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  1. Hi everyone! I'll be in NYC the weekend of August 25th for an event for PCRM. I'm looking for a place to crash (obviously prefer it be with a fellow vegan) or at least suggestions on cheap but decent places to stay. The event is in the Hamptons. I don't need to stay there specifically. I'm willing to take the train out to the event if needed. Thank you!
  2. First, thanks Robert for offering giveaways, etc. to those who keep a journal here! I'm a fairly regular exerciser but have to admit I have been going in cycles lately. For months I'll get into a regular workout routine, only to not workout much at all for months, and then back on and off I go... Well, one of the New Year's resolutions is to work out regularly on a longer-term basis, and to make it a priority! What better way than to start here with you!
  3. I haven't posted on this forum in quite a long time. I'm surfacing once again to say.... Holy shitballs!! You look fantastic!!! What a transformation!!
  4. Hm ok all good suggestions, thanks you guys. So, is liquid B12 available at any old drug store or health store? I never knew there was such a thing. And I didn't know about eating fat after fruits/veggies, but that makes sense! Rob, I have not been to a doctor. I'm one of those people who, ahem, won't bother going a doctor unless I'm on my deathbed pretty much... Oh but you are right, I really should just go. There is no reason not to. Ok I'm putting it in my calendar to call them on Monday! Oh I PM'd you too... Thank you again!
  5. Good suggestions, I do snack when I'm at the gym, but I don't bring food with me when I"m just out in general. That is a good idea, I will do that. I was also wondering nutritionally, are there vitamin/mineral deficiencies that I should investigate which could be causing this? If I knew what I might be lacking, I could correct it pretty easily I'm sure. I just don't know what I don't know...
  6. Great site Attila! I will point people to your site when I need to give them the rundown of why I don't eat milk/eggs/meat/etc.
  7. I"m not sure whether to post this here or in Women's Health. This is a general question so I'm putting it here, but I realize my needs may be influenced by my being, uh, female. lol Anyway, my question pertains to energy. I've never had a good track record with keeping my energy up, and going vegan hasn't changed that much. A BIG thing for me is that I don't get enough/good quality sleep. I may go to get a sleep study done, because this is a long standing problem. On the nights I do get good sleep I definitely notice a difference in my energy. So, aside from solving my sleep problems, what other things can I do to make sure I have energy throughout the day? I take a multivitamin every day, drink fortified rice milk, take 2 tbsp ground flax daily... but still by the evening/dinner time, I am really tired and my body is dragging. I work out 3-4x week. I don't know what else I should be looking into. Any ideas?
  8. Cool! Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Hey all, I'm going to be in Atlanta from Sept 15 - 18th. I will have one or two free afternoons, so if anyone is down there and would like to meet up, let me know!
  10. Evan, from what I've learned, grinding the flax seeds is what makes the EFA-rich oils available to the body.
  11. _raven_ - my grays have been creeping up on me for a long time actually, it's nothing new But I am seeing more lately. I'm 37 so I expect to see a few I guess. It's nothing some coloring won't take care of, but that's not my ideal. I have been making a point to drink at least 2 glasses of water each day, the past several days. I am going to the bathroom more! lol I guess the other benefits will come with time! Anyway, I don't know if my diet before going vegan helped the grays move in. I was not conscienscious enough about getting the proper nutrition - although I certainly wasn't terrible about it either. But I'm sure I was low on some essential nutrients. I hope I am correcting that now with the flax as well as bumping up my fruit and veggie intake, and supplementing, etc.
  12. That's a good question. Although raven's comment made sense to me because I'm not using it "packed" down at all, just taking it straight out of the coffee grinder so there's plenty of air space in there too. But yeah I'd be interested to hear the answer to this too!
  13. Oooooooh. Thanks! hehe. I didn't realize there would be a difference in the measurement but it makes sense now that I think about it! I thought it was just the pressed oil, or the "already ground" flax that was vulnerable, and not the whole seeds? If I store the whole seeds in the freezer, can I grind them straight from the freezer? I don't why not I guess, but you guys seem to know more about this than me. So is THAT why I've been really thirsty this past week?? lol! I thought it was just the heat wave. I've been eating flax but not drinking enough water (I usually don't drink enough anyway - time to change that bad habit) As far as the hair, skin, and nails, etc... My hair is actually already dark and very long, and pretty thick. I'm Italian, it comes with the territory I guess. But, I have noticed a lot of grays popping up! I don't know if this is just normal aging (I'm not THAT old though!) or indicates something is lacking in my diet? This will be a good test to see what happens. And yeah, my skin can use a lot of help. I have good ol' adult acne. Whoopeee. I am on a treatment regimen for it and it is starting to help, but I also want to try any anything in my diet that might help too. You're not long-winded! I need this info. I'll check out your blog. And I have one more q. Who is Dr. Fuhrman? What are his qualifications? Thanks again!
  14. @ michael - thank you for good info! I was wondering who it was that had the beautiful hair. I've read elsewhere as well that buying the oil is iffy, because it is too unstable. that's why I went with the whole seeds - much cheaper too! @ kathryn - ok, thanks. I wasn't sure if maybe the caffeine or something else in the coffee would interfere with the beneficial substances found in flax. I guess not?
  15. Oh nooooooo. Not gonna happen!
  16. Good article! Thanks! But darn!!!!! because it says not to use the same grinder for flax as for coffee, and that's exactly what I've been doing!! I wonder why this is?? Anyone know? The artice doesn't say. Well, I guess I will just have to go get myself a new coffee grinder!
  17. I posted this on another forum but no one has responded yet! wah! So here goes: I recently bought a boatload of whole flax seeds, of which I have been grinding up 2 Tbsp/day and adding them to a fruit & rice milk shake thingie I make for breakfast every morning. I started this four days ago. I've heard different people say after adding flax to their diet, they start feeling better/sleeping better/ their hair becomes more lustrous, etc. So my question is, how long does it take for one to start seeing positive effects from the Omega 3's and 6's in flax? (it does contain 6 as well as 3, right?) Aslo, since they are whole seeds, I have left them in the paper bag I bought them in, and just keep the bag in the fridge. Am I storing them right? Or do they have to be in an airtight container? Since they are whole seeds I didn't think it would matter, but maybe I'm wrong? Thanks!
  18. Hi all - I ran a search on the forum using the keyword "omega" and I got some info but not what I was looking for. Can anyone point me to a thread I may have missed, or a good thorough article from any other source that discusses Omega 3/6/9's, which of these I need to be healthy and in what proportions? I'm continuing to leaf through the threads here too. Thanks!
  19. Super! Thanks! I had been using some TwinLabs capsules but I have no idea wether they are vegan, as I bought them a long time ago. I'll check out your sources!
  20. Being still relatively new to veganism, and using up my non-vegan items where I can, I have not bought any vitamins/minerals that I know for sure are vegan. I am ready to buy some more aminos and eventually a multi in another month or two. So I need to know what brands to look for? Vegan, obviously, but also that will be absorbed well by my body (I have read that capsules are best for this, but maybe they all are?)
  21. Thanks everyone! Glad to be here!
  22. Thanks SeaSiren! Yeah the good old "Rochester accent!" I have been told, to my relief, that I do not sound at all like I'm from Rochester! I guess that having a mother who was an English major helps.
  23. Hi everyone, I'll try and keep this concise. I found out about this forum from compassionategirl (who, by the way, rocks!) and have posted a few messages here and there. I became vegan this past February-ish, don't remember exact dates. I am not into body building per se, however I am very into fitness, and I am also a salsa dancer and have performed in my hometown of Rochester, NY as well as in Toronto. I am mainly here to meet other vegans who are into fitness and who understand my feelings towards animals. I also want to learn more about nutrition, since I am completely inconsistent when it comes to getting the nutrients I need. Sometimes I am very good about eating well, other times not so much! Mostly, however, I "dont' know what I don't know" and want to learn what I can about things I might be doing wrong without knowing it. Hi everyone!
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