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  1. what are your raw fats situatioins looking like? Nuts seeds avocado etc. could be a combo of your weight loss and winter.
  2. I hope it works. Right now I am oinly getting the veggie delight. They never give me all the spinach I want.
  3. being the weekend I would probably put a vote in for the bagel with cream cheese for you
  4. smoothie. head of romaine, 2 bananas, cup strawberries, cup pinneapples, 2 cups unsweetened vanilla soy milk.
  5. Fallen: I think you need to re edit the post...I am confused by it. what is "avoiding wasting disease"
  6. I never refuse a girl at the gym. I switch her in and talk between sets. I grunt she talks, she grunts I talk. Hey its better then saying "good job" " you can do it" "last rep" 500 times. LOL Plus for some reason the chicks that hit on me are always specimens. One woman got me while I was doing bis. We went in and out. She then proceeded to do chins while waiting for me to finish my sets. Chick was doing 4 sets of chins. I felt inadequate. She averaged like 15 dead drop chins. She must have been a climber or somethng. I gave her a fake number. I was vacationing in florida.
  7. shelby I am so glad you made it back I remember you from so long ago. Good to see you here again.
  8. as a warning, because most people left, dont leave when the creidts roll. There are more scenes.
  9. I did but the mix of pea and rice was coming up high sodium. There was a thread on it. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=23018
  10. might want to check out Dr Joel Fuhrman who has had some success with Fibromyalgia. Lessing it would be a great step forward in getting the body that you want. You will have to push your muscles to make them grow and use resources that you are taking in. I am guessing that you are vegan even though you did not say it in the intro. You can often borrow his book from the library.
  11. However there are spare spare parts. anyway the name can be "Run Jump and Grunt"
  12. Julia can you tell us more about the blender? That way we can include it in future sugguestions for blenders.
  13. To make your legs bigger through muscle, you treat them like pistons on an earth mover. Remember to warm up properly. If you still have a personal trainer then he/she should have told you that. You look great already good work.
  14. well I like your enthusiasm, but wouldnt a fitness competition be high impact to performance and training? Do you mean figure or physique?
  15. this chicks is a moron. "they raise the animals like pets, and do their own butchering" Hate to be her pet.
  16. I think that the Thor movie will have the same problems that the Hulk Movies had, too much CGI not enough story. I hope that I am wrong, but I wont be seeing it.
  17. well looks like noone is responding from the current physique athletes. Robert has a book out with plans in it. but I dont know have it so I cannot say how good it is. I would say about 2000 calories with several moderate to intense instances of exercise a week. 20/60/20 for protein, carb, fat. But I would rather see more protein % and carb %. but you can experiment. Somttimes when people bring in more carbs with more fat , they tend to cause insulin problems. That is to say that they hamper insulins ability to open cell walls in muscle and nonfat cells and cause extra calories to be stalled. So the more carbs in a diet the more I like to see the fat % lower. I work with obese people generally and havent compete for about 20 years. Low glycemic: Brown rice, guinoa, beans, tofu. I dont know where your numbers are as you have not told me the protein on the driinks you are taking. Or the carbs for that matter. If you are going raw then you should look at leanandgreens journal from two years ago, he competed raw. viewtopic.php?f=24&t=9693
  18. What you have been doing as far as your macros seems to be working, so could you give us your macros on the animal based diet. Replacing the protein shakes would be the first and I would think easiest step. Please give us the facts on the shake you are using. Diet work differently for different people. Helping us to know where you success has come from as far as food would be helpful. we dont want to to have a bad ( lower the presentation of your body) experience right off the bat.
  19. http://omg.yahoo.com/news/pregnant-natalie-portman-no-longer-vegan/60302
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