 60 Pullups Really tired today, both eyelids twitching from fatigue. Didn't intend on training but squeezed in some pullups while snacking on pretzel sticks. Back at it tomorrow.
  4. Saturday, September 17, 2016: Shoulders/Back 1. Deadlift - 3 x 12 @ 165lbs 2. Shoulder Press - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs 3. Front Raise - 3 x 12/arm @ 25lbs 4. Row - 3 x 12 @ 165lbs 5. Bench Delt Fly - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs 6. Lat Raise - 3 x 12 @ 30lbs First day under the weights in a month, and took it at an easy pace. It was just ok, but I think I actually prefer the dynamic training of bodyweight/hiit. I certainly seem to make better gains that way. Maybe just lifting allows me to be a little lazy or lessen the intensity. Anyhow, I plan on watching football for as long as possible today--and I'm already off to a good start. Still really tired from this past week, so maybe that explains my lack of motivation to really hit it hard today. I'll pick it back up next week. Have a good weekend! @ Rob - thanks for the good thoughts buddy!
  5. Is the SLDL as in single leg deadlift? Those are pretty solid brother. Can really activate hamstring through that range of motion, and does wonders for accessory muscles re: increasing balance. Are you doing these to failure or a specific rep range? Tell me more about this fighter diet - I'M FULL OF FUCKING QUESTIONS! lol Goblet squat is also excellent. You might also try what my trainer called the piledriver squat, which is holding the end of the DB in your hands (fingers interlaced around the grip bar), and squatting that way. I also liked loading up mass on a flat bar after shoving one end into the corner of the room and using that lever style. If you want something that really peaks heartrate and works biceps if you just get bored going preacher curls you could try a supinated curl straight into an overhead raise. What made you decide to start training like this?
  6. Interesting points Rob makes about oxygen use by muscles and boxing. Looks like you are doing well on sessions man. I'd say you can use a trap bar for a ton of stuff: DL, farmer walk (low and high), shrugs, mimic those log raise things the powerlifters always do, maybe even use them for curls, neutral grip chest press, locked into a rack for pullups, inverted rows, overhead pullovers, bent over rows . . . damn, i need one of those! lol
  7. Tuesday, September 13, 2016: T25 Lower Body Focus DVD Wednesday, September 14, 2016: T25 Upper Body Focus DVD Well I never thought I would actually try these DVDs my wife ordered, but they aren't all that bad. Sure, it's far less intense than Insanity, and nearly half the time, but I still managed to break a sweat. Hell, when I woke up today my legs were screamin. I guess you could make these more difficult by adding heavier weights, but the fact is that you are moving the entire time - so at least it is still intense. Anyhow, these are a nice break from the all-out killing it I was doing, and they at least give me a decent shot at completing a workout while working these crazy hours - yesterday was 6a - 5p and then 7p - 9p... Today was 6:30a - 5:30p. One thing I have been experiencing which is really annoying is this sharp pain in and around my traps, usually after doing pushups or boxing, or even shoulder press. It makes it hard to focus and complete any exercise. I'll look into it myself, but maybe some of you have thoughts?
  8. Heh, yeah my pecs and lats are sore as hell still from Monday. We went to Washington, DC, which is the nation's capital. Lots of history, museums, monuments, etc. Saw some well known politicians, and I interviewed for a job that I really hope I get. Would require a move, but we are both ready to get out of here at any cost, really. HOpe you are well buddy!
  9. Monday, September 12, 2016: Pull-up Day 80 pull-ups. Wow can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've posted. Took last week off pretty much for vacation. Did manage some hiit work in the mornings but spent most of the time walking - about 12 miles per day. Felt good to get on the bar today though. Re-dedicating this week, maybe incorporate some weights into things, at least on legs.
  10. Funny you guys mention height when it comes to mass on legs. My quads/hamstrings are my best assets when it comes to bodybuilding, and I'm 5'7" lol. Maybe Rob's onto something!
  11. Thursday, August 25, 2016: Insanity Warmup Kinda crapped out on training today. Had a really early start to my day, which was pretty stressful overall. Took some time to study up for this interview, which was well spent over getting in a full training session. Have some company coming into town this weekend, so I doubt I'll be able to train much on Saturday. Maybe I'll force myself to get it in early and over with. Otherwise, I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.
  12. Well I posted earlier but it got deleted. I've been doing the Insanity DVDs all week so far, and will continue for another week or two. It feels good to have my workouts planned out since I'm really otherwise distracted. No time to post more tonight. Cardio dvd tomorrow.
  13. Shit man I needed to after all those beers I had on Saturday - I think my body knew what was coming!
  14. We could trade body halves, no? My legs always outshine upper body. It's annoying!
  15. Thursday, August 18, 2016: Cardio Day 1. Insanity Pure Cardio dvd - 30 minutes 2. Box - 6 minutes Friday, August 19, 2016: Boxing Day 1. Box - 3 x 3 minutes Saturday, August 20, 2016: Back/Shoulder (3 Rounds, Rest 3 Minutes) 0. Insanity Warmup 1. Single Leg Deadlift x 12 @ 70lbs 2. Military Press x 12 @ 80lbs 3. Box x 3 minutes 4. Front Raise x 12 @ 80lbs 5. Aussie Pull-ups x 15 6. Headstand Push-up x 20 7. Box x 3 minutes No real time to post anything lengthy today, since I am going to work a party event pouring some beer had a local brewery this afternoon. I'm surprised a train so many times this week, I believe today makes it six in a row. Looking forward to some rest tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
  16. Wednesday, August 17, 2016: Chest/Arms - 3 Rounds, Rest 3 Minutes 1. Bench x 12 @ 205 2. Box x 3 Minutes 3. Hammer Curl x 15* @ 70lbs 4. DB Pullover x 12 @ 50lbs 5. Tricep Ext. x 15 6. Around the World x 12 @ 30lbs Nothing special today. Just kind of another day of the same old... Bullshit at work. Not eating enough. Still feeling sad as hell. Mostly when I get home, and am immediately reminded. Nothing much else to say about today or this session. Felt good to let loose on the bag for a bit. I need some new gloves with more padding. These give me weird pains in my shoulders the day after. What I have now are the Everlast gloves with the little stick across the underside of the big knuckles. I think that's to reinforce punches/protect your hand, but they don't have much padding - and I really love to throw my fists into the bag. Just don't feel like dropping the coin on anything new. Been spending too much money as of late... Cardio tomorrow.
  17. Thanks dude, for saying that. She really was and still is loved. Loving and caring for her was the best part of our lives here. It makes me sad to think that people give up on animals so easy, especially when caring for Penny was such a pleasure. Even in the worst times I was glad I could be there to comfort her and provide her with everything she needed. Sounds like you've had your fair share of friends to look after. Losing any of them is hard for sure, but there are some that just really set up shop in your heart. It's funny man when people say things like "time will help" or whatever, when that's really the last thing I'm looking forward to her. I kinda wish time stopped when we lost her, then I'd never have to be further and further away - know what I mean?
  18. Tuesday, August 16, 2016: Bodyweight Legs - 3 Rounds, Rest 2 Minutes 1. Squat x 20 2. Angle Lunge x 20* 3. Tuck Jump x 20 4. Hamstring Curl x 20 5. Bulgarian Split Squat x 20* 6. Hurdle Sprints x 12 Monday, August 15, 2016: TRX Day - 3 Rounds, Rest 2 Minutes 1. Chest Press x 15 2. Pullup x 15 3. Curls x 15 4. Tricep Extension x 15 5. Bulgarian Split Squat x 15 Easing back into training this week. Still not eating enough. I'd bet my caloric intake on the high end is about 1600/day. Obviously not enough. I just don't really have the urge to eat. Still sad all the time. Definitely losing weight, which I guess is nice. Just kind of stuck in my head and lost. Not really interested in training, or doing anything else for that matter. It is nice though to have the laptop to post up on here. I guess I can do that more often now. Big changes before us since Penny is gone. So much more free time, which is ironic and sad. Before I complained about not having enough, and now I have too much and not enough to do to occupy the emptiness. People are mentioning getting another friend, but it's just too early. We both still shed tears every day, and I wonder whether I would give the new friend the love it deserved (of course I would, but I'd always feel guilty toward Penny). Anyhow, that's enough for tonight. Maybe I'll train chest and arms tomorrow.
  19. Thanks for saying that man. It hasn't gotten any easier over the last week. We set up a memorial in the living room with a bunch of pictures and her little urn. A custom urn is coming here in the next week or so. I miss her so much. She was such a huge part of our life, and there's this void that's empty now. Not sure it will ever be the same again.
  20. Thursday, August 11, 2016: Re-Entry 1. Run - 1 mile 2. Box - 5 minutes 3. Curls x 15 @ 70lbs 4. Sword Raise x 12 @ 35lbs 5. Lat Raise x 12 @ 30lbs This was short training today, but for a reason . . . On Monday evening our beloved Penny died in my arms. She contracted a bacterial infection called leptospirosis, which I believe caught by coming into contact with the urine of infected rodents. The previous Friday she didn't eat much (the first sign), but that really wasn't that out of the ordinary, as sometimes she was fussy. On Saturday that continued, but I thought maybe she had an upset stomach... I did feed her a considerable amount Saturday night through a syringe feeding (not an actual needle). On Sunday morning after I woke up, she was very jaundiced and extremely weak. She couldn't even stand up. We took her to the emergency vet where she stayed overnight. Her blood tests were pretty bad (liver, cholesystitis, low platelets, etc.). We had to transfer her to another emergency hospital for an ultrasound. After that, her blood tests showed she was getting worse. The antibiotics were not helping. She was in kidney failure, and there was nothing else we or anyone could do. I felt her last breath. So, needless to say I haven't been interested in much since then, including training. I haven't even eaten a full meal since Sunday morning until lunchtime today. I'll get back into it at some point, but it will take time. More about Penny . . . She was such a special little pup. She was our first born. She had a bunch of health problems (epilepsy, megaesophagus - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megaesophagus), blindness. The megaesophagus brought us closer together as we had to feed her by hand in an upright position and then hold her upright for 30 minutes (or way longer because holding her was so soothing). I love her so much, and we are crushed by her passing. It made me realize how easy it is to take people and loved ones for granted, but we must not because nothing is granted. We have to earn what we want, and we should guard the hell out of it until something takes it from us by force. We saved her life many times, through so many many seizures and other illnesses. We were so lucky to have her for as long as we did. I know she loved us, and I know she knew how much we loved her. She will always be with us no matter what. Here is a pic of us at the park on a great day of zoomies.
  21. Thursday, August 4, 2016: Cardio Day 1. Insanity Warmup 2. 85% of Insanity Cardio DVD 3. 6 minutes boxing 4. 10% Insanity Cardio DVD IM BACK! And I mean it this time. Today was down and dirty. Got home earlier than usual, had some frozen mango, and hit it hard. I'm surprised I could last as long as I did in the DVDs. Those used to really kick my ass. I might've just had better energy around me today. I felt pretty good all day which is a welcomed change. Also mixed up my eating so that might have something to do with it. I dropped the clif bars for a shake in the afternoon. Those things are all sugar anyhow. Resting tomorrow, and back/shoulders on Saturday!
  22. Wednesday, August 3, 2016: Well it's Wednesday and nearly another full week of failing to post. I've trained every day this week. Monday was TRX/cardio/pull-ups, Tuesday was Insanity lower body cardio and boxing, and today was chest/arms/boxing. Only made it through 2 rounds of the circuit today because I just felt really tired and hungry. I got a late start too. Drinking more water too so I'm starting to see less bloat, but I'm still bigger than I want to be. I think maybe this is just my intended size. Any smaller has always been accomplished through significant caloric shortage. It sucks living that way. Anyhow, I plan to do some more cardio tomorrow. Probably no boxing. Want to take a short break to keep my interest.
  23. Hey man, glad to see you're doing well. Are you back at the gym now? Also, I read a few post back about your early retirement. If you are looking for a farmhand, I'm your man LOL. Hope everything is going good for you buddy
  24. Well, it appears that I am a total failure of posting again this week. However, on Monday I did 40 pull-ups, Tuesday I trained the hell out of legs, and today I did chest and arms. Workouts have been pretty consistently intense, with rounds of boxing in between lifting heavy weights and also incorporating HIIT exercises. I feel like this method of training is very effective, as it allows me to combine both strength power and cardio into one relatively brief session. Training hasn't surpassed around 45 minutes for each session, which is about all the time I really have to myself in any given evening. That's a real fucking shame. I plan to train cardio tomorrow, rest on Friday, and then head up shoulders and back on Saturday. Hope everyone reading is doing well, and I'm sorry for not posting more often. I'm pretty sure I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a laptop this weekend which will make things easier.
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