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  1. Sorry to hear about your problems. ALWAYS Always fill the hot tub run it with the shock, empty and then refill and making sure the chemicals are correct. But why are you using chemicals anyways??? There are balls that float on top of the water and skim the bad stuff out. I have had my hot tub since 1992 and whenever it hasn't been running for awhile we fill, shock and empty and refill because you can't clean the hoses that hold the water you can't get out and that water slims up and you blow your ear drums. Before we did that I ended up in the ER my eardrum hadn't burst yet it had bubbled all the way out my ear canal and when I told the doctor to just I&D (this was not my first burst ear drum, I've had 10+) it without pre-op pain meds and no antibiotics post drainage. He stepped back and put his hands up and made me feel like an AIDS patient, and walked out of the room and left the nurse to do the rest, but still we got the bill for his (lack of ) service.
  2. That is really cool to hear about your dad. Did he raise you to be veggie or vegan or did you have to eat meat? My daughter and her b/f are always having discussions about what they are going to feed the kids when they have them. Since my daughter is vegan also and her b/f eats dead cows and such things. Does your dad get injections? That is the only thing I find hard now, I can't have injections and medications if I need them because of the gelitan and egg factors And welcome to you it looks like you joined 5 days after I did, so HI .
  3. Hi and I can understand how hard it is to practice veganism, when you can't find what you need. When I started 20 years ago it was the same way. It will get better, when you get out on your own and can cook for yourself. Just try to stay as true to yourself as you can, and it will get easier. Good luck and WELCOME
  4. My iron is always trashing so to jack it up I live on watermelon and almonds. I can have a slice of watermelon and my iron goes from 29 to 36 in less than 12 hours. Watermelon the cool food. Glad I live in Florida watermelon year round.
  5. On MTv and VH1 she said is is doing tons of squats and lunges with one kid under an arm. and a lot of getting off the floor with no arm strength just using her legs. and of course dancing. I HOPE I LOOK THAT GOOD @47, I have alot of work to do in the next two years. I just started pole dancing for exercise, lost almost 3 inches just off my thighs. No wonder strippers' bodies look so good, back in to my favorite pair of Paris Blues.
  6. Yup that's how it is. IT SUCKS. The one elephant that is getting shot, he got loose on the streets of Miami and they shot him 15 times before he went down. When I was almost 4 my parents were taking all the kids to the circus, I told them I would not go,so they beat the shit out of me and put me in the car, then I would not get out of the car. My mom told me I could rot there and they would go in without me. My cousin said my mom was being mean, I told my cousin not as mean as they are to the animals in the circus. Out of the mouths' of babes. Of course my mom should have know she was raising an activist. I wouldn't eat eggs @ 4, chicken @5, turkey @6, red meat @10, started my own garden @11 with veggies and 420.
  7. ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: JUST me... ALYSSA ! ! ! ! Date: May 24, 2006 8:55 PM ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: {{...kUnG fU kEndRa...}} Date: May 24, 2006 5:37 PM http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/charity0.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25201.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25202.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25203.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25204.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25205.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25206.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25207.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25208.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%25209.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%252010.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity%252011.jpg http://sonic200.com/others/contrast_files/Charity12.jpg
  8. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN VOTE AGAINST INTERNET REGULATION Body: It has just come to my attention. Hilary Clinton and a group of Liberal poltiations are getting ready to vote to make the internet regulated. We need to stop this ... isn't the Government in enough of our business. The GOP is going to vote along with the Liberals to get the internet undercontrol, yes govermental control. PLEASE let's try to keep the Government out of something out of this. Call your Congressman and tell him NO, NO REGULATION NEEDED FOR THE INTERNET. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. dorothy
  9. Have you tried posting something at the gym, or maybe your work. When I first strated going to the gym by myself, my husband started to notice I was looking and feeling better, so he joined in. On somedays he didn't feel like getting up @ 4:30 AM to go workout. So I would start to get dressed and go by myself, when he realized I would go without him, he first called me a bitch then he got his fat ass out of bed and joined me. 11 years later, I'm still a size 7 down from size 22 and my husband loves to go to Hot Topic and buy me stuff to wear. Before I got rid of the weight he never knew my size. NO MATTER WHAT >>> YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!
  10. WELCOME I have been VEGAN for over 20 years, my hair is down to the middle of my back. EVERY YEAR I cut my hair down to 1" with in that year it grows back to the middle of my back. I have done this my whole life, my hair has never grown as fast as it has since becoming vegan. The whole meat protein is FALSE !!! Meat protein is harder to digest (hard nasty stools) and veggie protein is more abundunt and easier to digest (fiber)
  11. dorothy


    Welcome Alexandra
  12. I know it was, I was just trying to get on to see if they would even consider it. of course they didn't and I don't think I could have stomached those meat eaters' smell
  13. When you come here to Disney World you will be giving your best to Florida, your money and time. Be for you get here I recommend you read Carl Hiaasens' "TEAM RODENT How Disney Devours the World" it tells it like it is in florida. And no natives rarely go there. And we also avoid the sun. LOL
  14. I was doing wheatgrass BID for 11 years, I had to stop for some labs to come out "true" have been off for almost one year. To tell you the truth I feel better w/o than w/wheatgrass. My allergies have almost gone away, I never noticed until I stopped, I got sniffly about an hour post wheatgrass. Now mind you nothing else in my diet or lifestyle has changed.
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