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  1. I dont know the routine for P90x but this thread had some ideas viewtopic.php?f=46&t=22685&p=251891&hilit=p90x#p251891 this programs is cheaper.
  2. This is why I am leaving, so you can't be that far off. When I first found this forum I really liked it. It seemed very friendly and it inspired me to start lifting weights and show everyone around me that vegans can be strong. But, I don't like coming here anymore because it seems most of the active members have been brainwashed by a quack chiropractor that pretends to be a nutritionist. I'm sure there are a lot of people that feel the same as I do about this place. The worst part about it though, is that some people probably come here a few times, get some dangerous advice and become ill, then give up on veganism because it didn't work. Or, even worse, someone could die. I'm going to join veganfitness.net and hopefully I like that place as much as I used to like this forum. who is this?
  3. he got hammered. Look at the eye. Heart sure I didnt say he didnt have heart. He is one of my favorite fighters. I didnt say he got the crap beat out of him, just that he got hammered. I dont know what he is going to do now with that being his last fight in strikeforce. M1 has a contract with showtime to do 4 shows in I think 2011-2012. So Fedors gym will have fighters shown in the US. Which is the one thing that he really wanted from the UFC. The rest seemed to be what his manager wanted. Fedor once said that he would have signed fine with the UFC if they would have ensured his fighters could fight there also. But Dana was against it, well rumor has it that Fedors manager gave White the creeps as far as syndicate backing. Imagine White getting the creeps, usual people say that about him to them.
  4. talking about it here. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=23018
  5. well fedor got hammered. He seems to have a real problem in the cage. http://www.mmalinker.com/videos/view/39550/Fedor-Emelianenko-vs-Antonio-Silva
  6. Lean and green did a bodybuilding competition raw. Here is his journal. viewtopic.php?f=24&t=9693
  7. I went to the site that fallen horse posted and it also says that some people have purchased it at their local Bed Bath and Beyond or Walgreens Pharmacy in the As Seen On TV display, which I believe CVS has also. . You might want to try there too. Could save on shipping and avoid the long wait. I dont know where you live exactly
  8. I actually just saw an ad for a dvd set that mimics the programs for about 20 bucks. http://asseenontvexerciseequipment.com/supreme-90-day/ I havent really looked it over but you can take a look. I happened to see the ad last night during SNL
  9. yeah mary viewtopic.php?f=49&t=22642&p=247193&hilit=beachbody#p247193
  10. http://www.examiner.com/fight-sports-in-national/ufc-heavyweight-star-to-train-with-strikeforce-legend-fedor-emelianenko Shane Carwin joining camp. Fedor to fight Big Foot. Wanted to see rematch with Verdum. But I guess Verdum is gong to fight Overeem now. I think this is the last fight for Fedor on his contract wth Strikeforce.
  11. how is that mixed with real life? Anyway it looks pretty good.
  12. yeah I dont believe I have seen them canned either.
  13. yeah I do it in olive oil. Whether it is better then palm oil i dont know. No oil would be best. I tried using it as a mock meat but didnt think that it tasted real good.
  14. All this talk and not one shot of pythons. Oh well.
  15. yeah it looked super deep, but I dont know if prior swelling added to the effect. Still quite an iconic image.
  16. 1.) Yes. 2.) I eat plant based foods. Mostly tofu, oats, almond milk, quinoa, baby spinach, brown rice, potatoes, fruits, kombucha, Vega, Sunwarrior. 3.) I train to stay fit right now. Can you be a little more specific? Why do I have to be canadian? an old prowrestling joke about Joe Leduc. They used to introduce him that way. At the time, 70's and 80's canadien freight trains would carry lumber down from the great canadiens forests. At the time they were longer and required more locomotives to drive them. At the time the US ofcourse had a freight train system, but it was divided between different companies to no one train was as large and as powerful as a single canadien freight train bringing lumber in from canada and actually Alaska too. Robert should recognize the reference. I thinik Joe leduc was primarily an AWA wrestler . Since the merger of train companies in the US, you no longer have to be a canadien freight train you can just be a freight train. I will ask that you stop eating the children though. LOL
  17. vege wrote "What do you eat, and how you train?!" He eats children and he is a canadian freight train. LOL
  18. I have to agree. I'm shocked how influential the kids' advertising is on TV. We're in the process of cancelling our cable and just doing OTA + Netflix. (I say "process" because I do like to watch some shows and I'm trying to get a good antenna mounted.) If you need a cluckle from all this photochopping, check out http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/ before you buy an antenna you might want to see what is on your cable line after you cancel it. I cancelled mine and recieve all the analog that they didnt change over to digital, plus over the air channels from my area. I didnt have to buy an antenna. I was suprised. Now I have an analog and digital tuner in my tv so you might only get the ova digital ones on your wire if you only have the digital tuner.
  19. bring the word to beach body !!!!! that would be an awesome place to recruit vegans. Good job representing the Bay State.
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