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  1. I hope that you have great luck with the blender, I havent heard of it yet so I cannot comment on it. Green smoothies for the win.
  2. There is a guy on that particular comments section that is spouting some untrue things about vitamix. I cant even tell you. P plus some numbers is his name. Anyways yeah Ktec is Blendtec same company. They make a really great blender.
  3. Wow, they have a 2400 Watt blender! Holy crap! They also have a ten year warranty. When my Vitamix gives up the ghost, I will seriously have to look into their blenders. Wow a thousand dollars. Ten year warranty is good .
  4. I should come clean , I own a 20 year old vitamix. But I didnt want to lean you towards it. Also you should figure in that in my case and others who have the vitamix , atleast in Canada and the US, you can trade it in broken or not for a 75 dollar credit on a new one. But it may only apply to ones purchased on their site. http://www.vitamix.com/household/service/tradein.asp The 5200 would be added with the next one came out ofcourse.
  5. I knew there had to be a reason the guys on VF are so much stronger than the guys here
  6. you should research how much the Blendtech is for you in Austria. The Omniblend is favored by the guy at 3Blenders.com. He is pretty honest about his stuff. Plus I think he is Austrian/German, so you cant go wrong there.
  7. What do you mean you don't trust them? You are doubting the fact that they got big? The fact that they are vegan? Personally I don't believe that you are asking questions that you want honest answers to. I simply don't trust any body builder. I think that he means any bodybuilder can be using PEDs. There was atleast one vegan on veganfitness about a few years ago who actually said that is what he was dong. So I would have to take him at his word.
  8. 10 minutes skipping rope man I have to work up to that. I cant keep gong for even 1 minute. I think that I jump too high. I need to work on jumping just enough. Good workout.
  9. 22 EAA, Wow. I can remember there being like eight or so, and like 15 more we use, about 11 of those being conditionally essential but 22 man now I am paranoid. I am behind the times.
  10. I dont know he was endorsing animal products like crazy last time out on the show. We will see how that goes the next time around. I dont know if they will do the soy thing , because of allergies. They may make an second one. The contestants arent exactly becoming obese because they care for animals. LOL I think they have down quite a few animals in their time. What would be good is if they push lentils more like they used to . Not that Jenno turkey. They need a vitamix or blendtech on their and show people how to make bean dishes like Bean Brownies. Ways to hide the stuff in food as a filler. Make it a staple in their kitchen. That would be good.
  11. I did the Boston to New York aids ride in 1997 . Real good experience. Had a great time. I think you will really enjoy it whether you are gay or not. LOL
  12. Richard bring back the Storm Trooper Air Humping. That was classic.
  13. http://www.latimes.com/news/health/la-he-dietary-guidelines-reaction-20100628,0,6063949.story that chick has great hair.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQqaU-Vw2ro He seems to have quite a problem in the octagon. He may need more fights . Also he may not be so used to the rules I guess. I wonder what the overeem verdum fight will look like.
  15. are the dvds gong to be of you doing training or preparing food? That would be cool.
  16. Agreed. Remodulate shield frequencies Mr. Worf. Mr Crusher ramming speed. The fans didnt leave star trek, the writers did. TNG (most popular) DS9 (best written) TOS (most enduring) Voyager Enterprise Worst movies. Heavens Gate, St Elmos Fire, Alien sequels, Predator sequels, sequels to the original Superman movie. Jaws sequels. Fake Game of Death movie (criminal act) . Fat Seagal movies. Van Damme movies.
  17. Well if you can exercise before breakfast then alright. But dont to hypoglycemic as some people do. Accidents can happen. Dont be paranoid. I do 60 meter wind sprints about 10 sessions with some walks in between to recover. Before breakfast. I started with one and built myself up.
  18. If I was a girl I would want to have your waist to hip ratio. Nice.
  19. looking forward to your journal. Nice simple effective circuit. I am going to try that one .
  20. that is a good point. Also the oils. They can be real concentrated.
  21. you are gong from 4000 to 1200? Wow that is quite a drop. Maybe a smaller drop to like 2000 would be better for now. Also consider the workouts too.
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