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  1. Glad to see you are back in action! It is stunning to me how little most doctors know about nutrition. However, they are quick to diagnose things like diabetes, heart disease, various cancers, etc. as a symptom of or being caused by poor diet, and yet totally ignore the inverse; a good diet bringing about accordingly good health. Lots of people blame the system for the knee-jerk reaction of prescribe meds and continue testing (a/k/a keep billing insurance). It's really their own greed that drives the system. Sure, they have high student loans, but if repayment were the driving force, they could get forgiveness through public service. But instead they enter private practice and end up making millions annually while developing a god-complex. I guess the karma is that many of them (most, really) have no idea how to handle their own personal finances. If they just wanted to make money, they should have been bankers. Less education, way easier to make a ton. Anyhow, sorry for hijacking your wall. Happy you are feeling better!
  2. Tuesday, February 23, 2016: Legs 0. Rower - 1000m 1. Front Lunge - 3 x 12 @ 165lbs 2. Lunge Jumps - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs - 3. Sumo Squat - 3 x 15 @ 225lbs 4. Squat Jump - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs - 5. High-Knees - 3 x 50 6. Tuck Jump - 3 x 20 Not going to lie, the lunges nearly killed me. After a week off it's surprising how much muscle memory I lost; or maybe I just never did front lunges like that before. Anyhow, it's nice to be back pushing up weights again, and not dizzy so I can crank out some HIIT. Overall a pretty good day. Will do chest/arms tomorrow, full body Thursday, and then Back/Shoulders on Saturday.
  3. Monday, February 22, 2016: TRX Day - 3 Rounds 1 Minute Rest 1. Chest Press x 12 2. Pullup x 12 3. Bulgarian Split Squat x 12* 4. Row x 12 5. Tricep Ext. x 12 6. Curls x 12 Feeling much better today. Not much time to post, but didn't train on Saturday (worked instead and did a ton of stuff around the house). Going to get under the weights and do some conditioning tomorrow. Bought a parachute for sprints when the weather gets warmer. That's going to be awesome! Really going to start doing more full body and conditioning training.
  4. Hey! Welcome aboard. Forum's been kind of slow lately, but it usually picks up during the warmer months. You should start a training journal, as that's the area of the forum with the most activity. Welcome!
  5. Love my pup. Love dogs and animals more than anything. Can't believe I consumed meat/dairy for so long in such ignorance. It's one of my dreams to have a senior dog rescue. I really want to live on a farm, and raise/rescue a bunch of different animals.
  6. Thursday, February 18, 2016: TRX Circuit 1. Chest Press x 15 2. T's x 15 3. Single Leg Squat x 15* 4. Curls x 15 5. Tricep Ext. x 15 6. Single Arm Row x 15* Still recovering from the cold/flu/sinus crud that I've had all week, but feeling much better today. Hopefully will be cleared up by tomorrow morning. I basically did this as a circuit yesterday as well, but with some variation (pullups, supinated row, flys, etc.), but didn't feel like posting. Rough day at the office, but I have someone there that I really think is looking out for my best interests - and that's great. Haven't ever really had a true mentor on a professional level... always seems like I'm mentoring those less experienced than I which is a bit ironic I guess. Anyhow, I should really strive to repay their kindness and let them know how much I value their guidance. I'd recommend that to anyone in a similar position. I think it goes a long way just to simply convey such a sentiment. Hopefully I'll be back on the weights and HIIT this weekend. I'm also really looking forward to some rest, and finally some warmer temps (62* tomorrow!). Will be nice to get Penny outside for a walk since it's been so long. I haven't told her yet, because I like to surprise her day of
  7. LOL mate I'll tell her you said so! Haven't heard of Ken Leistner, but will look him up. In need of some good reading material now that football season is over. Hope you're doing well buddy.
  8. That's sweet of you to say, Kathy. I'm glad you like reading my posts - they are fun to write. Taking care of my wife is my favorite job next to caring for our little pup Penny. She's an 8 year old Boston Terrier, small one too, who is essentially our first born. She has a handful of medical problems, so there's much to do for her. I definitely caught the crud that's going around right now. Been feeling like I've been walking on marshmallows for a couple days now. So, no training at least until Thursday which is a bummer. I hate losing progress, especially since I still have to head into work. Everyone at the office is sick, and since I'm the only vegan, I was the last one to catch it; maybe you can call that a victory. Here's the article on the wine (not a scientific article): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-151568/How-glass-wine-help-beat-colds.html Have a good night!
  9. Saturday, February 13, 2016: Back/Shoulders 0. Rower - 1250m; 4 minutes 1. Deadlift - 3 x 12 @ 190lbs 2. Up/Downs - 3 x 12 3. Military Press - 3 x 12 @ 90lbs - 4. Row - 3 x 12 @ 190lbs 5. DB Snatch/Clean - 3 x 12* @ 35lbs 6. Wide Grip Pullups - 3 x 12 Didn't train on Thursday since my wife was sick - took care of her instead. Went to work Friday feeling sick as well, and feel a touch of a cold today. Almost packed this in after the second set of the second round, but decided to push through and finish up. Wasted most of the day doing our taxes. Anyway, glad to have the rest of the weekend to relax and hang out. Just wish it weren't so cold outside. Am really ready for spring. Lacked focus on food today, and ended up just eating some random snack stuff (crackers, etc.). Not sure if I'll indulge in a glass of wine this week since I feel cold-ish. Edit: Just read an article approving red wine for colds. I'm sold! Have a good weekend all.
  10. Wednesday, February 10, 2016: Upper Body 0. Row - 1000m; 4:00 minutes 1. Incline Bench - 3 x 15 @ 180lbs 2. Drag Curls - 3 x 15 @ 80lbs - 3. Aussie Row - 3 x 15 4. DB Clean - 3 x 15* @ 35lbs - 5. Bench Delt Fly - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs 6. Tricep Extension - 3 x 15 Good session but too "bodybuilder" and not enough function. Need to incorporate more vigorous movement as opposed to just putting up weight. Definitely a better session yesterday than today. Still, a good session. Have had much much more energy lately. Recently traded beer for wine, and have noticed a slimming effect - or at least not as bloated next day. Have been good at keeping up hydration as well. All in all, a pretty good day. Will just do cardio tomorrow - rowing and some HIIT stuff right after. Lots of jumps and football drills.
  11. Good to see you back mate. Cardio!!! lol Looks like an excellent path you've set for yourself. Am sure you will accomplish much in short order. How's the country life? Am still jealous by the way!
  12. Tuesday, February 9, 2016: Legs 0. Row - 1000m - 4 minutes 1. Sumo Squat - 3 x 15 @ 225lbs 2. Squat Jump - 3 x 151 @ 70lbs - 3. Side Lunge - 3 x 15* @ 100lbs 4. Long Jump - 3 x 12 @ 25lbs - 5. Hamstring Curl - 3 x 20 @ 45lbs 6. Tuck Jumps - 3 x 25 Rocked it today, which was a lot of fun. The tuck jumps used to be one of my most hated exercises, but lately I've been able to bust them out no problem. Was a long boring day of reading reading reading and then some typing. So, it was nice to come home and have a flurry of activity. Really energizes me afterward, and then I put down arguably the biggest salad of all time. I could eat broccoli until my eyes turn green. Back tomorrow with upper body - chest/arms/shoulders.
  13. Saturday, February 6, 2016: Shoulders/Back/Cardio - Giant Sets 1. Deadlift - 3 x 12 @ 185lbs 2. Military Press - 3 x 12 @ 90lbs 3. 40 Yard Sprints - 3 x 4 - 4. Row - 3 x 12 @ 185lbs 5. Woodchopper - 3 x 12* @ 35lbs 6. Power Rower - 3 x 125 yards Really mixed things up today, which was fun. I'm going to train like this more often, especially as the weather gets warmer. Just lifting is good and all, but does not really permit for a well rounded athlete. Woke up thinking about how much I wish I were big/fast enough to play pro football. I'd give anything to be an NFL quarterback, running back, receiver, safety, or even linebacker. That would be so awesome. But, since I'm only 5'7", 170lbs, and 35 years old, that opportunity is likely long gone if it ever existed. Nevertheless, I can practice like I'm going to suit up in the fall! Adding in the sprints was great, and something I haven't done in a very long time. Did these outside wearing some compression gear which kept me warm enough. Really felt a burn in my chest after sprinting. Great feeling. Need to do more running and rowing. Relaxing the rest of the day, and making spaghetti for dinner tonight... should be delicious! Superbowl tomorrow, and while I'm not a big fan of Cam Newton's cockiness, he does seem to have heart and talent . . . so, I hope the Panthers win. At least I don't have to watch the Patriot's and that smug little bitch Tom Brady! Back Tuesday!
  14. Wednesday, February 3, 2016: Legs 0. Row - 1500m; 6 minutes 1. Reverse Lunge - 3 x 15 @ 165lbs 2. Lunge Jump - 3 x 16 @ 70lbs - 3. Sumo Squat - 3 x 215lbs 4. Squat Jump - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs - 5. Hamstring Curl - 3 x 20 @ 45lbs 6. Tuck Jumps - 3 x 20 Making this entry on Thursday, February 4 since I just plain forgot to make an entry yesterday. Absolutely killed it, and am feeling pretty sore in the glutes today. Otherwise am tired from the day, and the waste of time this work event was tonight. Will row tomorrow to make up for today's loss...
  15. Tuesday, February 2, 2016: 4X4 Circuit 1. Pushups - 4 x 50 2. Pullups - 4 x 15 3. Military Press - 4 x 15 @ 70lbs 4. Curls - 4 x 15* @ 70lbs Worked late, got home late, had little time to train. I think I cranked through this in under 30 minutes. Circuit training is the way to go if you're short on time but still want to kick some ass. The trick is to pick exercises that are opposing so you don't burn out with similar movements. Arms and chest feel like jello after this. Probably went too fast because I feel a little pressure in my levator scapulae. I mean dead on point. Maybe I'll get out the foam roller and put it back in it's place. Otherwise, I was productive at work today. I hate this town. It smells like piss everywhere, the people are rude, it's dirty, expensive (for literally no reason), and generally unimpressive. I can't believe I've lived here for 18 years, and I can't wait to leave. Legs tomorrow. After work function on Thursday, so I'll have to hit it hard tomorrow and get back in on Saturday. One redeeming quality about the grueling pace is that the weeks go by quickly, most of the time. Same can be said about the weekends though.
  16. Saturday, January 30, 2016: TRX Session 1. Dips - 2 x 12 2. Row - 2 x 15 3. Bulgarian Split Squat - 2 x 15* 4. Circus Press - 2 x 15* @ 35lbs 5. Hamstring Curl - 2 x 15 6. Curls - 1 x 15 7. "T" - 1 x 15 Pretty much a failure today. Am really really exhausted from the week, in poor mental state as noted above, and sleep deprived. Went out for a walk with Penny this morning, so maybe the cool fresh air sapped a bit of energy as well. Then, had to work for about 3 hours which really pissed me off. After that, no interest in training at all. Tried to get through this as a circuit, but when I finished the second round of hamstring curls I just stayed down on the floor and took a five minute nap. A good sign to pack it in for the day. Food was good today, but not enough water. Will try to make up in the evening hours (which are already upon me). Resting up tomorrow for another week. Have a good weekend all.
  17. It's not really the lifestyle I (or anyone maybe) would choose. I do like intensity while at work, but for a prolonged period of time I tend to commit simple errors and develop a poor attitude. Giant sets are great for endurance, and if you're short on time
  18. Wednesday, January 27, 2016: Upper Body 1. Incline Bench - 3 x 15 @ 180lbs 2. ChinUps - 3 x 15 3. Tricep Ext. - 3 x 15 - 4. Curls - 3 x 15 @ 75lbs 5. Incline Delt Fly (on bench) - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs 6. Plate Raise - 3 x 15 @ 45lbs Did these as giant sets since I got a bit of a late start. Not going to lie, the second leg was pretty brutal, especially the plate raises. Ugh, I'm tired. It's been a long three weeks. Working 10 hours, billing 10 hours consistently day to day really takes it out of you. Today my head was spinning with all the stuff people were asking me to do. Anyhow, I'm tired of looking at a computer screen. Going to get some rest... Won't be around tomorrow. Have to attend a work function after hours, which I am super annoyed by and do not want to take part in. I'll be back Saturday with full body, or something like that.
  19. Thanks! I hate cardio too. I think it stems from cardio being used as punishment from when I was playing sports as a kid. Miss a play? Run some sprints. Late for practice? Run a mile. Lose a game? Run sprints. That was during basketball. I hate basketball today. Also, we had Saturday "fun runs" where our soccer coach wanted us all to be able to run 3 miles in 18 minutes. I never made it. But at least that coach didn't punish us with cardio. Negative reinforcement is only a worthwhile thing (if ever) to curb specific behavior. So, even today, when I try to get myself in a cardio state of mind, I can't help but simultaneously think of it as punishment.
  20. Some of the best progress I ever made was when I was working with a trainer. If you get the right person, you'll never want for motivation or variety. I think the variety in exercises alone is worth the cost. Congrats on keeping with the diet!
  21. Tuesday, January 26, 2016: Legs 1. Sumo Squat - 3 x 15 @ 265lbs 2. Squat Jump - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs - 3. Hamstring Curl - 3 x 20 @ 45lbs 4. Long Jump - 3 x 16 @ 25lbs - 5. Bulgarian Split Squat - 3 x 15* @ 95lbs 6. Reverse Lunge Kix - 3 x 15* Feeling pretty good today. Work was annoying, but I channeled that into some decent lifting for volume today. I really enjoy lifting this way. Feels like I'm getting more done, and really helps bring up the heart-rate, which is nice since I'm not really doing cardio. I've kind of neglected the rowing machine lately, which is a bummer given the cost. I should get back to doing more of that, really. Anyhow, that's it for tonight. Back tomorrow with something else.
  22. Thanks for maintaining the site - I'd be writing my log on paper if not for you!
  23. Sorry, I didn't give this post enough attention. What a soul crusher there. I was for sure Coach Mike would have ordered up the conversion. I mean honestly, we tried out some reverse filled "trick" plays earlier in the season, I think even when we were winning. It seems odd to play it safe when the entire team is injured be it out for the season, or on the field playing hurt. Nevertheless, I was a bit wary of proceeding any further after Cobb went out. Would it be worthwhile to continue? Not so sure. I think those guys deserve a chance to really shine, and it just didn't happen this year. Offensive line was weak for 75% of the season which didn't help a guy like Lacy; Adams not catching the ball; Jordy out the whole year (consequently I watched some highlights of 2014 season and 9/10 times we scored it was Rogers to Nelson - also, we were absolutely crushing other teams then, especially the Bears and Vikes. I could go on . . . Man I wish I were 6'10" and 305. haha!
  24. Tuesday, January 19, 2016: 1. Reverse Lunge - 3 x 15* @ 155lbs 2. Lunge Jumps - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs - 3. Sumo Squat - 3 x 15 @ 205lbs 4. Squat Jump - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs Wednesday, January 20, 2016: 1. Pushups - 4 x 25 2. Pullup Trio - 4 x 10 3. Cross Curls - 4 x 15* @ 70lbs 4. Neutral Shoulder Press - 4 x 15 @ 70lbs Thursday, January 21, 2016: Row - 2500m; 10:00 minutes Been a bit absentee this week, mainly because I've been working too much, and my wife had yesterday off. Hence, the training is a bit sparse and disjointed. Enjoying the increased volume, however. Takes considerably less time to get things rolling and into the session. Otherwise am doing well. Could use more sleep, but have been waking up same time each day and haven't felt like I'm dragging at all. Rest tomorrow, probably full body w/ deadlift on Saturday.
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