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  1. One person not scared to respond huh? Perhaps I'm just rather boring.
  2. Just based on personal experience, I actually began to shed fat when I switched over to coconut oil. I find that cooking with it tastes a lot better and that I feel an incredible amount better after eating coconut oil than I did after eating any other kind. (of course I mean cooking with it.)
  3. My name is Mike. I am new to the board but have been reading it for a long time now, and figured I might as well join. I have been vegan for a few months short of a decade. I have been training seriously now for almost a year, but have always been very physically active. As far as goals go, they tend to shift a bit. I am constantly torn by what I want to ideally look like. Ultimately my goal is to be as strong as I can as to assist in the defense of self, and of innocents. I have recently enrolled in eCornell's Plant Based Nutrition certificate program and will be starting it as of Wednesday. And last but not least......I swear I'm not half as serious as this post seems.
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