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  1. I hardly think that the middle weight devision is softer on talent. I mean you have Dave Terrell, Chris Leben, Patrick Cote, Dennis Hallman, David Loiseau, and Evan Tanner. I dont know why they arent doing more title fights in the middle weight division. Id personally like to see Rich Franklin fight again. Rich Franklins last fight was against David Loiseau in UFC 58. So really not too long ago i guess. see that was probably a great fight, but I did not know anything about it, as a casual observer. My attention was on the more "pushed" fights. The ones that received the 1 hour intros to the public. Couture / liddell gracie/hughes, tito/shamrock (soon). even Franklin/quarry (that one did not get such a great push, but I never got to see quarry fight in "tuf1" so I was interested, also it is the only fight I was aware of that franklin even had in the last year). they dont seem to have found a good hook for franklins fights. With all the mma comps making their way to the tv now, IFL, Pride etc,, the ufc needs more hooks. it is like ortiz said in a sherdog.com interview, the ufc needs to create an emotional connection between the fighter and the fan. I dont think that they do that with franklin, I mean his xyience commercial is great, but he needs more. It has been said that ALi is considered great , not because of how great his opponents were, but because of how great the general public thought his opponents were. For franklin to get what he deserves as a great fighter, he needs me (the general public) to want him to get beat up or to beat someone else up. or perhaps to be afraid of either. but in the end to pay attention and care. I want to know what happens to franklin or his opponent, the way I cared and care what happens to couture, gracie, tito, arloski (sp), liddell. they just dont seem to put enough energy into promoting his (franklins) matches. oh well me two cents anyway
  2. I just watched the post fight interview on the web, for royce gracie, Man he has been in america for a time, so I dont think it is a language barrier, but he is not a good interview. one word answers. good thing the sport itself is engaging. speaking of engaging, how come we never hear anything about Rich Franklin. I mean as far as on free tv,. the only thing I tend to see, is that exhibition fight with shamrock, that was a very dissapointing show for shamrock. Does rich franklin even fight as often as the other champs? I seem to hear about more matches being fought by the other champs. Is the weight division he is in softer on talent the other divisions?
  3. I dont want to sound ignorant but I was watching the "Best of" on spike once and saw a guy named Josh Burkett or something, he is bald, small amount of hair under his bottom lip, he was in one a the Ultimate figher shows, I dont know if it was 1 or 2. anways I saw him fight, and he flew through the air and front choke this guy. really fast , anyway he was calling out diego and stevenson, I would love to see that fight. Josh (that part of the name I am sure of) was hurt and could not compete effectively on the Ultimate fighter (I think that he was cut), so this was the first time I had seen him fight at full capacity, wow
  4. well they say you shouldnt go swimming for an hour after eating, I guess the same goes for that.
  5. you can order a container for the older model (the one i still use this moment) that does not have a tap (or spigot if you will), which was used for shooting homemade softserve ice cream out of. I have both the old container ( i use for compost) and the newer one, that resembles the one one the newer vitamixes (sp). YOu are right, food would always get stuck in the spigot, and cleaning out was not all that easy. If you mother still has it, and is not using it, you should grab it and get the new container. I feel that the older design is better, and free is always cheaper!!! combined my mother and I have had ours for about 15 years. though admittedly I am using more often in the last 5 years then she did in the previous 10
  6. last entry was a month ago, hope everything is all right.
  7. Keep up the good work you are setting very reasonable goals, the sign of future success
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