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  1. veggieprincess and a woman who works for PCRM (veganluv), Attila
  2. Well, you usually see him in costume, which hides a lot of his age and adds a lot of size to him I forget it too, but TNG was a while ago. I'm usually shocked to see how much the actors have aged. yeah me too. I loved that show. You know I read this book by shatner for star trek I forget the name, it was about the origins of the Borg I think , but anyways at the end Bones shows up real old, and as they leave orbit in different ships, Kirk thinks to himself, this may be the last time we see each other. Well two days later Deforest Kelly dies. Man what a week.
  3. Man he looks more like Gowron then Worf now. I hate when I feel they look so old and thin after turning vegan.
  4. Cant go wrong with them. Just a matter of personal preference.
  5. Yeah that would be great . then I can go like this. Then like this. The ofcourse like this
  6. I would agree. Also please reference the bean cooking threads on the nutrition board on this site. They are helpful in reducing gas and the sensation of bloating from the beans. I know that it is the problem with obese people that I train. It takes a long time to get them back on to beans and such. I dont want you forsaking them because of any feelings of Blobbing. Doing lunges with former dancers always makes my feel inadequate. They have such awesome form. I may be stronger but big deal so is a cow.
  7. I am happy that you had a great day. You must have insane hip flexibility from ballet for those lunges. LOL Looks like your eating has come up some, that is great. knowing your struggle, It makes me really appreciate the effort you put into your day. You are very inspir
  8. I think that johan or cubby said something about Brazil Nuts that should be avoided. but I cant remember what. You should do a search, I am in the middle of something here. I think you could finish the rest of the fish oil. What is done is done. I thought that the therapeutic dose for CoQ10 was around 10 mcg? Not strong on Curcumin so I would have to do some research on that one. Rest looks good at first glance. I like long posts , except when I am the one who has to write them. Haha.
  9. I dont know what to say, except your journal is awesome. Probably should get a second opinion on the meds. Seems insufficient to give workout advice at this time. I hope that you are having a better day.
  10. Holy crap I wondered what happenned to her. I used to see her on Youtube at Fitgirl78 but she canned her channel. Man good to see her again. Glad she is still doing well.
  11. Hipsters are ahead of the time. Maybe its just us who don't understand lol And i don't know how people there weren't laughing.I would have had to leave the room because i would have been choking trying not to laugh. I'm still not certain of whether the liquid that come out of her pants was hers or not lol actually Cold there were a couple women who were cracking up, one looked at the camera and then hid behind a friend. I found that humorous. :31, 1:24, 3:42
  12. that's not all they served to the audience.
  13. At approximately this time, my body will be found frozen in space by other life forms. These life forms will have the knowledge to bring me back to life, fully conscious of all my past experiences. I will then be able to virtually stop aging, and will not have a need for food. I will use this time to accomplish my dream of exploring the known universe and finding my way into alternate universes where I can fly and blow things up using energy blasts from my hands. Sears has a sale on freezers this week. Energy Star eligible. Rebate in 16 weeks. That should be long enough to get your affairs in order.
  14. While I agree that things seem to me to be becoming "You vs Me" , ironically I left VF for the same reason. I actually don't know any other places. Let me know how you make out. Also make sure that there are a lot of women. LOL
  15. For 10 days when I was at the meditation centre my last meal was at 11 a.m, going to bed around 9:30 pm and was sleeping perfectly. Yes I was hungry sometimes, so what ? I can fall asleep, and I am not like those people that can fall asleep so easily and who continue sleeping even if their neighborhood is under a nuclear attack. People who are not able to think, sleep, drive or do anything just because they are hungry should try to experiment with fasting someday, as well as meditation, and be aware of the sensations in their body to learn to remain calm and equanimous when observing those sensations instead of reacting to it, with fear, panic, or just reacting to it automatically. Those are all subject to the Law of Impermanence, sensation of hunger appear and disappear, often within minutes, without ingesting food. It is a good thing that only sleep is affected by my being hungry as I wrote. I am not sure what the rest of your post is directed towards. Perhaps someone else said something you might like to address. You should include their qoutes in your responses so that we can follow along.
  16. For anyone who missed it, She launch a new site with Gobble Green. Check out her intro vid here. http://www.gobblegreengym.com/ She looks great definitely a good choice by Gobble Green.
  17. If you are anything like me, you will actually sleep all night instead of waking up way to early. If I don't have my largest meal before bed I wake up in about 3 hours painfully hungry. Then I eat breakfast. Then I go back to bed. So big meal equals long sleep for me. Or really I should say most fats of the day equals long sleep for me. .
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