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  1. Hello Gents, the forum is back.........is there any old friends with it?
  2. I think it is pal, cant say we didnt try though! Got your email now though so i'll stay in touch if we dont meet again here.
  3. I know its such a change from before it used to be good fun here, oh well things change i guess! say hello to yash for me please mate he was a cool dude, i know i couldnt beleive it when he told me that he was a pilot, good on him!............I always though MF would be the last to go. Haha fair one, just watch they dont shut the forum and you lose them here aswel
  4. Went down towards you, well a bit anyway.....totnes in devon. Was really good wouldnt mind living there one day! stomach bugs suck, nevermind least its gone now, i hate not being able to go to the gym even though i dont go often hahahaha. HIT Rob has decided to leave the forum mate so its just us two here now, so you better not disappear! Its gone so quiet here now compared to a few years ago
  5. Finally back in the gym today after a long stomach bug and a holiday. unfortunately at the same time lol. bit weak and have lost some weight, but trained back and it felt ok nonetheless, good pump. onwards and upwards.........again
  6. Not sure if youll read this Rob you may have already left, but sorry your leaving you have been a huge inspiration to me over the past couple of years and ive enjoyed our talks and exchanging of ideas alot. Ive never 'met' anyone with so much knowledge and passion for common sense weight training before and you put in such a way that even i can understand easily. All the best with your future training and thanks for all the help you have given me. The forum wont be the same without big Rob! mike.
  7. Im with you on the walks, cant beat fresh air and country side! have a good easter weekend pal.
  8. cant wait to hit the gym tomorrow, plenty of rice, potatoes and bananas today so should be full of energy. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  9. chest today, training very slowly and with hard contractions. Has almost halved my weights which is good, feels good like your really working the muscle deeply. Its easy to focus the weight on to a particular part of the muscle also, reps are about 4 seconds each way.
  10. Sweet mate, time to eat eat eat....will be a good experience!
  11. Deffo let me know if your ever about mate its a great day out on a nice day! ill look into the sponsorship i didnt think of that....... Ive been watching the show its really good, those pilots are unbelievable........ the control they have, well worth a watch! Oh i forgot i went to the gym today haha, did back and chest with heavy but nice slow machine work really concentrating on the negative, and big z laterals. felt good, not doing any isolation arm work but it doesnt seem to matter so thats good
  12. Did i hear someone say potatos??????????? i love spuds....... 4 baked potatos with avacado spread and hot rice with a veg oxo cube crumbled over it on a big plate, nothing stops me after that!
  13. Yo Ross, my mate has been up there he says it not a huge deal but would be cool. I been up most of the mountains around here and love it, theres some pretty cool hikes here in north wales if you or Rob are ever about this way it would be great to show you around. The cafe at the top of snowdon 3000+ ft up is a must if your in wales! Ive been thinking of selling my motorbike and doing a trek to everest base camp over 12 days, thats 18,000 ft high so would be hard work i think but a good experience, just an idea at the min but i love hiking so would be cool to say ive been there. Glad your back too pal, it wasnt the same without you!
  14. Good job mate, some heavy lifts and serious bodyweight there! Do you find it hard to maintain bodyweights like that Rob? I know when i start getting over 105 or so kilos the weight just falls off if i dont keep lifting and eating like a madman.
  15. Its one of the best books ive ever read, i couldnt put it down. I love books about climbing and everest and tales of survival, even though im a shitbag myself hahahaha. I'll check out the doc you mention sounds good Going to try and get to ben nevis in scotland this year at some point, never been up that. Just hate driving far, car seats and me dont get on! cheers Rob.
  16. welcome Andres, looks like you have a great physique in your avatar pic! i'll check out your youtube channel. You should start a training journal for us to follow theres not many on here now so a new one would be great
  17. Tried the big z laterals earlier after reading your post Rob. Thanks, they are good, i always involve my traps too much in laterals but its really good that way. Doesnt seem to affect my neck either......happy days. Crib goch was f*ckin scary, it was quite windy so not much fun. Not sure if ill do that again its physically quite easy but its mentally hard being literally on the edge of 400ft cliffs, dont know how these proper mountaineers do it! Touching the void is an amazing book if you ever fancy something to read pal
  18. That would be cool Ross, looks a beautiful place. Ah right i thought it was some other type of fancy bar i hadn't seen! keep it up pal, im enjoying your journal with all the different stuff
  19. Hey Ross, training looks good, what are hex bar deadlifts? its cool that you get to do some strongman stuff i always wanted a set of atlas stones.
  20. Impressive weight on the pulldowns there Rob, glad things are on the up a little, sun is starting to come out more now too which i find always helps.
  21. training once or twice a week now, not bothering with arms now just chest shoulders and back, going quite well. Slowed my reps down alot which has made me drop the weight down alot also. really concentrating on the contractions. neck is finally getting better thanks Rob, stopped doing side laterals with 2 hands and just do it one at a time now which seems to pinch my neck/traps less. Off up snowdon tomorrow on a path called "crib goch" its a scary path along a ridge but should be fun fun. Check it out on google
  22. Back at the gym yesterday after about 5 weeks, did chest and back really enjoyed it, good dose of DOMs today Did the Ruhl crossovers like big Rob suggested, very good judging by the pain today! lost about 14lbs lately not sure if im going to try and get it back or just refine what i have, its so hard to maintain a bodyweight 60lbs or so over my standard weight.
  23. Sounds like your having a tough time Rob, hope things pick up for you and sorry to hear about your loss. At least your still training, i find it helps in rough times also! I have a close friend who has gone missing in spain which is also worrying, hes been missing for weeks now after the police found his van parked at the beach with no sign of him any where Just gotta keep our chins up and keep lifting pal!
  24. Went to the chiropractor today as my neck pain was getting silly, there was alot out of place and he crunched it all back for me so i hope that has sorted it now, at least for a little while anyway. I wont be able to tell properly for a few days though as it usually takes a while to settle down. really looking forward to some weight i havent done any in over a month now! hoping to get big and strong again ready for the nice weather.
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