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  1. what are your raw fats situatioins looking like? Nuts seeds avocado etc. could be a combo of your weight loss and winter.
  2. I hope it works. Right now I am oinly getting the veggie delight. They never give me all the spinach I want.
  3. being the weekend I would probably put a vote in for the bagel with cream cheese for you
  4. smoothie. head of romaine, 2 bananas, cup strawberries, cup pinneapples, 2 cups unsweetened vanilla soy milk.
  5. Fallen: I think you need to re edit the post...I am confused by it. what is "avoiding wasting disease"
  6. I never refuse a girl at the gym. I switch her in and talk between sets. I grunt she talks, she grunts I talk. Hey its better then saying "good job" " you can do it" "last rep" 500 times. LOL Plus for some reason the chicks that hit on me are always specimens. One woman got me while I was doing bis. We went in and out. She then proceeded to do chins while waiting for me to finish my sets. Chick was doing 4 sets of chins. I felt inadequate. She averaged like 15 dead drop chins. She must have been a climber or somethng. I gave her a fake number. I was vacationing in florida.
  7. shelby I am so glad you made it back I remember you from so long ago. Good to see you here again.
  8. as a warning, because most people left, dont leave when the creidts roll. There are more scenes.
  9. I did but the mix of pea and rice was coming up high sodium. There was a thread on it. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=23018
  10. might want to check out Dr Joel Fuhrman who has had some success with Fibromyalgia. Lessing it would be a great step forward in getting the body that you want. You will have to push your muscles to make them grow and use resources that you are taking in. I am guessing that you are vegan even though you did not say it in the intro. You can often borrow his book from the library.
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