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  1. there is a small chain (3) of vegetarian mexican restaurants in the San Fernando valley of los angeles called LEONORS. a lot of their food is vegan, but their soy cheese does contain caesin. i love this place and eat here often. they serve fresh juices, pizzas, and delicious mexican food for vegetarians. and it's cheap! the original LEONORS is on victory blvd. at tijunga in north hollywood. then there is a spin off chain of 2 more stores, one on laurel canyon and magnolia in valley village, and the other is at moorpark st. and whitsett in studio city. it's crazy that they are all so close together, but that's how it is.
  2. hi and welcome to the forum. i'm excited to meet someone from australia, that is so cool! your size is astounding, i can't wait to hear more about your workouts and gains. take care g
  3. only magically changing your genetic make-up would prevent you from going bald. and really, it's not so bad. far worse things could happen!
  4. you might also look at thai kick boxing. i think it's an amazing sport, wonderful workout and terrific self-defense art. but as i mentioned, kung fu san soo is my favorite.
  5. hi and welcome to our group! what state do you live in?
  6. i was a voracious carnivore for nearly my entire life. steaks, burgers, chicken, pork, fish, you name it. and i went bald at 25. there is no correlation.
  7. i trained in kung fu san soo. not many people teach it. i studied through the beverly hills park and recreation center (no longer offered i believe) and then later privately in l.a. and huntington beach. san soo is basically a chinese street fighting method that uses your opponents force against himself. the goal is to disable your attacker in the fewest possible moves. i really enjoyed it, i do not practice any longer though. you and your wife might enjoy ta'i chi? that seems to me to be a good art for couples, and it's obviously very low impact : ) bottom line, i'd steer clear of kenpo karate classes (they cater mostly to children and rely heavily on a belt system, plus i find their fighting techniques to be too showy and not practical enough overall.) find a good kung fu school. visit a few in your area (the closer the class is to where you live, or work the more often you will probably go). meet instructors and check out the students before making any decisions.
  8. hi SAW, i'm also in la-la land. welcome to el grupo.
  9. gcharles


    i also have fond memories of ballet class when i was a girl. : ) welcome to the forum!!!!
  10. well, i am a sleeping beauty, so malificent seems appropriate
  11. hi, is anyone familiar with dr. schulze's american botanical pharmacy? his website is www.800herbdoc.com i've found several of his products to be beneficial. but i'd love to hear from anyone who's tried them, or perhaps found something better. g.
  12. hi dorothy, i enjoyed reading your introduction. give my best to florida, won't you? have you ever been to disney world? i'm hoping to vacation there next year! take care g.
  13. give my regards to toronto. what a tremendous city! my favorite.
  14. hi and thanks for that link. commercial industry slaughterhouses were a definite factor in my decision making. all anyone has to do is look to OUR overall health as a nation to see that what big business does to the animals they raise and slaughter is killing those of us who consume them at the table. from bird flu to mad cow with a stop over at mercury dosed seafood, it's amazing anyone is eating animal anymore. even if a person lacks compassion for the animals themselves, you'd think self preservation would kick in!
  15. hi, i'm g. charles. i became a vegetarian only 7 months ago, although my lifestyle and diet has been very veg-friendly for nearly 20 years. my reason for changing has been health motivated. i never thought i'd feel this "alive" as a vegetarian, but now i'm spreading the word! i am also seeing the benefits of going vegan, and it really makes sense. eggs and whey protein are the vices that i would need to replace. i'm an avid runner and a former martial artist (kung fu san soo). recently i blew out my right elbow, and that's keeping me from push-ups/pull-ups for the time being. i am also gay, which i mention only because my family seems to have no issue with that at all, but they are very unaccepting of my vegetarianism. : ) family holiday meals are always "interesting." when will baseball stadiums start selling veggie dogs? i'm talking to you, dodgers. i am a tv/film casting director who lives near hollywood, ca. www.myspace.com/gcwright
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